Madonna Threatens Fans: She Really Hates Cigarettes

    December 21, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Madonna flipped out on some fans in Chile recently when she realized they were smoking below the stage while she was doing a sound check.

“If you’re gonna smoke cigarettes, I’m not doing a show,” she said. “I’m not kidding. I can’t sing if you smoke, entiendes? If you love me then don’t smoke. No smoking! You’re looking right at me while you’re smoking cigarettes, like I’m a stupid f—ing idiot.”

The fans eventually obliged, and the show went on as scheduled. Wonder what it’s like to be chastised by Madonna?

  • Kevin

    Stupid hag. Maybe everyone should stop going to her concerts since she can’t show up on time. I wouldn’t wait 3 hours to see her. She’s a has been.


    NEW FLASH, MADONNA! YOU ARRRRRRRRRRRRE A STUPID F-ING IDIOT!! I think I am gonna buy a ticket just so I can light up a f-ing cigarette right. in. front. of. you.

  • Brent Rankin

    Seems she forgot where her paychecks come from. Light up, people, and put the fossil into bankruptcy.

    • STEPH



    Cindy Lauper bitched out the audience for smoking, too, at a concert I was at a couple of years ago. And, it was OUTSIDE! LOL….. I also paid $1,000 to meet her and was told THAT WE COULD NOT EVEN SPEAK TO HER – JUST TO TAKE OUR PIC AND LEAVE….. Yeah – I used to idolize her growing up. Funny how just one little bitch moment can change your whole idea of someone……

    • ngoditrust

      I met Cyndi last year & she was lovely. Maybe she was just having a bad day? Celebs are allowed to have a grumpy day just like all of us.

      • RUCK

        @STEPH, sorry to hear what you went through, but you paid $1000 to meet that Bitch?!! wowww I wouldn’t pay ANYTHING to meet ANYONE!!! she’s already rich and treated you like shit. Shoulda thought that through girl, oh well you live, you learn, lol

  • nick

    Funny, that old hag used to smoke!

    • Laura Harrison

      madonna is a disgusting mother, singer and person!

  • ChuckT

    When did she quit smoking? I bet she has inhaled worse things than cigarettes anyway.

  • Brad

    But go ahead and smoke all the pot you want.

  • Amy

    Good for her! Smokers are lame! And they smell like shit

    • superdog

      Madonna, has become, old, tired, and boring.

      • John

        Superdog, you are so right. Thank god there is a whole new generation of trash like Rhianna, Keisha and the likes to entertain us with their faaaabulous talent! I never liked the low road Madonna took to sell herself but she was original.

    • Susantoadieka


  • Kevin

    Madonna has earned the right to make the statement. As a smoker, I would have obliged out of respect!! So @#$% them, if they can’t puff a smoke!!

  • Jane

    In all reality, as a singer I too cannot sing around cigarette smoke. You have to breathe when you sing, it’s something your taught and that you learn , and 2nd hand smoke is so fuking annoying when it goes in your lungs, dries out your throat and screws up the whole vocal process. If you don’t know about this then keep your comments to yourself. At band practice I tell my bandmates the same thing. If your gonna smoke in this room, i’m not gonna sing. I CAN’T sing.

    • ngoditrust

      I hear ya, but see…. Madonna isn’t really a vocalist. She’s a pop tart. There’s a difference.

  • sandy

    I agree, smoking is awful and not for singers. But she could have been polite about it.

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    who cares what that hoe says!

  • Melissa Jonson

    I say let the Madonna-saurus fade away now. That damn fossil is so over.

  • John

    Her comments are mostly edited for outrageous effect. I don’t know she was being unreasonable if smoking affects her vocal chords. The new generation of singers have half her talent and mostly manufactured.

    Those taking cheap shots at her age should be so lucky to live so long.

  • Brian P Keane

    Madonna classic smoke acts with liquid nitogren doesn’t make her sick but a few cigarettes gets her in a trantrum bout..comeon already..

  • bill

    why does she need a sound check for karaoke?

  • larry

    no gigs but MMJ is ok cuz she smokes it herself

    • Sheri

      Is she ok with them smoking joints in the crowd? Probably!

  • K Parks

    What a bitch. Her own daughter smokes we’ve all seen the pictures. She is in a precarious position career wise so she really should be glad people are going to her concerts whether they smoke or not

  • Too Mean Green

    Madonna! Just who the hell do you think you are the Pope or Rob Reiner, You can’t tell anyone not to smoke! I wish I were there first I’d straighten out your body guards and then put you over my knee all the while smoking a Dubie, now now what da ya think about that?

    • Tami

      I dare you! hahahaha…

  • brittany


  • Rumraisinful

    Go Madonna! Smoking is disgusting and there are a lot of people who’s lungs are negatively affect by the stink. I know many singers who can’t be around smoke when they sing. It’s her concert. It’s her right to demand a smoke-free environment. It amazes me in this day and age that people are so stupid they smoke. Drug addicts are scum.

