Marissa Mayer Gets Her First Request From The Internet Community

    July 17, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Yesterday, Yahoo announced the surprising news that they had hired ex-Googler Marissa Mayer as their next President and CEO. Mayer, who was Google’s 20th employee, first female engineer, and youngest executive, had recently been leading Google’s local team.

It was surprising in that both parties involved did a great job a keeping everything under wraps, and many felt that Yahoo’s interim CEO Ross Levinsohn would eventually get the job.

Today is Mayer’s first day on the job at Yahoo, and she already has a request from the internet.

A Twitter campaign is building that tags #dearmarissamayer. Attached is the new site dearmarissamayer.com, which displays one simple request:

As you remember, Yahoo acquired photo-sharing site Flickr back in 2005.

Mayer will have her hands full with more than Yahoo come October. Today, we learned that along with the big career move, Mayer is also pregnant with her first child, a boy.

  • http://SelfStorage.TheOkayNetwork.com Steve G

    It’s amazing how Google just can’t seem to keep most of it’s employees for more than a few years or so. Even those who have stuck with Google for quite some time to actually be referred to as a “senior employee” have been leaving here and there over time. If you asked me I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the ethical and moral values of the company going down the tube over time in trade for higher profits to please shareholders that make these employees want to leave. Google could have easily paid her more in money and perks and kept her, maybe not as much as the CEO of Yahoo makes, but enough to make her co-workers jealous. I wonder if they even tried to.