Marilyn Monroe: Death Still Has Us Wondering After 50 Years

    August 6, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Marilyn Monroe’s death has fascinated and saddened us in equal amounts over the past 50 years, partly because she was the world’s greatest sex symbol/enigma and partly because of the odd circumstances surrounding her demise. Rumors have swirled around Hollywood that she was murdered–perhaps to keep something incriminating about JFK from getting out–and even one of the investigators involved in the case was under the belief that if her body was exhumed, those suspicions could be confirmed.

Although she enjoyed various relationships over the years–and a few marriages–the one that captured the whole world’s attention was the suspected tryst between the movie star and the president. It’s been speculated upon and dissected by many, but the secrets surrounding Monroe’s death and JFK’s involvement in it likely went to the grave with both of them.

In tapes released several years ago by Monroe’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, Monroe sounds anything but suicidal; yet her death was deemed self-inflicted after it was discovered that she had a massive amount of barbiturates in her system. When her body was found and examined, no needle marks were found to suggest she had been injected with the drugs, yet the coroner discovered that the pills had entered her system through her large intestine, leading investigator John Miner to believe she had been given an enema which contained the drugs after being dosed with something strong enough to knock her unconscious. Several key points–including the fact that there was no glass of water in the room for Monroe to have washed down all those pills–led him to believe there was foul play involved. Indeed, her maid, Eunice Murray, was a key suspect after she gave an odd testimony as to what happened the night Monroe died and then later changed her story several times; for some reason, she was allowed to leave the country and was never pursued as a possible suspect.

Miner believes that Greenson destroyed the tapes after allowing him access to them during the investigation, because he didn’t want Monroe’s last words to fall into the wrong hands. He was adamant about protecting his client’s privacy, Miner says. If that’s true, it could be that the one thing which could give us answers about how she died is gone forever. And according to Miner, Monroe was not a person who was looking to end her life. She did, however, talk about her maid and how she wanted to get rid of her.

“Doctor, I want you to help me get rid of Murray,” she said. “I can’t flat out fire her. Next thing would be a book ‘Secrets of Marilyn Monroe by Her Housekeeper.’ She’d make a fortune spilling what she knows and she knows too damn much.”

  • jane hamilton

    its hilary clinton and she has gone beserk. hilary is a better person when honest about identity. see events from miami police tipsubmit w139-3120…..hilary is part of a killing field which happened at coastal 4/23-5/3. and, charles manson was there, too.

  • Truth

    Illuminati killed her

    • Bri

      YOUR SO RIGHT !!!

  • george lehrfeld

    I have a theory about her death which has never been discussed to my knowledge. Joseph M. Schenck was her first “Sugar Daddy” and was so obsessed with Marilyn that on his deathbed he got word to her that he wanted to see her one more time. She died about 6 months later. Joe was survived by his brother Nicholas Schenck and the Brothers were very close to a number of people who died rather mysteriously. First of all the two as teenagers owned a Pharmacy in Chinatown in New York and Joe attended a college of Pharmacy. In the early 20s Nick ran Loew’s Inc. and took control of that company when the founder Marcus Loew died after spending a month at Nick’s estate. Nick as head of Loews was the big boss of MGM studios and feuded with Louis B. Mayer for decades. After the fired Mayer attempted a stockholder takeover of Loews he become ill with a malady that the press suggested was mysterious. His death soon followed. There are other people close to the Schencks who died mysteriously and I just wonder if Nicholas Schenck decided to get back at Marilyn for her final snub of Joseph Schenck.

  • http://clearsight ron

    marilyn was killed by the mob after the mob made a deal with robert kennedy.she was about to tell others what she knew about what john and robert were doing ,her naive nature got her killed in order to shut her up.yes she was poisoned in order to look like something she did. the cia and the fbi know this.yet it will do no good to expose this now or ever.

    • Jazelle

      Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ruth Abbott

      I totally disagree—– She should have her name cleared and her fans deserve the truth.

    • bea

      while your theory may seem plausible and likely. why would the president ever decide to kill such an i important figure? at the time, marilyn monroe was the most famous woman on earth. john f kennedy dated lots and lots of actresses just like marilyn, but none of them were “mysteriously” murdered like marilyn. think about it.

  • Jazelle

    It’s really weird how an overdose victum would be also beaten, bruised & bloddy!!!! DUH! This was NO overdose!!!! Unfortunately Marilyn was involved w/the wrong asshole….one powerful enough to even cover up how he MURDERED her!!!!

    • http://yahoo Robert

      Keep in mind that there was also some mafia involvement. It may not have been Kennedy.

  • Jazelle

    RIP Marilyn….and i hope that you somehow know that he got his also!!! Guess that saying is true, “What comes around goes around”

    • http://yahoo Robert

      The saying is: “What goes around, comes around.” One must send it out, before it can come back.

  • jmon

    read the book entitled THE ALTER OF BONES that has a reason as good as any ive heard

  • Ruth Abbott

    Several times there was a request by her fans to re-open her investigation and nothing happened. Guess who always shut the door on that…!! Kennedy’s—-mob—- she was murdered and they got away with it. Interesting how her diary magically disappeared from the LA police dept. There are a dozen flaws in what they covered up.
    She was going to call a press conference the next day and also that LA policeman swore he stopped Bobby Kennedy that night for speeding and he said he was in Washington D.C. I am so sorry she never got any justice and they slapped suicide on her death certificate and her image. Power and money of the Kennedy’s.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Case81128MarilynMonroe Just a Messenger
  • http://Nowebsite amscia

    Dirty politics, power and money hungry wolves, an innocent woman, stumbling upon the evil/bizarre plans, projects and dealings, a web of deceits, distrusts and dirty games, a gruesome murder, fabrications, lies and character assassination and a nation and millions of fans left in mourning. That is the story of our idol Ms Marilyn Monroe. Roselli the mafia boss and MM’s friend visited MM’s residence on that fateful night of 4th August 62. While MM and Roselli were entering the guest cottage the killers also sneaked into the cottage and killed MM by poisonous suppository. That is the reason MM’s body was actually found in guest cottage and not in her bed room as confirmed by the eye witness Norman Jeffries in 1993. And final justice. Before he could open his mouth Roselli’s body could not be traced and found floating in oil drum with his feet sawed. And 6 gun shots on the face of the mafia boss Sam Giancana. MM did give information to JFK in pillow talk but not vice versa. She was intelligent woman and did NOT want to expose the plot to kill Castro or UFO hoax or her so called love affairs with JFK. She wanted to expose the details of clandestine dealings, illicit relationships involving the fascist forces on one hand and the mafias on the other, their shabby adventures and the last but not the least important the details of the bizarre JFK murder plan.