Madonna Booed For Endorsing Obama During Concert

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Madonna is more than likely used to having her say and getting her way, so when she urged concert-goers to vote for Obama recently and was promptly booed for her efforts, it must have come as something of a shock.

The Material Girl was in New Orleans for her MDNA tour when she took a break between songs to talk politics.

“Who’s registered to vote?” she asked. “I don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama.”

She was quickly booed by a large chunk of her fans, and several people actually walked out. While she was quick to try and smooth things over, the angered fans weren’t having it, so it’s hard to say whether she’ll be welcome back there again.

“Seriously, I don’t care who you vote for,” she amended. “Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote.”

The story quickly made rounds on Twitter as people voiced their opinions on whether Madonna should just perform and not use the stage as a platform for anything else.

Madonna Booed For Endorsing Obama During Concert
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  • Peter O

    Seems kinda messed up…Madonna can talk about politics ata concert and just get bood…but let the DIXIE CHICKS say the TRUTH about bush, and they get blackballed!! Something about this picture don’t seem right!!!

    • Chuck

      Peter, what TRUTH about Bush. They, Natalie Manes, said she was embarassed to be from Texas the home state of George Bush. She said it to an audience in Europe. Then, when country music stations and fans began to boycot their music (which is as much their right as it was for Manes to speak her mind) Manes said she really didn’t care what a bunch of rednecks thought of her. Good job of cutting off your nose to spite your face Natalie. This is what happens when you try to use your platform for a political forum. Why would I spend my money to support someone with opposing views? Just because the audience is there, doesn’t mean they share your opinions. In the case of the Dixie Chix, they should have known their fans didn’t share their views and when they insulted the fans on top of it, what did they think would happen? I loved their music, but when Manes said she didn’t care what I thought, good ridence.

  • http://YAHOO Promise

    I do believe in freedom of speech and I do believe she took the platform to speak about her views ,but people are going to vote for who they believe in based upon their own values. Some will vote because of skin color and some will vote because of how much they will be affected monetarily. We all I feel are feeling the backlash of the Bush error. The mess we are in now is catastrophic. We need to really look around and research the facts. People speak out of anger and some are so burned up and nasty inside it comes out in their words. If you don’t know JESUS you better get to know him. All is coming true before our eyes if you are a follower of Christ. So who’s right and Who’s wrong ? We shall see in the end!

    • James

      Finally, a true and honest from the heart comment. Amen to you!

  • S

    Didn’t anyone learn anything from the Dixie Chicks’ fiasco a few years ago? Never discuss politics with your audience!

  • Tommy

    I don’t want to hear a word when the next storm comes, if Romney is president, and he lets their city be destroyed..AGAIN. They will TRULY deserve what they get…

  • Ray

    I would of booed her cause her music sucks.

    • James

      Thats just your opinion – the woman has shown numerous times (as well as at the Academy Awards), that she can sing pretty darn well. As well as she is the 4th greatest selling artist in history, so to say that her music sucks seems like you are really in the minority on this issue.

    • Fiona

      Is that your only contribution Ray?

  • michael

    Elvis was a class act, when it came to this sort of thing. When asked by a reporter, during his “aloha from hawaii concert” how he felt about draft dodgers, and whould HE himself refuse to serve in the war if he were drafted. His reply was something like, “i’m an entertainer, and would rather keep my personal views to myself and not say.” the reporter followed up with “do you think other entertainers should keep their views to themself?” He smiled, and said “No.” Madonna, people paid top dollar to hear you sing…not to hear you preach how we should get out and vote, and certainly not to be told to vote for YOUR candidate.

    • http://yahoo bessie kenney

      oh how people can come up to blame romney for things when he is not president yet. like if he was president their towns would be destroyed. so romney hater. you know im sure he would be better than obama with help in the clean up for our country would be on budget for this disaster. were now after 4 years our country has to borrow to pay its bills . what a disgrace the red cross needs to get some tax dollars every year because them and our churches does it best. the goverment has all th red tape to deal with in disasters. the help is too slow. and here we have to borrow money from china the thief of america patents. you know this makes our country look weak. and look what happened to bengazi our great ambassador had one man and one guard to protect him from rovcket propelled gernaded and diesel fuel burning the property of americans down around mr stevens and our goverment did not turn a hand to help. that is a disgrace. and told them to stand down after the 3 calls for emergency help. that they were being attacked. and these two brave seals went out and gave their lives to save 14 aides in the compound but mr stephens and the other two heroes and the other aid lost their own lives trying to save these brave americans. we send people in harms way but our president and secretary of state stands at a podium and tells a lie about the whole thing blaming a video and she tells one of the family oh we are going to arrest the video maker for your sons death and he will be arrested and thats exactly what they did. and to have candy crawly telling a lie with obamas what a dam joke our news media is . they all are is best campaign for him if you will see what they say as truth. i dont rust the news how can we they are very bias toward one party. watch you will see but i dont listen to them for news.

    • Fiona

      Er things change! In those days diplomacy was more important to your career!!!

  • http://yahoo.com ruben

    madonna, no one likes obama only black people do, but they don’t know anything, and it seems like you don’t either obama is the wrong way romney is the right way

    • queen

      First you need to grow up and get a life what yr do u live in you only see color you piece of shit you will never make it in life what that trash talk sorry your fam wasent there for you get a life ass-hole…Obama 2012 and beyond….

    • Fiona

      Ruben, I like Obama, I loathe Romney’s smug attitude and lies. Last time I looked my skin was still white! Madonna is white too Wow! So bin your comment , generalisations are dangerous fodder!!!

  • Arthur Baisley

    Now Madonna is a failure ar two things.

    • Fiona

      Yeah right!!!! I wonder what determines failure in your eyes? Madonna is the one laughing!

  • Fiona

    Booed by a ‘large chunk of her audience’? My dear woman did you watch the actual footage on YouTube before writing this? You can hardly hear the boos for cheers and they quickly subside (after around 15 secs of footage). Madonna laughs immediately after saying ‘as long as you vote Obama’ and then says her bit about not caring who it is as long as they vote. Madonna is in fact very self-deprecating and the audience were joining in the fun. Like many others this account is just a regurgitation. I would have had some respect if you’d written about actual events. Anyway people can make up their own minds by watching the footage ‘Madonna booed at New Orleans concert’! Don’t watch the footage by eDailyNews as it’s fake ( filmed in Paris at another event attended by paid-for Le Pen activists!

  • Old Man

    Hey Reuben: That’s the best advertisement I’ve seen for OBAMA yet!!

    Hey Fiona: Right!! All the way to the bank!!!

  • Red

    Ahh, so your employer can tell you how to vote but your entertainer can not?
    I tried booing my boss…. let me tell you, that did not work so well.

    But Romney says he should tell me how to vote. Only then he will send my job to China.

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