Margaret Cho Says She’d Love To Do DWTS

    June 4, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Actress and comedienne Margaret Cho is a very busy lady, and her fans couldn’t be happier.

Between her stand-up routines, a guest spot on the enormously popular Tiny Fey vehicle “30 Rock” (as Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-Un, which is awesomely hilarious), a new cooking show, and a regular role on the Lifetime show “Drop Dead Diva”, Cho has a lot on her plate lately, but that doesn’t mean people are tired of seeing her. Fans are clamoring for Cho to appear on the upcoming All-Star season of “Dancing With The Stars”, partly because they say she got robbed during her time on the 2010 season. She was third to be eliminated that season but thanked the judges for not going easy on her. And, she says, it was fun work with a nice paycheck.

Cho is most excited about her cooking show, which she calls a “social experiment” and involves strangers getting together with a dish to bond over the food they feel represents them; however, she says she would love to appear on the upcoming season of “DWTS”, but cast members have to be voted in so it’s up to the viewers.

  • bryan

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  • Ralph

    30 Rock enormously popular? It’s been at the bottom of the ratings since it came on and people have wondered how in the heck it keeps getting renewed. Then they remember the Sarah Palin thing, and people in Hollywood have admitted they keep the show going as a payment to her for helping get Obama elected.

  • http://yahoo Swata Margaret

    i like your comedienne