Man Shoots Son In Burglary Investigation

By: Amanda Crum - September 28, 2012

In a tragic story out of Connecticut, a fifth-grade teacher is grieving the loss of his son today after a horrible accident at his own hands.

The man, Jeffrey Giuliano, was called next door by his sister in the early hours of Thursday morning because she was afraid an intruder was trying to break into her home. Giuliano went outside to investigate, and said he found a man dressed in black with a black ski mask covering his face; the man was brandishing a knife and approached Giuliano in a “threatening manner“, so Giuliano fired his gun, hitting the man in the head at least once.

But an investigation of the body revealed it was his own 15-year old son, and police are now trying to figure out why Tyler Giuliano was dressed in such a manner and wielding a knife.

The tragedy has hit the town hard; neighbors say father and son were close. A letter was sent home on Thursday afternoon to the parents of students at Tyler’s school, saying nothing would be said to the students on behalf of the school until the investigation was complete and all the facts were given.

“Our district has experienced a tragedy that has affected us deeply. … This tragedy was not discussed with the students as the facts were not clear. Students and staff will react in different ways. We will try to maintain our typical routine and encourage you to do the same,” the letter read.

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  • Wes

    “police are now trying to figure out why Tyler Giuliano was dressed in such a manner and wielding a knife.”

    So it’s not THAT obvious I guess…

    • funkdocta

      by all means, enlighten us…

      • Irene

        God help this boy’s father with what he has to live with for the rest of his life. Tragic.

        • john

          what ever happened to shoot to wound? aim for the head? errr… over kill…

          • berta

            shot to wound is not always effective it could have been anyone under that mask its very sad that it was his son now he has to live with that the rest of his life.

          • joe

            There is no such thing as shoot to wound! If your put in a situation to shoot, it is deadly force period. No middle ground exists.

          • Mari Ann O’Leary

            Who has time in that terrible second to think..mmmmm, should I shoot to wound?

        • Mari Ann O’Leary

          Yes, very very sad. But he will be asking quesions as well. Why was the son robbing his aunt, why was he coming at his dad with a knife (maybe he didn’t recognize him in the dark). I agree with the soldier above: if a person is wielding a knife in the night time & no one knows who the other is, you must defend yourself. It’s a natural instinct. I blame the son, I feel horrible for the dad.

          • t

            The boy wasn’t right in the head.

  • waidus hughes

    HE probably was playing a trick on them I did the same thing as a kid. A thousand videos just like that on youtube.

    • Lisa Starnes

      Playing a trick on them? You are kidding, right? playing a trick would be leaving fake poo on the floor. Breaking in w/black clothing, ski mask & knife is playing w/death.

  • John

    and the next day, he removed the N.R.A sticker on the bumper.

    • Bart

      Tell me John, what does the NRA have to do with this? Please enlighten us. You are truely an ass to bring up the NRA when this poor father just shot his own son. Dude you need help.

      • Mari Ann O’Leary

        I 2nd.

    • Robert

      This was a tragic event, period. The majority of the responsibility does and should be borne by the person commiting a crime, Not by the one defending himself. Even if he were an NRA member, he acted responsibly by stopping an individual who is armed.

      When an individual comes at you with a knife with unknown intent; you better pray you have something more than just a verbal jab to stop them with.

      • valerie

        How do we know the son actually came at him with the knife?? Thats the fathers story and the son is no longer here to tell his side. I dont believe anything that comes out of peoples mouths. Anyone who shoots to kill a person(for reasons unknown to us) is obviously gonna say the person came at them. Its easy to say when there are no witnesses.Why havent we heard anything about the sister? She must have seen something right? If i thought someone was breakin in my house and called my brother next door i would have been watchin from the window to see what was going on. and im curious if the sister made a 911 call after she called her brother or if the call was made after the shooting? If she called her brother for help immediately after she should have called 911.

  • chris

    Wow does anyone think that maybe this kid was involved with a gang and this was a initation gone wrong.. come on a 15 year old kid involved with a family crime.. smells fishy to me.. i don’t blame the dad at all, I would do the same shot first ask questions later.. But where I live gang crime is on the rise. Innocent people and children are killed everyday from gang crap.

