Man Crushes Cop Cars With Tractor, Makes Slow Getaway

By: Amanda Crum - August 3, 2012

A man in Vermont apparently got angry about his arrest for marijuana possession and figured he’d get back at the people who put him in jail by destroying their cars. The problem is, he used a tractor to do it, then made a less-than speedy getaway on it.

34-year old Roger Pion was obviously counting on getting caught (we hope), because he took his time crushing five police cruisers parked right in front of the Orleans County Police Department earlier this week, doing around $250,000 worth of damage. He rolled up and over the cars, destroying most of them and rendering a bunch of expensive gear–including radar detectors and radios–FUBAR.

We’re going to have to get the jaws of life up here to pry the trunks open and see about the rifles and shotguns,” Sheriff Kirk Martin said.

While no one was hurt in the incident, thankfully, the department is now without about half of its cruiser fleet, which poses a significant problem on the streets. Still, it could have been worse; the other cars were out on patrol and escaped any damage.

“We had nothing to pursue him with,” Martin said.

Luckily for them, the man was on a tractor. It didn’t take long for them to catch up to him a few miles down the road (on foot?) and arrest him on “seven counts of felony unlawful mischief, one count of misdemeanor unlawful mischief, one count aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, one count of gross negligent operation, and one count of leaving the scene of an accident”, according to a statement from the Vermont State Police. He is currently being held on $15,000 bail.

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  • Bill D.


  • 4DonJ…

    End the war on drugs!

  • ANon

    That is one awesome dude minus the drugs.

  • dan

    Charged with leaving the scene of an accident? That was no accident, he did that on purpose. They need to drop that charge.

  • Schweizer

    The war on drugs is not a war on drugs…it’s a war on people.

  • K Lancaster

    omg I love this, and yes, leaving the scene of an ‘accident’ clearly is wrong.

  • Erick

    Yay +1 for the good guys, forget those worthless cops, they should all be fired for doing what they do to people who carry around a flower or decide to grow it.

    Cops should enforce what the people want and I know there are more marijuana supporters and decriminalizers than rich uppity assholes who think they should be able to tell what other people should do with their lives. End all these state funded programs and decriminalize all drugs and most of our economic problems would be solved. Also release anyone who is currently in prison for any non violent drug crimes.

  • Erick

    We need massive deregulation on a continental scale on so many things.

    This is what wars are made of.

    • matt montgomery

      it use to be anything that wasnt specifically prohibited was legal
      now whatever isnt specifically allowed is illegal

      and this is a major hamper to the american spirit and inventiveness … holding ourselves back

  • gg

    Charged with leaving the scene of an accident??? What accident?

    • Roger

      You are right, what accident, he did this intentionally. Good for him.

  • imaknife

    Wait a minute… He got arrested for possession… IN VERMONT??

    • matt montgomery


  • Liberal Democrat Pacifist

    They should sue the tractor maker and the dealer who sold it.
    They should require a 5-day waiting period before taking it home.
    They should require tractor driver registration, insurance and safety training.
    They should limit tractor size to under 1500 pounds.
    They should limit tractors to only four tires and 15 horsepower,
    -because the only use for an eight-tired, 150+ horsepower, 15-thousand=pound tractor is harming others!

    • Conservative Republican GunNut

      How many people did he murder or maim with his tractor, exactly?

      • bgarver

        I’m starting to understand why liberals think the way they do. Liberals don’t consider or know that every product they comsume every day was probably moved at one point by these big tractors. I didn’t here the dems or libs calling for ban on large aircraft after 911, but that is a good analogy for your comment

  • uworld66

    If more people stood up for there rights we would have a lot less police cars and a better world.

    • http://yahoo slidezone

      So if you and I have a dispute and I FEEL that I’m right, I’m justified in destroying your home and property with no repercussions? This is your better world?

  • ….

    Leaving the scene of an accident, that will be a tough one to comvict, It didn’t appear o be any accidents

  • Trude

    I have $100 toward his bail!!! LOL :)

  • Anibeth

    I think the man’s an idiot for possessing a dangerous and illegal drug and for destroying public property. I think he should be thrown away in jail until he regains his common sense for the endless commotion he has caused with his erratic behavior. Does he have any idea that he’s in possession of an illegal drug and that his behavior makes him a huge risk, especially when he endangers the lives of many with his pure recklessness. He should know that his current behavior is highly intolerable.

    • Dean

      Oh shut up you anti-pot b.s. spewing idiot. Marijuana is still illegal yes, but it’s the least dangerous drug out there. The number one most dangerous drug is alcohol, which you probally drink! I’ll just continue to smoke my pot and work my ass off day in and day out. Stop arresting people for possession of pot and you won’t get your cars ran over by a tractor!!!

    • hope

      How is maurijuana dangerous, i have NEVER seen anyone that was stoned go out and decide that they wanted to go hurt others, i beleive it should be decriminalized, all ppl really wanna do when they are high is veg out watch tv and eat, it has many medicinal properties that are better for your body than pain pills, chemotherapy and other things, it is better than going out and getting drunk as well. So before you go talking about how dangerous it is think about it. It is way better than meth, coke, pcp, lsd, alcohol, etc. But it is the most dangerous? Are you kidding me? Wow!

