Madonna Booed For Endorsing Obama During Concert

    October 30, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Madonna is more than likely used to having her say and getting her way, so when she urged concert-goers to vote for Obama recently and was promptly booed for her efforts, it must have come as something of a shock.

The Material Girl was in New Orleans for her MDNA tour when she took a break between songs to talk politics.

“Who’s registered to vote?” she asked. “I don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama.”

She was quickly booed by a large chunk of her fans, and several people actually walked out. While she was quick to try and smooth things over, the angered fans weren’t having it, so it’s hard to say whether she’ll be welcome back there again.

“Seriously, I don’t care who you vote for,” she amended. “Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote.”

The story quickly made rounds on Twitter as people voiced their opinions on whether Madonna should just perform and not use the stage as a platform for anything else.

  • PhilC

    Lets not worry of what Madonna says, let worry more of what the Pres says and does on our falling economy, we emphasize on the small matters, its her freedom of speech to say as she likes, its our responsibility to find a person to run this country that can get us out of this economomic mess.

    • SteveR

      Well, Romney is NOT THE ONE to turn the Economy around, with most of his wealth hidden in off-shore accounts. Romney does NOT BELIEVE IN AMERICA, or at least he doesn’t care about 47% of Americans. He will not reveal his Tax Returns, because then we would all see the truth that he does NOT pay his fair share of taxes. He claims to be a Christian but his ads, speeches, and debates are filled with LIES and Half-TRUTHS. Even his church is hidden behind closed doors that if you are NOT a Mormon YOU can NOT attend. We can worship in just about any church in the country, but NOT the Mormon (HIDDEN RELIGON) Temple. No my friends, this candidate (mitt Romney) will STEAL from the poor only to line his pockets and the pockets of his RICH friends. If he is elected, the fall that this GREAT country will take will be passed on to our children’s’ children.

      • krista

        Where have you been? Haven’t you noticed we are falling already and passing the debt onto our children’s children???

        • TfromtheD

          I’m a machinist and draftsman from Detroit. I have a job with actual intrinsic value not like people who create nothing and destroy peoples hard earned investments. From my perspective things are slowly getting better.Four years is not enough to pull us out of the republican clusterF that was left for Obama.If a repulican had been elected agian in 08′ many more jobs would have gone overseas and Romney loves that s@#!. We can’t fix overwhelming greed but the parasites that take take take, should have a wake up call.

      • Brian

        What are yu talking about off-shore….are you an Idoit half of congress has off shore accounts…it has to do with safty you idoit…

      • lORRAINE

        What the heck have you been drining…at least Romney has a brain & knows how to use it. He has succeeded in bringing things to order in other areas its proven….Obama has taken us to the cleaners in all ways & puts us in danger as a country. Those men at Bengazi did NOT need to die either. Id trust Romney(no runner has ever been perfect) before I give Obama another chance to totally anihilate the America as we know it. Get educated on your facts.

        • temwa matambanadzo

          STFU and stop imposing your views on others. why is it that you republicans always think that we are voting for Obama because we don’t know our facts? has it occurred to you that we think the same about you idiots. You just can’t stand to see a smart well spoken black men in power. admit it!! well we will never see eye to eye on this. we know the truth so you won’t convince us otherwise. you have tried to undermine Obama from the get go. and still he stands. you morons

          • sick of it all

            You sound like such a sweet person!

          • Vin

            Preeeettty sure temwa’s only all up in Obama’s nuts because he’s black. Yeah…pretty sure…

          • Vin

            Yeah, preeeetttty sure the only reason temwa’s all up in Obama’s nuts is because he’s a black man. Yep, pretty sure…

  • bicyclekay

    Did any of you ponder that the booers wanted to vote for Jill Stein–not the fascist Mitt Romney? Why do you jump to the conclusion that because people watching a perverted hag jumping on stage wanted to vote for Romney? Then again most of the anti-gay crowd are closet gays anyway.



    • Patrick Oliver

      You must be a Christian? Please do not say, “For all we care” because you have not been appointed our representative. Also, Madonna lives with herself just like the rest of us do…one day at a time. You act as if you are perfect and have done nothing wrong in your life. I guess Madonna does have one thing over you because she will be remembered.

