Make Laundry a Treat with This 2-Second Shirt-Folding Technique

By: Josh Wolford - June 13, 2013

I hate laundry. You hate laundry. It’s not that we hate washing our clothes or anything – it’s just the folding part that’s so terrible.

Well, here’s a 2-second shirt-folding tutorial to help. Yep. Two seconds. For faster laundry. Or, you know, you could employ this technique to help out your local clothing store workers. Whatever fold you’re doing when you try on a shirt and attempt to put it back in the shelf – well, it’s not working. It’s actually quite terrible. And they know who you are.

Seriously, it works. And it’s awesome. Lifehack+1.

[via DaveHax]

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  • Chris Richardson

    Mind = blown.

  • bakeca Agrigento


  • Mal

    Cool. But what about long-sleeved shirts – 90% of my shirts have long or 3/4 length sleeves, so this doesn’t save me that much time.

  • Ked

    AWESOME. It really works. U need to practice a little before it works though.

  • Green Iowa Energy

    Still don’t want to do the laundry… :)