    • dustin peterson

      For Anibeth- I thought it was a joke when i read your opinion then i realized you were serious and this was the dumbest thing i have ever heard someone say in my whole life. You must live in some kind of fantasy world and i think you should see a mental health specialist asap. I will be walking around dazed for the next couple hours due to your posting thinking about how someone can be such a dbag and telling by your name your either inbred in kentucky or 80 or both.

    • nick


      • dustin peterson

        are you talking about me nick?

  • john pighater

    This guy is my fkin hero

  • Mark

    What do I think? I think this guy has had just about enough of a goverment that over steps their bounds. A goverment that gets away with illegal search and seizure everyday. Lets Wake up people

    • Hahaha

      I totally agree with you. It’s time for revolution in this country.

  • Hahaha

    This man is a hero. We need more of this type of behavior to combat a crooked system and DOJ. Cops tend to forget that they are out maned and out gunned. Puck the cops.

  • Hahaha

    Legalize pot or risk being attacked. Stupid kum sucking cops.

  • kraft

    Pretty much what you expect from citizens of this country that are fed up. Just look at the laws they been passing in states like NY & San Francisco.

    NY – cops are allowed to stop you and frisk you because they don’t like what you look like
    NY – Ban on 17 ounces of soda, Yet the mayor has a donut day at the park
    SF – Ban on standing/sitting on the sidewalk???????
    SF – Ban on toys from Mcdonald
    USA – Obamacare, with Obamacare you will see more rules/regulations on food/Alcohol/Tobacco to get everyone healthy.
    USA – New laws to collect MORE TAXES on internet purchases, New laws to regulate & TAX tabacco free products that deliver nicotine

    List just keeps going of a big government doing what they wish. Only people that get away with breaking these laws though are the ones that create them like Our very own treasury secretary tax cheat himself timothy geithner

    • bret

      How about the butthole Boston Mayor that banned ChickFila dowtown? Nice of him to decide what people should eat.

  • nick

    That’s Awesome!!!

  • R. Kamikaze

    Could you all please shut up, your embarassing yourselves

  • chris

    This guy is my hero!

  • Joel

    This guy is a true modern-day, American folk-hero and the police deserved it. (Lord knows how many lives they’ve ruined.) Wish I had $15K to spare…I’d send the bail money.

  • richard irvin

    my kind of guy. let them put me on his jury. i’ll vote him not guilty or “hang” the jury to prevent a guilty charge.

  • wendy

    Didn’t his TAX Dollars pay for those cars, he helped buy them, he can destroy them. No accident, on purpose drop the charge. And pot is not dangerous… to the idiots out there.

    • wendy

      Awesome! My HERO!!!!!

  • Scotty Potty

    How can they charge him with leaving the scene of an accident? What he did, while admirable, was no accident.

  • debbie carter

    “legalize mary jane” it is a waste of taxpayers money to arrest someone for smoking mary jane. I like to read news about the pol po arresting cocaine, crack heads, illegal use of prescription drug I’d be tempted to drive over police car too if they arrested me for having a nickel bag of weed

  • PK

    So there are no real criminals in Vermont? Clearly the police have nothing to do.

  • http://web/pronews eli g.

    he only destroyed half the fleet…..he coulda found the other half at dunkin donuts!

  • steve

    Vermont is not so liberal as they make themselves out to be.

  • Greg Hunter

    This guy is so Bane.

    Btw, New England is a different kind of liberal. Not San Francisco liberal. They believe in the constitution to the T and want liberty or death. Nothing in between. They’re not considered conservative, because they know better than to allow church and state to mix.

  • Tiny

    Any one have or seen a pic of the tractor /truck?????? This is one of the FUNNIEST stories I have read in months!!!!!! Glad no one was hurt, but GEEZZ!! The neighbor had to call 911 to tell them whats going on in their own parking lot!! REALLY!?!?!?! Are the donuts THAT good??? LOL!!! LMAO!!

  • Whitey Whiteman

    Everyone should round up all their tractors and do this to the Los Angeles Police Department

  • Jacqueline Baker

    I’m from Vermont and the writer got the story wrong. It was SEVEN vehicles the guy flattened. The front tires of the HUGE farm tractor were 6 feet across. This comes only a few months after inmates at the state prison who happen to do the decals for the sides of the VT State Police cruisers TWEAKED the decals a bit and changed the spots on the cow that is on the decal logo to now be in the shape of a PIG. It was quite funny and none of the State Cops knew how long they were riding around with the “PIGS” on the side of their doors! Sources figure it was months. You can look up the story on YAHOO. The state is replacing all of them but the inmates, who can’t be found since they don’t know exactly WHEN it happened, must be laughing themselves (privately) senseless!

  • Buffalo Bill

    What New England liberals don’t understand is liberty and socialism are not compatible. They want to have their cake and eat it too. You can defend your personal liberties as vigorously as you want, but if you keep voting for the nanny state your liberties will disappear one by one until none are left.

  • Mark

    This man should be made a national hero, the police are OUT of CONTROL!!!!!! what should be a proud profession has been bastardized in the quest for revenue. Their freinds, neighbors, relatives dont get tickets….just a “be careful next time” and its up to me to pad their pensions. This is nothing less than abuse of power and domestic terrorism. If this is the kind of “Freedom” America wants to spread to the middle east…..I got news….it wont work!!!!