Marvin Gaye III Reveals Kidney Failure, Pleads for Kidney Donation

    September 27, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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Almost everyone who has ever listened to R&B or admires the craft is familiar with hit 70s crooner, Marvin Gaye. However, most aren’t familiar with his son – or the fact that he had one – until now. Earlier this week, the son of late R&B legend, Marvin Gaye shared his complications with renal failure with the world.

Gaye III revealed that he has been fighting a consistent battle with kidney failure for the past three years. As a recipient of dialysis for three years, Gaye is in desperate need of a kidney transplant, as he’s been suffering from complications in finding a suitable donor, ABC News reported.

Gaye shared his medical condition with the world in hopes of finding a suitable kidney for a successful transplant. However, he’s having trouble doing so. Gaye also stated that he opted to go public in regards to his condition in an effort to draw national attention from those who might be suitable donors. Serving as an advocate for the ailing illness, he challenges both Hispanics and African Americans to join the movement in finding healthy donors for those in need.

In an effort to express his own sentiments toward those plagued with renal failure, he intends to donate a percentage of the proceeds from his up-coming album to an organization that specializes in kidney research.
Image via Marvin Gaye III | Twitter

  • Carolyn

    I read in other articles that he was adopted by Marvin and his wife Anna, ( Barry Gordy’s sister ), well perhaps Marvin III needs to find his natural parents and find out if he has real siblings, ( or other relatives on his ” birth parents ” side ), who could donate him a kidney ! I consider the children of Janice Gaye to be Marvin’s real heirs ! It seems that Marvin III has the same habit as Marvin Jr. had ! DRUGS ! A new kidney won’t matter, if he continues his drug habit . . . let the kidney go to a deserving person !

  • Laurie

    I waited 13 yrs for my second kidney transplant (it has been 8 months since I received my kidney) and was on dialysis for 12 of those years. Just because you are famous or have famous parents/relatives doesn’t mean you can go to the top of the list. He should have to go through the same process as everyone else that is waiting. YES..he can help promote organ donation and that would help ALL that are waiting. The wait gives you time to think on how you will change your life to keep the new organ healthy. THE GIFT OF LIFE.