      • sick of it all

        I think what Alexandra was trying to say is Madonna has not set a good example for others to follow. It is all part of trying to push the envelope. Madonna wants to take it past the limit. I don’t understand why Madonna is trying to tell people who to vote for President, she doesn’t even claim the United Stated anymore.

    • melisa

      Whoa. You need to take it off of caps lock and calm down a little.

    • Tony

      Hmmmm half her audience was republican (booed for Obama) and the other half democrat (chanting Obama). I guess both sides of the political isle are fascinated by Madonna’s sick ways!

    • TfromtheD

      You forgot “Burn the witch, burn the witch!”.Luckily people like you serve a purpose; to keep up the ratings on Honey Boo-Boo.

  • DeeDee

    I’m so sick of politics at this point. I’m guessing that a lot of people went to see her do a show. You know, that’s primarily why you go to a concert. If you want to hear a voting message, you go to a rally, not a concert. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say “I can’t wait till this election nonsense is over!” It’s not that the ELECTION PROCESS is nonsense – that’s something we should take seriously. It’s the media mudslinging, constant email flying, in-your-face 24/7 election related crap that is non-sense. Hollywood types – you’re great and talented actors/musicians/writers/etc…we would like to appreciate you for those talents. If you want to get into politics, run for office.

    • temwa matambanadzo

      Speak for yourself you ignorant son of gun! we all still like Madonna, and when she dies. she will be remembered while you will be forgotten. so STFU. you are just mad she said vote for Obama and not Romney…. LOOSER!

      • sick of i tall

        Nice, does your Mommy know you talk like that?

        • temwa matambanadzo

          No she doesn’t, now STFU

          • sick of it all

            God Bless you! I hope you learn to forgive and lose all those racist feelings.


    Hey Madonna, You have no talents in politics! or anywhere. No one likes you anymore. boo

    • temwa matambanadzo

      Speak for yourself you ignorant son of gun! we all still like Madonna, and when she dies. she will be remembered while you will be forgotten. so STFU. you are just mad she said vote for Obama and not Romney…. LOOSER!

      • Vin

        Yeah, ALEXANDRA…you’re just mad because you’re a “LOOSER”! I mean, really? Looser????

  • mwallek

    yesterdays starlet is waxing vapid and insignificant

  • coffeeaugur

    Why is this a surprise? … the only ones left in New Orleans after Katrina are the wealthy racist bigots.

    • Mike G

      So if you don’t like Odummy then you are racist? That in itself is a racist statment. Coffeeaugur you are a moron.

      • temwa matambanadzo

        Odummy really? you guys have tried to undermine Obama since day one and still he stands. It’s got to make you so angry I see. Admit it, you all are mad because Madonna said Obama and not Romney. Now I am guessing that the few that booed and walked out were for the old dumb baboon called Romney? Okay shocker!! Has it occurred to you guys that this is a free country with free speech and therefore Madonna can say what she wants at anytime? get over it! you are just mad because she said Obama. if she said Romney, we wouldn’t be having this ridiculous conversation right now. get over yourselves. bullies

        • Robb

          You’re correct.
          Free speech means she can say what she did.
          But, free speech also means:
          – The crowd can boo her and walk out.
          – This website can publish an article reporting what happened, and
          – Responders can call her out on not giving her audience what they came for, but instead a tired attempt at being political.

          I find it very interesting how liberals are all for free speech when it suits them, but are the first ones to try to take it away from others when it doesn’t. Liberal is such an incorrect description for these narrow-minded people…

    • Robb

      New Orleans, in 2012:
      Black or African American 325947 67.25%

      So, coffeeaugur, either you are a complete moron, or you are saying that the wealthy racist bigots in New Orleans are black.

      Which one is it?

      You are an embarrassment to the human race.

    • jeter R smith

      coffeeaugur has probably never been to new orleans. What the f do you know. Unless you were at the essence festival looking for some same sex.

    • http://yahoo Brock

      Ok. So what’s the problem.

  • Cynthia

    I think she should of kept it to her self. And wow what a conversation. Shes rich, she dosent have to care or worry about who runs this country.

  • Dean Wilson

    When celebrities want to endorse a politician it should be done at an event that that politician is speaking at, or a commercial on tv or radio. When people pay to see a performance, that’s what they want to see and hear. By doing what she did she not only alienated herself from her fans, she also alienated people from Obama. Which, I personally appreciate, because he had his chance and blew it. Romney/Ryan in 2012!!

