Man Plays Diablo III For 3 Days Straight, Dies

    May 26, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Blizzard certainly knows how to keep people in their seats and playing games. There have been stories in the past of gamers playing the company’s hit MMO, World of Warcraft, for so long that they have died. Now, a report has surfaced that a player has died while playing Blizzard’s recently released Diablo III.

The story comes from a friend of the deceased who goes by the screen name “Ben” blogging over at BuildStarted.com. Over the weekend 32-year-old Russell Shirley suffered a heart attack during a marathon play session of the game. Shirley had taken 3 days off of work to play the game, and Ben states that he “played Diablo 3 pretty much the whole time.”

Ben doesn’t blame Diablo III or Blizzard for Shirley’s death, only Shirley’s inactive lifestyle. Shirley’s friends, according to the blog post, had tried to get him to live in a more healthy way. They encouraged Shirley to eat better foods and even offered to pay for a gym membership, but had little success. From the blog post:

I’m not trying to blame the game for killing him. I’m trying to place blame on the lifestyle choice he made. His health issues combined with a sedentary life must have taken it’s toll. It just happened to be during a Diablo 3 marathon that he died.

The lesson is, then, that video games don’t kill people, but a sedentary lifestyle certainly can. Of course, video games, and Blizzard games in particular, can be an awfully large part of a sedentary lifestyle.

(BuildStarted via IGN)

  • Phikes

    Not buying it, give the following or it didn’t happen. Link to corridor and police reports, full name of ‘Ben’, his city of resentence, and his Battlenet ID.

    • KryptoniteBalls

      Pics or it didn’t happen!

    • B

      It’s coroner’s report not corridor, Phikes. A coroner does autopsies and a corridor is a passageway.

      • M


      • Nick

        The Coroner? Again? I’m so sick of that guy.

  • ducks

    I guess that’s what he gets for playing hardcore.

    • Col

      There are no respawns in RL

  • imacavetroll

    (assuming this is fake i dont feel bad about saying) so is this guy the first 1 experiencing diablo 4? welcome to hell

  • Antoine

    Bullshit, there have not been 3 straight days of Battle.net with no down-time since the release date. One could simply not have played for 3 days straight without interruption.

  • fgfsdghdgdf
  • E

    Fake story or not, c’mon folks, get the off the couch/chair for awhile and do SOMETHING else.
    There have been several stories in the last year or so about this happening that have been true, and its appalling, especially when the blame is put on the games.
    No disrespect to the deceased (if this story ISN’T a hoax), but, damn people, save the game and get the hell up for awhile. Take a walk and reinvigorate your body, THEN go back to the game.
    Admittedly, I play a LOT of games, and have since I was a kid (Commodore 64, Nintendo), and even then I knew to take a break and do something else.
    Common Sense? Does anyone ELSE have any?

    • Ultradoom333

      Agreed. I’m lazy as hell but not this damn lazy. To bad it was during D3… good game.

  • Dethamine

    I use to play 40hr sessions of wow, did it a lot for years.