    • joe

      Yes of course, if gang activity is on the rise in your neighborhood then this incident, not in your neighborhood, must me gang related also!

  • April

    How sad.

  • ReconDoc

    As a trained soldier if someone is brandishing a knife and i have a gun, more than likely they will eat dirt fist

  • tasha

    yes its a sad tragedy but y when he seen the father come out with the gun y he didnt take his mask off and just accept the whipping he shouldnt have never brought a knife to a gun fight he shouldve surrendered now the father has to live with this on his mine for the rest of his life my prayers goes out to the family and r.i.p. tyler

  • Airport Limousine Toronto

    why Giuliano fired his gun,why he is not fired on air,why directly shoot out his son.

  • kirk

    its not the gun that kills its the idiot behind it … be it a civilian a police officer or armed forces …lax gun laws..2nd ammendment …one needs ammending and the other has become a cross to bear

    • Robert

      What is the responsibility of the Individual weilding a Knife, dressed in Black… possibly breaking into someones house? You side with the person breaking into the house? I hope that you never have to face the same situation, because it sounds as though you wouldn’t have a chance against a person such as that.

  • Seo services mcallen

    That is very sad incident happened with their family its a joking news as father they are mature even they did like that activities very sad.

    • Mari Ann O’Leary

      Why was the son approaching his own father in a threatening manner? Did he not recognize his own dad or was it too dark?

  • Lisa Medcalf

    Everyone seems to have their own opinion regarding this tragic event. I live alone in a very bad neighborhood. I keep a hand gun available to me at all times. My 27 year old daughter came over one day and used that gun to commit suicide right in front of me. She waited for me to walk in the room where she was standing before she pulled the trigger. I was not even able to get the word STOP out of my mouth before she pulled the trigger. That picture is still in my mind a year and a half later. I too am a member of the NRA but this does not change the fact that I still believe in our right to bare arms. I don’t blame myself or my daughter for doing what she did. I do however blame MHMRA for not seeing her the day this occurred. We called to get them to see her but they would not see her and now she is gone leaving a 9 year old without a mother. Not only did she lose her mother,she also lost her father due to Liver cancer. Guns are not the problem. People are.

    • dot blumschaefter

      Right, people are, and people who don’t know the diff between the right to bare arms (wear a strapless dress) and the right to bear arms (the right to own a deadly weapon) is too dumb to own a gun.

      • Brenda

        I’m guessing you used “diff” because you can’t spell difference… right? I hope you don’t own a gun as grammer is not the issue here.

        • Jennifer

          Insulting others grammar(correct spelling) is ridiculous. I wanted to post this to show how ignorant your post is. Spell check before you correct others and insult them.

          • pammiesue

            others’…but this is a topic for another post.

    • Robert

      Sorry for your tragic loss.
      I am a supporter of Firearms, but there is some responsibility for the owner of the gun who is neglegent in locking up and securing the gun. Your failure to secure the weapon greatly added to what happened especially if you knew she had emotional problems. Your daughter bore the greatest of the responsibility since she pulled the trigger, but you yourself shoulder some of the burden as well.
      Firearms are very dangerous when mis-handled by those mentally unstable or by criminals. The majority of persons who are responsible gun owners are never heard from, and seldom if ever cause these kind of issues.

      • julia

        the problem is not “people who is not aware” of the difference between bearing and baring, the problem is simply not knowing who is or will be unstable at any given moment.

    • kai

      I am so sorry for your pain as well as the pain your daughter had that was so overwhelming she no longer wanted to live for her daughter or express it to you. I pray for her. Someone or persons must have stained her soul deeply. Victimizations are prevalent in the neighborhoods you describe. Hopefully you can move your grandchild to a safer area.

  • FredAllenSwan

    Have we ever heard about baseball bats—I am a military veteran expert in small arms father of 7-grandfather to 23- great grand father of 5…never needed to have a gun in my home —baseball bat sufficed just fine–plus 911…

  • kay

    He had a right to kill if he felt in danger which apparently he did if the boy was masked and had a knife,why was a 15 yr old out at night prowling? was he about to attack the sister who may have ended up dead? it was the boys fault for not taking off his mask when he saw his father,this could have all been avoided if this is how the event occured.

