Man Cannonballs Manatee, Posts Video To Facebook

By: Amanda Crum - May 22, 2013

Florida wildlife officials are investigating a video posted to Facebook last year that shows a man jumping into a body of water…right on top of a manatee which was swimming with another of its kind. Investigators believe they are a mother and calf.

The man can be heard laughing with his friends–who apparently baited the manatees by running fresh water from a hose–right before he jumps onto the creatures. The men could face a $25,000 fine for violating the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act, a misdemeanor.

“It’s sad,” FWC Officer Lenny Salberg said. “Here you have a manatee just swimming down a canal not hurting anyone. To actually go out of your way to harm them, what would make you want to do that?”

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  • Val

    First, who is the ridiculous person, really? Second, research studies have proven that individuals that harm animals have psychological issues- This story provides proof that the studies have a high level of accuracy.

  • chris

    Moron – this guy has the brain of a slug. Nail him – but good. Let’s jump on him.

  • chris

    Idiot – the brains of a slug