Man With 47 Guns Allegedly Targeted Indiana School

By: Amanda Crum - December 17, 2012

An Indiana man who allegedly threatened to enter a nearby elementary school and “kill as many people as he could before police could stop him” was arrested on Saturday following an altercation with his wife. Police discovered 47 firearms hidden in various places in his home as well as thousands of dollars worth of ammunition, and promptly took him into custody, where he is being held without bond.

The 60-year old man, identified as Von I. Meyer of Cedar Lake, Indiana, was also charged with felony intimidation, domestic battery and resisting law enforcement after police were called by his wife, who claims he threatened to set her on fire while she was asleep. The couple reside less than 1,000 feet from the school in question.

Police say that because of Meyer’s known affiliation with a motorcycle gang, they are taking the threats and allegations against him very seriously. Meyer’s wife, an employee of the elementary school, didn’t go in to work on Friday due to his threats, but local police beefed up security at all schools in the area to err on the side of caution.

“We just didn’t want to take any chances,” Police Chief Jerry Smith said.

Smith also confirmed that Meyer hadn’t been plotting a school shooting, but rather made the threats in the heat of the moment, which will make a big difference when it comes time for his sentencing.

“If people followed through on all the threats they’ve ever made – things said in anger that they don’t really mean and regret – our population in this country would be half of what it is,” he said. “This was something he said in the heat of an argument. He hadn’t been plotting this.”

Smith says security will continue to be tightened at all local schools due to the Newtown shooting.

Image: Lake County Sheriff’s Dept.

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  • Anthony Gresko

    This guy should be locked up and not let go until he is subjected to multiple mental and psycological sessions to determine whether he is a threat to others or himself… His weapons and ammunition should be confiscated and he should be unable to ever obtain a weapon in the future, due to the mental and psycological evaluations to which he had to submit. If he said something like that “in the heat of the moment”, that means he’s thought about it before.. Either follow my advice, or have him executed and be done with it !

  • http://yahoo W.A.Hammargren

    This idiots threats should be taken seriously. He should be put away for a long long time, any and all weapons and amunitition conficated.His threat alone is or should be a crime. You shouldn’t have to wait untill something happens to put Bastards like this away.

  • Ryan

    This guy should be executed. Done. Use his own gun and ammo, double tap to the back of the head. No burden on the tax payer.

  • Cassie Kohen

    I was wondering when another snake would climb from under a rock. What is this world coming to with all this going on. All this fighting and shotings need to stop. why is it no one can just love one another and just get over things that really dont matter in the end. Killing kids and other people for what? What is there to gain. I just cant understand this at all. I just dont.

  • Charles

    Bottom line…This dude’s an idiot and needs a serious psychiatric evaluation. I mean it’s one thing to make a direct verbal threat to the person or group of people that you’re having an altercation with but it’s an entire different story when you start making direct threats to other people who are innocent of whatever is going on…..especially our children!!! What’s the philosophy behind owning that many guns that are kept hidden around the house at various locations? I’m sorry but, unless you’re an advent gun collector, you have no business even owning that many guns!!!

  • paul

    They should hang that slob by his nuts

    • Jeff

      I agree 100%. Friggin Scum of the earth. They should make an example of him. This behavior should NOT be tolerated. Friggin loser.

  • http://webpronews jennifer kiesewetter

    i dont think becouse hes claiming its an empty threat he should be given nething less than the max he can get. empty threats come from somewhere if hes so cold he can even think about saying he would kill innocent children he should not be allowed to be in decent socity. thats not normal to make comments like that, empty threats like ooo i wanna throw this book out the window are normal but ooo i wanna kill everyone i can till someone stops me ? that is crazy!

  • Jeff

    What the hell is wrong with people?? If its that bad for you that you need to kill someone, Go kill yourself!! One less piece of shit in the world to worry about.

    • JB

      Totally AGREE! HE would kill himself afterwards, why not just kill himself? Leave the public alone.

    • Tony

      That’s what you don’t get, these lunatics/psychopats want to do something like this FIRST before taking themselves out, it sucks but it is reality and yet no one does anything to prevent people from becoming psychopaths by offering help so they never become this way.

  • JB

    That copycat freak should be shot by his own gun. What is up with killing people u don’t know. Guns are for self defense, hunting, and collecting. I’m sick of these people making gun owners have to defend the 2nd ammendment!

    • Zach

      Oh, you mean that amendment that talks about a “well-regulated militia”? Key words “regulated” and “militia”.

      • GM

        Again, criminals do not follow the law. How is taking guns away from law abiding citizens going to impact the unlawful elements in our society?

        Another poster on another message board brought a significant correlation of ADD and ADH drugs and the connection with taking these drugs and irrational violent outbursts including murder and suicide. Now there is something that can be researched and corrected and actually may make a positive impact.

  • michael wood

    feed him to the hogs alive on Youtube for all to see, and as a warning for other nutso’s…

  • Lowell Rickert


  • randi

    Threats like that should NEVER be taken lightly. I hope they don’t let that scumbag roam the streets again and if they do, that school should be protected everyday with armed security. If he does decide to act out on his anger, poor innocent children may be his next victims. Someone has to be sick in the head to even say something like that.

  • AmericanFreedom

    Guns are the problem. We need less guns in the hand of anyone that wants one.

    • Dave – Protect the 2nd amendment

      Guns are not the problem. People with mental disorders are the problem. You can look at this man and tell, he has a mental disorder.

      • RelixIV

        Guns are not the problem, but you can not tell by looking at someone that they have a mental problem.

