Mars Rover Gets Tribute From Oreo

    August 6, 2012
    Chris Crum
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As you may know, the Mars Rover, Curiosity, has safely landed on the planet, beginning a two-year mission. Oreo is honoring the event with the following image, posted to its Facebook page (and on its website):


Now, to perfectly land an Oreo cookie in milk. http://oreo.ly/dailytwist

This is part of Oreo’s “Daily Twist” series, which has the brand posting interesting Oreo cookie-based images each day, depending on what’s happening in the world. They recently posted this The Dark Knight Rises image, for example:


Do you carry Oreo cookies in your utility belt, too? http://oreo.ly/dailytwist

In June (LGBT Pride Month), Oreo posted this one, which got a lot of attention (not unlike the whole Chick-fil-A controversy, despite its opposite approach to the subject):

That post got over 34,000 shares and over 145,000 likes in just 12 hours, showing Oreo’s social media power (the brand once set a Guinness record for like on Facebook). Of course, Chick-fil-A’s approach has worked pretty well in that regard, as well.

The Mars Rover tribute is not the first time Oreo has honored a body from space in recent days. Just last week, Oreo gave it up for the moon:


We’re over the moon about Oreo cookies and milk. http://oreo.ly/dailytwist

The Mars Rover landing is capturing the interest of a substantial portion of the Internet. It even has its own Twitter parody account.

Check out NASA’s reactions, via the NASA HQ Flickr photostream.

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  • Darin Selby

    Oreo Cookies are made with non-organic GMO ingredients, processed white sugar, food coloring, corn syrup and hydrogenated oil. Bon appetite.

    I see this landing on Mars as no triumph, but more like a casino roulette game that just so happen to be won.

    So now, what will be the outcome? More of the same, with more rocket launches and funding for more nuclear-powered spacecraft. As long as humanity supports this kind of activity, a devastating radioactive fallout accident waiting to happen is no longer ‘if’, it is ‘when’. 


    So I maintain my position that going to Mars to laser-beam some rocks is an extremely unconscious and self-serving act, on the part of certain people who have a complete disregard for preserving and caring for the fragile balance of life on THIS planet. 

    Just imagine what $2.5 billion (which is 2,500 MILLION dollars) would do to start cleaning up the environment! 

What would you do if given one million dollars to make the world a better place to live in? 

    Now, multiply that by 2,500 people, who could be given one million dollars each to feed and clothe the hungry, house the homeless, clean up the pollution, and work toward restoring the Earth to its former beauty.

    (continued at:)

  • David Phillips

    Darin, Need to get a Grip on Reality, This has and will, help everyone here on planet earth, just as Project Apollo did in the early 1960’s thru 1970’s, America needs to Advance and Explore, as well as help Everyone – which this will eventually do, just give it time. Just sayin’. But we Can’t help those who – don’t want our help ? So we need to cut back on supporting those who, don’t support us ?
    After all we can not and should not ‘Police’ the World…