Mary-Kate Olsen Looks Terrified In Date Pic

    November 12, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Mary-Kate Olsen has been dating 43-year old Olivier Sarkozy since around May of this year, but that doesn’t make the odd romance any easier for people to swallow.

The 26-year old hasn’t said much about her relationship with the much-older man–who also happens to be the brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy–but every time they’re seen in public together, the media goes wild. Their latest outing was to a Knicks game on Friday, and despite Mary-Kate’s assertions that they are very happy together, some of the photos that were snapped make her seem downright terrified.



Despite trying to keep the relationship as private as possible while remaining in the public eye, Olsen recently spoke up about it during an interview.

“Everyone has an opinion,” she said. “I find it’s better to focus on what’s in front of you and to keep putting one foot in front of the other.”

Image: WireImage/Us

  • randy bradburn

    ok i think its good shes dating a older man, age is just a # i myself date alot of younger girls too !! im 52 and most of the girls i date are in their 20s or 30s,, cuz we`ve got sooo much more to talk about, and younger girls are sooo much more fun !!! i look just like rod stewart, and all of my friends say how do you get all of these young girls >?? i just say its cuz i look like a rock star !! lol, i really dont know how i do it but alot of younger girls want me !!>?? tnxs for reading….. randy

    • Vince

      Of course you feel that way. You’re an old fart yourself. No 20 year old woman REALLY wants to be with you. Maybe they like your money or stability, but once the novelty dies down, you’re old news. Maybe you’d have a real shot with women in their 30s because they’re worried about not being able to get married and have kids.

      • Balls Mahoney’s Left Testicle


    • danielle

      i find it funny how everyone one say ” age is just a number” but when you are locked up for messing around with a minor that’s when age becomes more than a number.

      • Balls Mahoney’s Left Testicle

        it becomes Big Bubba, along with his 13″ member, getting more acquainted with the criminal’s @nus

    • Rob

      I really hope you type like that because you’re use to talking to young women, otherwise it’s kind of weird to see a fifty year old man type like that.

  • Vince

    Mary-Kate and Ashley are both hot. That guy’s not even REMOTELY good looking…even for a middle-aged man. Mary-Kate’s loaded with cash, so a guy that ugly can’t make up for it with money. I don’t know what’s going on there, but I hope that she gets a clean break from it.

    • K W L

      You are spot on Vince! She is loaded and soo cute, that dude is hideous looking. I am 40 for gods sake and look 30, he is 43 and looks 63, YUCK!! Of course he only got in the game cuz he is filthy rich, big shocker why the divorce rate is 52% huh!!!

      • http://yahoo Tammie Whitmore

        That`s what`s wrong with people. Not everyone looks compatible. If she`s happy, that`s all that matter, not his age or how he looks. How come the people who are unattractive are the first to describe one as ugly? It starts inside, then it shines right through. I found love, have you?

  • ben

    She’s thinking how nasty it’s going to be later when she has to suck his little hairy dick…

    • parsons

      How do you know the size of his d—–? Splain dat to us!

  • Father to two daughters!

    This guys apparently can’t get any women his own age. Look at her texting , “I think I’m going to puck”!

  • .com

    He looks like an uglier Tom Hanks. She can do wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better, even if she were insane.

  • tamika na vonne huff

    She is one of mine favorite actresses. However, they seem like a mismatch couple.

  • Sarah

    She doesn’t look terrified! She is smiling! They were obviously just playing around

  • Annie Sanders

    He looks like he is 62 she looks like she is 16. It looks like such a mismatch. She looks much younger for her age and he looks way older for his age.
    It looks like such a mismatch, or father daughter. Can he really keep up with her? Or is this a phase in her life?

  • George

    Why him and not me? Hey Mary-Kate I’m free!!!

  • Man on the Street

    OBVIOUSLY, she is after HIS MONEY!!!!

    and you HAVE to wonder….

  • http://yahoo Lisa

    Eww!! Rofl, she looks like his daughter or something, the first picture has me rofl’ing. WTF!!! Eww, she looks ten years younger than she is, we’re both the same age, 26. He looks way older than 43, maybe 63. I wonder what her parents and her siblings think of him.

  • fredesha

    Ewwwwwww nasty….I don’t think she likes him or comfortable with him. She’s in it for the money because she not doing much on tv lately. Good luck to her and that ugly old man

    • Trix

      I doubt that MK Olsen is a gold digger. She doesn’t need his money.

      But this does look like a picture of a father and his teen daughter. She just looks super young wich ups the ick factor. But they are not doing anything crazy.

      • http://yahoo Tammie Whitmore

        Those little twins are made of money! someone has misinformed you on her financial status. They have irons in several fires. Not long ago they were right up there with Oprah.

      • Vira

        She is a multi-millionaire herself. It may be the opposite. He might be after her money. Maybe she needs a father figure.

    • gh0st

      You are pretty stupid if you think she is in it for money.

  • terrY

    She’s finally found a relationship that’s as freakish as her looks!Congrats kiddo!!!

  • http://WebProNews/Life Gary

    For the record if being Rich and/or famous,are reasons to people to love one another,why do movie stars who marry have such a high divorce rate? maybe looks and age are superficial? attraction varies for many reasons depending on the people involved,maybe the old saying oopposites attract?