    • Blueliner

      No, guns are NOT the problem. Irresponsible & crazy people are the problem. We have plenty of regulations to ensure only qualified people can purchase & carry a firearm (concealed). If we totally stopped all production & sale of firearms, there are enough guns in this country now for anyone who wanted to shoot up a school, etc., to do so. People in this country need to start taking responsibility of their own actions, and stop relying on the government to show us how the proper way to live our lives is. 99% of gun owners are legal & responsible with their firearms. You can’t punish the majority for the mistakes of the few.

      • Steve

        I agree with you, except, normally when something bad happens, we do our best to correct it. One nutjob put poison in Tylenol, seven people died, and every package in America was made tamper resistant.
        Similarly, another lunatic tried to blow up a plane, failed and didn’t kill anybody, but now millions of people have to stand in line with their shoes off to get on a flight.

    • GM

      All debates aside, how do we control guns when our boarders are so wide open that smuggling drugs, weapons, and people is a billion dollar business already? Furthermore, criminal do not care about laws, thats why they are criminals. All gun laws will do is take the guns out of the hands of normal lawy abidding people. Keep in mind, most violent crimes are done with stolen, illegal or unregistered guns.

      The whole concept of gun control to stop this type of event is fruitless.

      • Shaun

        You are absolutely right Blueliner. Except I guess I can go so far as to say that guns are the problem. If there were NO guns, there would be less murder and less school shootings. And even I, an avid gun owner and 2nd amendment beleiver, would hand in my weapons. But it is not realistic to get rid of all guns. So handing in my guns would do only one thing: make me helpless to defend myself against those who have guns for criminal/evil purposes. We would only be disarming the good guys. I truly beleive the opposite would be better. It may sound radical but arming the teachers and having armed security would decrease the fatalities and even the frequency of such events. I fear we will realize we are just disarming the good guys only after much more bloodshed. All you have to do is think like the bad guys. If you were going on a killing spree are you gonna let gun laws stop you. Capital punishment didn’t deter you so no. You will just be all the more comfortable knowing you will not be opposed by good guys with guns.

  • Albert

    >“If people followed through on all the threats they’ve ever made –
    >things said in anger that they don’t really mean and regret – our
    >population in this country would be half of what it is

    That is about the most asinine comment I have ever read. Talk about generalizations. This isn’t an ‘I’m gonna kick your ass’ threat by a couple of beer drinkers in a bar; it is a direct threat to a school, people, and children made by a man with 47 guns hidden in his home with thousands of dollars in ammo. The Police Chief needs to take this threat very seriously and not generalize it. Taking the clues leading up to an event like Newton too lightly is what causes tragedy’s. I can only hope this police chief figures this out

    • Shaun

      I agree with Albert. Sounds like a lawyer excuse. Lots of people say things they regret but few would go to that degree. That he even can come up with the thought makes him different and therefore should be taken seriously.

  • Dave – Protect the 2nd amendment

    This man should be seen by a psychiatric professional. All of his guns and ammunition should be confiscated. He should be put on national register to not be allowed to purchase a gun or ammunition.

    The second amendment is for defense to protect your family, home and our country including people like this man. Law-abiding citizens should always be allowed to purchase guns and ammunition under our 2nd amendment rights as long as we abide under its intent to protect our family, home and country.

  • ElectroMotive

    He voted for Obama so give him a break.

    • carl

      Your such a joke you are whats wrong with this country. grow up.

      • 20paws

        OK…but not much of one.

  • Tim

    Guns don’t kill people. People do.
    So…let’s get rid of people.
    I say we start with the gun owners. I’ll feel much safer then. :-)

    • 20paws

      So then the only people who have guns will be killers. You obviously are a far-left, tree-hugging, Obama jizz-swallowing idiot.

    • JOEL

      since you feel that way you should try and go “get rid” of all the gun owner without using a gun and see how well that works out for ya, idiot!

    • ty

      Ok cool…. lets start with military and cops

  • 20paws

    That mope wasn’t even smart enough to think of something original. Please, anyone who’s thinking about any copy-cat antics — come up with something more original…like offing yourself first, not last.

  • 20paws

    That mope wasn’t even smart enough to think of something original. Please, anyone who’s thinking about any copy-cat antics — come up with something more exciting, more creative, more novel…like offing yourself first, not last.

  • Mike

    The Bible says that if you can say it. I didnt know the chief was a mind reader. Noone needs 47 guns,more like 5 or 6. The guy needs an ankle monitor and not allowed within 1000 ft. of the school!

    • Mike

      Your a idiot. Whats the difference in having 5 or 6 guns then 47? The more guns someone has doesn’t make them any more dangerous. Its not the guns, its the people. If you take away the guns, the people that want to hurt others will find another way. We need to help the people that think or act this way.

  • monica

    The more the media exploits these mass shooting the more we will brew copycats.

    • S

      I totally agree with you. I keep saying that there is way to much media coverage today.

  • Ashley

    Keep him locked up and away from our kids!

  • Snuffy

    How come its always school? Why not shoot up a crowded gun shop??? BECAUSE gun shops are filled with gun owners and they have them on there hips! making guns illigal wont solve shit! Think about how drugs are illigal… Humm interesteing thought proccess from the far left cornor.

  • big fatty

    does anybody think this puke got this idea from watching the Lone Ranger? no he got it from video games ,and watching violent movies and TV shows .this will keep happening because the God-D– wants to plaster it on tv. check the facts that they got wrong as the horror unfolded. Put someone trained and armed in the schools and the bastards won’t be so eager to attack

  • http://yahoo charley

    lock him up

  • http://yahoo charley

    lock him up.. the next time this happens he is going to kill

  • http://yahoo carol smith

    lock him up and throw away the key