    • kai

      Maybe he was just coming in after already making mischief, and had the knife already out because he was caught by surprise at seeing his dad. Also, drugs kids use may make them hallucinate. At 15 he probably had been with friends earlier. I cannot understand his wanting to kill his father or aunt.

    • valerie

      Why not call the police??? Yes everyone has the right to protect themselves but there is such a thing as 911.. Does anyone actually believe the son did not say “dad its me dont shoot” when he saw his father with a gun pointed at him? And what ever happen to a shot in the arm or leg to incapacitate? I have read it was at least one head shot. And i do not believe guns are the problem its the trigger happy jerks that are the problem. Why would the father not say drop your weapon or im gonna shoot? Its possible the mask was put on the kids dead body. we wont know until forensics and autopsy.Shame on anyone who shoots a human being and after they are down and no longer a threat sits by and watches them die without tryin to administer any kind of assistance.

  • kay

    I say guns are the problem,if they weren’t available people couldnt use them,it only takes 1 shot at a split second to makke a grave mistake. bearing arms ,why??? if there were no guns the criminals wouldnt have them either so the threat becomes minimal,of course other devices could be used but at least crime wouldnt be so high and people wouldnt de so fast under dire circumstances,what ever happened with ironing things out and helping one another .why are guns the 1st choice of defense?

    • James

      Dear God you are naive!

    • rob harter

      omg i so agree with the no guns we are killing a society with the violence on tv…….. lets stop making and selling guns i want san diego to be the first gun free county.. lets just see how many can die in a school massacre when the perp is using a knife……..not many. what is wrong with our society. i know its the men. its always the men ladies its up to you check out my site

      • E

        Are you 12? Get a clue.

    • Emmy

      Kay, how do you propose getting ALL the illegal guns off the street? Do you think they will just be handed over? It’s too late for that, by hundreds of years… Someone with a knife and a ski mask in your yard – how will you protect yourself, a frying pan?

      • E

        Exactly. Well said and agreed. There are some real geniuses out there. LOL

    • ikihi

      crimals will always find ways to get guns. the people who actually are good people won’t have the guns.

    • scott

      Kay, you are an idiot. Wait until someone breaks into your house and attacks you and sexually assaults you or worse. You will be changing your tune really quick, as I did. When I got out of the military, I never wanted anything to do with guns again. But, after four months of a guy stalking me, and his eventual attempt on my life, I realized that I needed a gun. By the way, the guy that tried to kill me is now dead. And I am still alive to write you this.

    • Jennifer

      Guns are not the problem, the idiots not knowing how to use it are. It is not the gun you have to worry about, it’s the stupid people out there. I am getting a gun, and I will use it if needed to protect me and my kids.

  • Sandra Price

    I would know my son regardless of how he was dressed. I know his walk, how he moves, how he holds his head–even in the dark. It’s a tragedy that’s for sure. As for guns, maybe they don’t kill, but without one, a person couldn’t load it with bullets, which does kill, and pull the trigger.

    • reece

      How do you know what you would do. None of us knows what we would do in such an incident. You say you know your child even if he was wearing a mask and in the dark your a liar. Life is hard enough but now we have people placing the blame where the blame should not be placed, at least for now. Someone jump at me with a knife in the attempt to do danger to me I would do what is necessary to preserve my own life. Quit trying to place the blame on guns as well. You know how many people in this world that owns guns, but have few murder with them. Worry about nicotine, drugs, alcohol and sex crimes not guns. those are some of the deadliest things in this world. Quit being a coward and face the facts that you don’t know what happened so quit judging. They didn’t charge the father so why don’t we realize that family is in grief and we should pray for them or lend a helping hand

    • Emmy

      Sandra, I would know my own child as well. On one point you are right, without the gun a person couldn’t kill. On another note, unfortunately you are wrong. Son or not, he was wearing a mask and weilding a knife – anyone without a gun would not stand a chance. Unfortunately, these situations, as well as illegal guns do exist. I wish someone would publish the facts about how many are killed and hurt unarmed as opposed to how deaths and accidents occur. They save lives too. Stricter guns laws, tracking guns, control of the sale of bullets, classes on controlling and storing will lower the accidental deaths. Taking guns away will increase the crime related deaths of innocent people for sure.

