Mark Zuckerberg May Have Been Caught Texting and Driving by a Jelly User

    January 8, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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Celebrities – they’re just like you!

Yesterday, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone pulled the tarp off his newest project, Jelly – a new mobile service that we first heard about way back in March of last year. In short, Jelly is a question and answer app that allows users to snap photos with their phones and then ask “what is this?” of their social media buddies. In other words, Jelly is another way to crowdsource the Q&A.

Jelly calls itself “a new way to search,” but most people are still trying to figure out exactly what the hell they’re supposed to do with it.

This. This is most likely what people are supposed to do with it – catch high-profile CEOs breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law.

Let’s all take a look at the photo above, which was posted by a Jelly user and found by Valleywag’s Sam Biddle.

“Mark Zuckerberg texting and driving. How do you respond?” Ok, now let’s analyze.

Is he really on the road? Could he be in a parking lot? Well, the red light and the street sign in the shot definitely suggest that Zuck is stopped at a red light while “texting.” That’s still illegal, by the way.

Ok, what if he’s not really texting? Sure, Zuck could be talking on speakerphone, checking his Facebook, or even changing the song on Spotify…doesn’t matter. Still illegal.

What if it’s not even Mark Zuckerberg? Fair point. It sure looks like him though. An who doesn’t trust a Jelly user? If you can’t trust a Jelly user, then what do we have left, America?

The point here is not that Mark Zuckerberg may have been caught texting while driving on a brand new app that the entire tech world is currently trying to figure out. The point here is that we still don’t have a clear answer to the biggest question surrounding Jelly. Why?

Image via Valleywag

  • Cindy

    if i had a pic like that I would definitely get up close to him and reach his speed, honk and swerve over in his lane … so I can sue his punk ass.

  • http://www.big-av.co.uk James

    I wonder if it is legal for @Bensign to be taking a photo on his mobile phone whilst driving and also concentrating on Zuck’ texting and driving, or am I the only one to notice that @Bensign is paying less attention to the road than his target.

  • Rick

    SO WHAT ?!?!?!
    he might drive still safer than 98% of average american Pickup monsters..
    Probably have a car with active cruise (bakes by itself) and so on. ….

    If we hav no other problems than top the buerocratic BS we get sude by black covered ter…ists every day than good night