  • Laura

    It is so weird. I am 27 and my husband is 41 but we look good together (He also looks like he is in his mid 30s at most). I agree that he looks 60 and she looks like a child. Maybe that’s why this looks strange.

  • http://WEBPRONEWS cate

    He is using her for her money and he is a cradle robber.

  • Ang

    Wow.. All I can say is “Whoa Baby!!” is right!!!

    Mary-Kate and Olivier definitely not a perfect looking couple and yes he resembles a character from the “Monster Mash.”

    Mary-Kate looks happy and what if she likes his dick better than his $$?
    Mary-Kate may not be banking off any new “One hit wonders” lately, however, Both Mary Kate and Ashley have a pretty good fashion and perfume line that does create a nice residual nest there. They are both still celebrity icons.

    I say..Good for both of them and best of luck in there future if they make each other happy!!!! That’s all that matters anyways..and on that note keep your nasty comments to your self.
    How would you like it if the social media was trying to create a bunch of BS hype to discriminate against the person you chose to have relations with?
    There’s my 2 cents 😛

    • Pat

      The Olsen twins seem to relish anything ugly. Be it clothing, hairstyles,etc…. So it’s not surprising Mary-Kate found herself one honking old creepy dude.

  • Joseph Justen IV

    She only looks “terrified” because he is pulling her forehead skin upwards. They look happy to me.

  • Mercutio

    Hello Miss Olsen. I’m only 37, but I would love the chance to date you if it doesn’t work out. You are an incredible woman and your adorable smile makes my heart skip-a-beat. :)

  • Sherry

    I don’t know why this disturbs me. But it does. Maybe because we all watched her and Ashley grow up. He looks too old for her. I mean shoot he is closer to my age. I am only 37. I am married to a man 12 years my senior. Though 12 and 17 years age difference is not alot. But at least we can share things about an era I grew up in. These 2 can’t even talk about alot of common things. Good luck to them. I wish them the best. Just weird to me.

    • http://www.webpronews.com brian

      that guy looks weird. why is he giving her a knoogy. weird. butmary kate is hot, atractive, a madjor babe!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sierra

    The pics do seem a little odd, but they probably have a perfectly logical explanation for the “terrified” expression. As for the age difference that isn’t always a problem, or concern. My husband is 19 years older than me (he’s 64 and I’m 45) and come March we will have been married 23yrs. However now days the the childhoods, of 2 people with so many years separating them, are like night and day, thanks to all the technological advances. It seems very likely that they have more trouble finding things in common.

  • KiKi

    The age doesnt disturb me. I talk to someone 12 years older than I am. The thing that is probably disturbing is the fact that this picture looks more like father/daughter day rather than boyfriend/girlfriend.

    • Sherry

      I agree. Lil creepy.

  • Vira

    it looks like he’s trying to push her face in his lap in that 1 photo.YUCK !!!!!

  • Joanna Backman

    yeah, this poor girl and her sister always look crazy or scared to me. and, if i had a man like that pawing me, i’d be scared, too, creepy.

  • luke

    Hes a gold digger after her money…… Plain and simple!!!!

    • MJ

      He’s a bank man! And brother of former French president! He’s got as much as she does if not more

  • Rickysatx

    So what she is a adult….get over it! ! What you ..going to do? Call a cop and tell them a older men is dating a 26 year old? LOL now if she was 14 and he a adult now we talking …but that’s not the case…nothing to see here move along.

  • Imani

    She looks so young compared to him. Alone she and her twin look very young. Part of the reason she looks so young is because she is short and has a baby face. Well if he makes her happy good luck to them both.

  • sixpac

    my gf is 15 years younger than me and soon to be my wife and i must say i look more her age then she looks mine so yes we look good togeother but this guy reminds me of gargamel from the smurfs so would it be safe to call mary kate smurfet lol

    • Ummyeah

      One morning she’ll wake up, take a look at how old he is and say to herself “What the hell was I thinking?” And then she’ll realize she could have any hot dude who’s not so grumpy and flabby. Any dude who thinks a much younger chick will remain faithful is delusional.

      • MJ

        Not all young women are phased by vanity. Apparently you are

  • MJ

    My boyfriend is 16 years older than me, I’m 22 and he’s 37. I don’t see what the big deal is and people who do have issues with it don’t seem to know how to put it into words…oh he looks so much older than you…well that’s because he is. As long as youre legal age and mature enough to handle a real relationship, then why not. If you can be manipulated by an older man, you can be manipulated by anyone.

    • janet

      She deserves somebody much better than him ! I think it a waste,for her . GUY’S in her leauge should step up !!!!

  • emissary

    Its a satanic fixed relationship. She is unable to leave the relationship due to his NWO satanic assassins.
    She is terrified because she knows he will have her killed if she leaves him.

  • sunset

    I dont think the issue is the age gap. She just looks a lot younger than her age, and he looks older than his age. Just looking at this pic makes ME uncomfortable, he looks like he is all over her and she wants to hide under a rock. She can do a heck of a lot better… REALLY SHE CAN.

  • bobo

    She knows he is a crazy nut bag that is about to shoot a load of man juice on her skinny cracked out body.

  • akri

    Yea this creeps me out too..she looks like she’s being held hostage and he looks like an old porn star. good luck to her with that.