Mark Wahlberg Annoys Michael Bay with Weight Loss


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Actor Mark Wahlburg recently shed roughly 60 pounds for a role, and director Michael Bay wasn't too happy about the new look when it came time for Transformers reshoots.

Wahlburg shed the weight to play a down and out literature professor in the crime drama The Gambler, which is set to open in theaters on December 19.

During an interview before The Gambler AFI Fest premiere Monday night, Wahlburg related the story of Bay's reaction to his new look at a housewarming party. The Transformers: Age of Extinction director said, "You look like crap! What are you going to do? We've got to shoot in five weeks."

Wahlburg went on to discuss the regimen of jumping jacks and a liquid diet required to tone down his Marky Mark-ness.

Here is the trailer for The Gambler:

Wahlburg, 43, went on to say, "I probably put on 40 pounds back. But it still wasn't enough for him. He said, 'Aw, I've got to shoot you like this to make you look cool again.' He's a perfectionist. He was more upset than my wife (Rhea Durham). I mean, my wife was a little freaked out that I was losing this much weight, but he was really freaked out."

The Gambler also stars John Goodman and Jessica Lange.

Wahlburg has also appeared in the A&E reality program Wahlburgers, which documents the goings on surrounding his brother Paul's Boston-based burger restaurant chain. Brother Donnie, of New Kids on the Block fame, also stars.

Here is the second season trailer for Wahlburgers:

Donnie recently married former The View co-host Jenny McCarthy, and Mark's absence at the nuptials made the news. Though, the Boogie Nights actor did post a congratulatory Facebook clip:

Bay is said to be in pre-production on the generically titled Transformers 5, which is planned to be released in 2016. No word on whether Wahlburg's "Cade Yeager" character will be featured in the fifth installment of the Transformers franchise.