      • steveO

        The dad sent him over to scare the aunt and then shot him. Hello Stepson?? Easy Murder

  • bob dylan

    sometimes you just have to shoot your kids.

    • t


    • pete

      ASS HOLE!!!

  • Shirley

    This is a real tragedy for Jeffrey and his family. Please know you have my sympathy and prayers. As for the others please find some compassion for Jeffrey and his family.

  • michael n.

    this is very sad.only 15yrs. its just sad

  • Karen

    None of us will ever find out what was really happening….will we? The only who can tell us what was happening at that moment is Tyler and he is dead, so we will never find out……EVER! I am so sorry for his family’s loss! R.I. P. Tyler!

    • Nicole

      I agree… we can’t know what was going through this boy’s head, but I can only imagine the nightmare his father is living right now, and that he must be in incomprehensible pain. What a sad, sad, story.
      Oddly enough, when I was in college my dad would occasionally have this dream that I had come home unexpectedly and that he mistook me for an intruder and shot me. How terrible that this man is actually living in that nightmare.

  • Michael

    I feel sorry for the dad, but NOT for the son! What the hell was he doing and why was he dressed up like that?!?!

    Sad, but stupid!

    Sorry, but his stupid son got what he deserves!

  • ej

    WHO GIVES A F#%#—–you people really need to get a LIFE!!!!

    • Tricia

      Well why were you here if you didn’t give a F&^%…..why read something then complain …..some of us care what happens to others and some of us have compassion for our fellow human being …

      • elvi

        indeed… why read something, then complain… idiot!

  • Lillian

    This teenager was bearing a weapon and breaking in a house; he approached his dad in a threatening manner; I question what if he would have broken in, he may have killed his aunt. His father was protecting himself as well as his sister; it could have been her funeral instead of the teenagers. He wasn’t breaking in just to steal, most likely to kill with that knife. They need to investigate what motive the teenager had and if he had any issues with his aunt.

  • Annette

    Sound like the son was sleepwalking.

  • lucia

    In cases like these the family should try to contact a medium maybe like theresa caputo(long island medium) to see if she is able to channel tyler and get some information on what he was really up to that night. I believe in some way they can get some of their doubts cleared. #suggestion

    • Randall Jewell

      WTF?? Contact a medium? What kind of mental case are you? I hope you don’t try and contact the family directly. Why add more misery to their plight by practicing voodoo witchraft? I have to think this is more of a sick than a real suggestion. Otherwise, get some friggin help.

  • Jim

    Yes sad, but if he didnt kill his son we would be reading in the paper “15 year old boy rapes and kills aunt” you dont just stroll around the yard at that hour wearing a ski mask and yeilding a knife for no reason.

  • Mark

    This is truly a tragedy. My prayers go out for the family. R.I.P. Tyler but what the hell were you doing? Now, for all you bleeding heart liberals trying to make this a gun controll issue,Go S.A.D.That means suck a dick!!!!!!

  • Kim

    I’ve read some of what people have been writing, I’m sorry for the family, Sandra you are wrong about knowing your kids walk, the way they move. I think if you were in the situation the father was in, your not going to stand there and say, Hmmm, thats my son, I can’t shoot him even if he is dressed in all black and I’m not sure if thats him or not because of the way he walks and holds himself. So I’d better stand here and let this knife wielding person come after me

    • valerie

      I have a 17 year old son and no matter what, mask or not i would know it was him. period! I cant think of one good reason the son would not have said “dad its me” when he saw his father with a gun pointed at him… Its not right.

  • Kelly

    Something is not right here… It sounds like we will hear more of this story come out as time goes on. “Good kids” don’t use weapons to attack family members and most would say something when faced by a parent with a weapon…

  • E

    Dear Idiots: There will never, ever, ever be a time when guns are not available. Legal or not. If San Diego goes gun free, every criminal with a gun will drive their happy asses there and rob everyone. Idealism is hilarious. I used to be one. 95% of them actually get a job, raise a family and become aware of reality.

