Marathon Runner Dies After Barcelona Race

    March 18, 2013
    Chris Crum
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A runner died of a heart attack at the age of 47 in Barcelona on Sunday after competing in the big marathon.

The Associated Press (via ESPN) is reporting that the man died shortly after arriving at the hospital, after running in the race, but actually suffered the heart attack during the race.

Heatstroke was not mentioned in reports, but the incident comes just two days after a soldier died of heatstroke after competing in a marathon in Tel Aviv.

According to the Mayo Clinic, you are considered to have heatstroke when your body reaches 104 F (40 C) or higher. If not treated quickly enough, it can cause damage to the brain, heart, kidneys and muscles.

As far as Sunday’s actual race goes, it was a good day for Ethiopian runners. Results (via Ethiosports) were as follows:

Men’s Results:

1. Gezahgne Abera Hunde (Eth) 2:10: 17
2. Abraham Keter (Ken) 2:10 48
3. Linus Maiyo (Ken) 2:11 34
4. Aredom Tiumay Degefa (Eth) 2:12: 17
5. Jaume Leiva (Spa) 2:13 41

Women’s Results:

1. Lemenen Berha Yachem (Eth) 2:34: 39
2. Bosho Amelework Fikadu (Eth) 2:35: 53
3. Mogaka Irene (Ken) 2:38 46
4. Joasia Zakrzewsky (GBr) 2:43 50
5. Lou Collins (VST) 2:57: 34

This was the 33rd Barcelona Marathon. The deceased runner reportedly crossed the finish line.

  • Ralph

    People have heart attacks while driving their car, golfing, sleeping, sitting and watching TV,…Why is this news?

  • Peej

    Ralph, a marathon is a stressful thing, including to people you would consider to be in good shape. I had the same thought as you, “how is this news?,” but only because deaths at marathons are a pretty common occurrence.

    • THink

      Death in marathon is not that common, it’s about 1 in a million chance that one will die from a heartattack from a marathon. For a triathlon it’s three times as much. They just like to call it news to question the health benefit of running a marathon, which is an extreme endurance event. 20 minutes of cardio should be all you need, 3 times a week.

    • David

      Although the reporting in this story references a runner dying after the Tel Aviv “Marathon”, the actual Marathon of 26.2 miles was cancelled due to heat and races were limited to the shorter half marathon 13.1 and 10K (6.2) miles in light of the excessive heat. Unfortunately one of the runners in these races did pass away and thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  • john f

    He died of a heart attack. So WHY put “Heatstroke was not mentioned in reports, but the incident comes just two days after a soldier died of heatstroke after competing in a marathon in Tel Aviv.” Okay, he also wasn’t shot, even though a man was shot in Chicago two days ago. he also didn’t die giving birth, even though a woman in india died two days ago giving birth. He didn’t die of a lot of other things. So why add something that was NOT a factor because it happened to someone ELSE two days ago?

    • David

      Also, if the writer bothered to check the weather the temps in Barcelona were in the 40’s – 50’s and clearly had no impact whereas the temps in Tel Aviv were in the mid to high 90’s and clearly were at dangerous levels for heat exhaustion, etc.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      I mentioned it because of heatsroke’s stated effects on the heart, and the fact that another runner had just died from heatstroke.

  • Armando Mata

    You have to experience the sport to understand why this man died while running the marathon. When it’s your time to go, no matter what you are doing you’re done. I know this is a very tragic moment to the family of the runner who died, but for him, he died doing what he love’s doing.

    • David

      Totally agree, having run 50+ marathons and several ultramarathons the positives definitely outweigh the negatives…frustrating that the press cannot bother to get the details correct and would rather fame the flames of sensationalizing the death due to running especially when this same press is constantly reminding all of the need to live healthy lifestyles and not be sedentary.