  • Vance

    Since when did Madonna or should I call her premadonna all of a sudden become the spokesperson for the anti-smoking regime. I remember plenty of videos with her in skanky outfits smoking away. My how the times change.

  • nicci

    BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, Quit trying to control everybody’s life, Than don’t sing B#%*%

  • Pitter

    I agree with Madonna. I am very allergic to second hand smoke. Even sitting beside a smoker in a non smoking environment and smelling their clothing sets off my coughing.I have come down with an attack of pneumonia when I could not get a non smoking room at a hotel.Just the smell from the carpets and drapes made it unbearable.

  • Pitter

    The smell of cigarette smoke is the most disgusting smell. I would rather smell a garbage dump than a smoker.

  • http://extremepowersportssa.com scottajones

    I once started a job and would pick-up a co-worker on the way to work. I alway’s smoke in my car but out of respect I didn’t smoke while i had passengers, this guy rode in my truck every day for two weeks with no caughing or any sighn of discomfort. We worked in seperate sections of the wharehouse so when I would take smoke breaks he never saw me. One day he happened to walk by while I was smoking and was surprised he said” I didn’t know you smoke I’m deathly allergic to smoke and while talking to me started caughing. That afternoon while taking him home he started caughing in the car saying the smell was just too much so I pulled over and said GET OUT! The fact it never bothered him before told me all I needed to know It’s in your head people. I would understand if I was smoking in front of him but residual smoke smell I don’t buy and if you do I have a bridge in brooklyn for sale!

  • Mike

    I don’t blame her for the threat, but she should atleast respect them enough to have asked them to move away from the stage…. I smoked for 20 years…. it was MY choice. NOT anyone else’s. the one thing I truly hated about it was some non-smoker would come up to me, while smoking outside or someplace I could smoke start talking to me and then have the nerve to complain about me smoking near them. I usually just looked at them and say, did you see me smoking before you came up to me? if they responded yes, then I asked why in the f’ing hell did you come up to me then?
    now all I see is down with smokers…. they all should quit. Now you can’t even smoke outside in some places… WTF is that? In some ways that can be considered discrimination… but wait… this society of ours doesn’t like discrimination of any kind. except for anything dealing with a person’s choice in the bedroom in the privacy of their own home….. what a person puts into their OWN body. or who they choose to worship.
    perhaps this Mayan doomsday prediction should have actually happened today. the world might be better off then.

  • Doreen

    Smoking cigarettes should be outlawed and illegal PERIOD!!! I’m with you Madonna!!! You go girl and tell em to all go to hell if they don’t stop smoking. I’m one of the worst kinds of reformed smokers and I too HATE cigarette smoke more than anything in the world!!!! I get mad if someone in the car next to me smokes with their window down and the smoke drifts over to my car…it makes me want to go postal…smoking is a disgusting dirty habit and as far as I’m concerned ALL SMOKERS can drop dead!

    • http://Yahoo scott

      you sure have one thing right…you are the worst!!!!!

    • ER


    • Joe

      I don’t smoke but you sure soun like a dumb Fcking Idiot, and so is Madonna… And those idiots smoking are stupid too for going to Madonna concert,

  • angie

    Cindy Laupe and Madonna i can understand what they are saying about smoking i am a smoking for a long time but they can ask if we are smoking please do not smoke that would be fine with me i can wait in tell the concet is over with i can wait for a long time to smoke

  • http://yahoo betty

    Madonna needs a reality check! She’s old enough to be someone’s great grandmother! She looks good for 54 years old, but when she dresses like a 20 something, she looks older than dirt. And stamding mext to her boyfriend, she definitely looks like his mom. Take a cue from Rod Stewart – grow older gracefully amd change up your performances accordingly. So much more attractive.

  • rkb 7377

    how can she say anything she smokes or did

  • Jim in Saigon

    “Control freaks” are typically people who have their own psychological issues.

    The theaters Madge performs in do not allow smoking. It is the responsibility of theater management to enforce its rules.

    Madge should be grateful anyone would actually pay money to see her perform. If I want to get smart-mouthed by a vile-tempered she-devil, can always call my ex-wife.

  • Daniel Curtis

    Good for her. I don’t want that crap in my lungs either — she was totally right IMO.

  • http://naturalhandcraftedsoap.com Natural Handcrafted Soap

    Madonna ? Who ? lol people still pay for this crappy

  • David

    THAT’S NOT IT!!!
    She also made chileans wait for her for three hours, and made only one hour of the show!!!!!!

  • Nat

    As a Chilean-American, I believe Madonna’s comments to be quite disrespectful. “To each its own, says the old maid as she kisses the cow.”

    Find a more respectful way to illicit favors from your fans, Madonna.

  • B. Johnson

    If you got ’em, smoke ’em ! Finally a good reason to smoke!