  • vampiredog

    Those of you who are posting what the father should have done: I want you to conduct an experiment with me. Close your eyes and imagine that you have turned the on the front burner of your stove. It is turned up high. Imagine the flames (if it is gas) or the burner glowing (if it is electric). Now imagine moving your hand closer and closer to the burner. Imagine feeling the heat increasing more and more until your hand is immersed in flames or pressed flat against the burner. Now hold it there and imagine the severe pain that you suffer and now the shock as your watch pieces of your skin drop away and your hand becomes unrecognizeable. Got it? Now go do it for real. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN READING AND THINKING ABOUT A SITUATION AND ACTUALLY BEING IN IT.

    • http://yahoo Darren

      Good comment vampiredog. Some of these comments are soooooo stupid!

  • Sandy

    I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  • steveO

    SETUP!!!! Stepson? I bet he put him up to it and then shot him!!! EASY MURDER!

    • pammiesue

      Just where, exactly did you see the word “step-son”? What a sick mind you have to even THINK this! That poor man must be in living Hell now:( So very sad.

      • Debbie

        The latest update says he was his stepson…I do not think he put him up to it. Some times you do not really know what is going on with a child until something like this happens. This was a tragic incident.

        • Debbie

          Now it is saying adopted son…

      • Dave

        Actually an earlier yahoo article said his son was adopted.

  • kit

    No matter how you look at this, it is a tragedy. Some wackos out there insinuating anything else just makes me sick. This dad (or stepdad) will suffer every day for the rest of his life. Why this kid got dressed up, no one knows. Doesn’t make sense, but the dad apparently did what he believed he needed to do. God help them all. And the rest of you need to keep your twisted comments to yourself, because you don’t know what you would do if you found yourself in this situation.

    • John

      I agree and I would have done the same thing under the same circumstances.


      • Rick

        I agree. I would have done the same thing under the same circumstances. Although I don’t think we know the whole story. Something doesn’t sound right. You don’t shoot to wound. You shoot to stop. Two rounds center mass. If that doesn’t stop them, you take the head shot. If every law abiding citizen had a gun it would be a lot more civil place to live.

  • Joerockhed

    It sounds to me like this kid was a Cat Burglar or wanted to be one. In the dad’s defense, he obviously didn’t know, if he did, he wouldn’t have shot him. If the cops wouldn’t take forever to respond to a call, he wouldn’t have had to take matters into his own hands.This is very tragic straight up.

  • Jack

    The son dressed in black hoodie..huh the dad thought it was a black man… If I saw someone trying to break into a home, I wouldn’t shoot to kill him. What about shooting him in his foot? He had a knief, you got a gun..shit this is crazy.

    • Kelly Davis

      Why do you say he thought it was a black man?!!! Nobody said that in this article. Leave it to you to twist it to your wornout “poor little us” cause. The man was protecting his sister. It’s a tragic misunderstanding for him and his family, not a political soapbox for you!

      • Lisa Desso

        I totally agree with you Kelly. Why does everything have to be about blacks or whites? You’re either human or you’re not!

    • http://yahoo Darren

      Black man? Shoot him in the foot? Are you for real?

  • Reed Williams

    Ain’t guns great!!

    • http://yahoo Darren

      Yes Reed, guns are great!!!

  • Reed Williams

    Ain’t guns great?

    • Rich Daniels

      Its always the same mentality when an accident occurs with a firearm-blame it on the availability of guns and the lack of responsibility of gun owners. The latter part of this statement is the culprit. People are so quick to end a situation with the wrong method instead of checking out the most viable option available. I hope in the future this kind of disaster can be averted by a little common sense and a little bit of reason.

      • Steve

        Guns don’t kill people… know the cliche… Guns are great, this one potentially stopped a robbery/murder. My guns can’t wait to shoot at an intruder!!!!

    • M

      You are an idiot……GUNS had nothing to do with why the kid is dead. I suppose you think that DRUGS are why there are drug addicts. Most addictive drugs are illegal and still there are addicts….hmmmmm. If the kid was killed with a KNIVE, would you have responded that same way?

      1) the kid was an idiot for possing as something threatening.
      2) the man had a right to protect himself when he felt he was in danger of his life in WHATEVER manner.

      Period, get a clue.

    • http://yahoo Darren

      Yes, they are.

      • lord

        Darren, have said it all, this kid acted strange, but how close was the father, before shooting, i guees the little boy was aware that the dad posses a gun with him? did the old man asked him to drop the knive before shooting, if so, the poor boy would had responded that, Dad its me.

        Well its a long story

  • dale

    I hate to say this but its the kid’s fault for being an idiot.

  • catherine

    what a tragedy…..noooooo sense im so sorry for the family..poor father,,must be hell,but im still thinking ,,,,,,,guns are not reversible alot of times,,,there MUST BE A BETTER WAY OF PROTECTION

    • http://yahoo Darren

      Don’t think he had time to get his suit of armor on.

  • Roxanne

    STICK to the facts–kid in hoodie, ski mask, knife, equals “threat” to 99.9% of people. Father, no matter what kind(real, step, adoptive) should have aimed to WOUND, not kill. No matter what you label this, it is a tragic accident……..There has to be more to why the kid would dress like this and threaten at “aunt/neighbor?”
    This father has recreated his own little “hell” by making one momentary bad choice. His son’s death will haunt him all the rest of his days, I am sure and we should be saying prayers, not condeming him.

    • http://yahoo Darren

      You don’t aim to wound. Good way to end up dead. You watched too many movies.

  • Mike

    There is something fishy about this story. I wouldn’t be so quick to blame the kid. Why would the father shoot the kid 9 times unless he wanted to make sure he was dead. I am just speculating, but all we have is the father’s side of the story. Why would the kid be out at 1 a.m.? Why shoot 9 bullets? Is it possible that there were some “family dynamics? going on hear. The adopted son may have been about to “spill the beans”. How do we know the kid put the mask on himself? Could it have been placed after the shooting? I am just saying we should wait for the investigation to unfold. I would never take the lone word of the shooter in a case like this. We simply do not know what happened. There is someting “fishy” about this story. Too many things just don’t make sense.

  • Annonymous

    And to think I work in this town. Something seems off to me with the burglary that happened like the day before. She was out for a run and then came back to being robbed. The man beat her up and raped her. None of it adds up in my head with the shooting. Why would you shoot the intruder multiple times if he was already dead? And why was the kid trying to rob his own aunt? Something just isn’t right.

  • joe j.

    at this age idiot ideas come to your head this kid was only trying to pull a prank thought it was going to be just a great joke in the end.i got in the trunk of our car once to scare my mom she gave me an ass beating with her purse thinking i was a buglar.

  • Marsha

    Did anyone consider the idea that the kid was suicidal and was doing a “death by cop”…oh, I mean ” death by Pop”?

  • Akeem

    I agreed with Jack…
    Why didn’t he shoot him in his foot to cripple him?
    The kid had only a knife.
    He ‘s just a fool with gun…

  • Norbert

    The story sounds fishy? Say the kid wanted to rob his aunt for money to buy drugs. Why wouldn’t he just go into her home when nobody was home, living next door he surely had some idea when the house was empty. Let’s just say that the story is true as told by the father, the man had every right to protect himself and his sister from a person with a knife and in the heat of the moment it would be very common to completely unload a weapon in just a couple seconds. People who say why didn’t he just shoot to wound the person has no clue what reaction time you have when someone comes at you with a weapon (knife) and you have a fraction of a second to react–your reaction is instinctual even if you are a trained professional. You don’t have time to do any thinking, you just have time to react.

    • Akeem

      Well…maybe somebody hasn’t shot ur family member like that.
      Otherwise u wouldn’t be talking like this.

  • http://google Marlowe

    Soooo tragic…this is why it’s not always good to have a gun(s) in the home because of events like this. The father should have fired a warning shot first & just maybe the kid would have run away, or better still, he should have called the police…the father will have to live w/ this for the rest of his life, which is soooo unfortunate !!!

  • sheila

    just think it so sad, but would come out wwhat really happen