  • I Hate Cans

    Speaking as a democrat, and as an American, I REALLY wish people would shut up about politics.

    Just because you can act, sing, dance, shoot a basketball, look good on a magazine cover, or sell chicken sandwiches, does NOT make you any more of an expert on politics then the rest of us. Give it a rest and do your job. Make a movie, win a baseball game, sell me something. Don’t f’ing tell me who to vote for.

    • sunshine

      Awesome response! I agree.

    • mlewis

      And being a “businessman” is equally unqualifying for politics or governing our nation.

  • Robb

    When talent is lacking, go for shock.

    That has been her motto for many years now, from the swastika superimposed on the politician’s head in Europe, or using a handgun in Colorado soon after the movie theater shooting.

    I’m proud to know people actually walked out on her concert after she decided to turn it into a political campaign, but I am surprised there are any reasonable-thinking people still attending her concerts…

  • bill tgomp

    Madonna had 100% of the audience until she mentioned Obama. Then
    she lost more than half of the audience.

    • bill tomp

      you spelled my name wrong

      • temwa matambanadzo

        let’s not get it twisted here, she lost some of her audience who were Romney’s fans and could not take the fact that Madonna is smart enough to see through all the bullshit.

        • http://yahoo.com GPink

          Madonna is pathetic, all she does is want attention, get a life, you’re old and no one cares. Romney will win.

    • jess

      madonna tell these witches to go to ell 7& kiss your ???? Obama will win and these racist will be sick.
      Go lady go

      • Gary Milstead

        jess,why is it that Dems. always call people racist[which is ignorant] to get their point across. Calling people names that have been used to neaseum for decades is old and tired and does not work anymore.The people who do this old and tired method could very well be what they are calling a person.Try using some intellagence to win your arguement ,not old methods and hate. Everyone can see right through that.

  • mk

    here os what I think:
    1) it is great that celebrities use their platform to push for what they beleivm whether it’s Madonna or Springsteen advocating Obama, Dennis Miller otherwise, or anyone else.
    2) if you don’t like their views, you don’t have to spend $ to see/hear them, buy their records, etc.
    3) however, I agree they should not use the captive forum of a paid performance to espouse those views. But if they do, don’t listen for the 2 minutes they use to do so.
    but mostly: VOTE..it’s your one chance to be heard.

    and finally: I don’t like Madonna’s music much either but no cause for all the anger here. really!

  • jeter R smith

    What is fair share SteveR? Lets assume he made 100,000,000.00. 10% is more than your ingnorant a** will pay in a lifetime. Outta here, to many stupid people for me.

  • General Electric’s BIG DOG

    That is awesome that people walked out and booed. I have no problem with Madonna’s music but leave politics out of it when people pay to hear you sing. We’ll see how this affects her in future concert sales.

  • ScottTN

    Wow, there are still people willing to pay to see madonna? Are they trapped in the ’80s? Don’t boo, just don’t waste money on a ticket in the first place. Instead, donate the money to charity — even madonna can’t argue with that!

    • http://yahoo Brock

      I didn’t realize you could purchase concert tickets with your well-fare card. Heck, one half should have been thanking the other half for treating them to a free show.

      • TfromtheD

        well with your IQ I’m sure you have a valid point on the topic of “WElFARE” and not so much with whatever well-fare is.

        • Vin

          Of course, “WEIFARE” is reserved for people like TfromtheD…you know, the higher IQ’s. If you’re going to dog on someone for their grammar, spelling, or even typing, shouldn’t you know how to do it yourself? Idiot.

          • TfromtheD

            Never been on welfare Vin but you can’t truly believe what Dale was saying.

      • temwa matambanadzo

        Well fare checks? do you know how stupid you sound? which trailer park do you belong to trick?

        • just sayin

          Why must you put someone down in order to make a point?

          • DALE


  • News_Master

    When will these celebrities learn that the “people” don’t appreciate using their celebrity for political purposes. Just shut-up and sing you old used up hag.

  • Wayne

    Flip Flop Romney and Lying Ryan if those two get in office, we have problems

    • sonjawills

      Wake up Wayne…..you think we don’t have serious problems NOW!!!

      • DALE

        So Wayne your saying you would rather have a guy who went to a hate church and wanted to place a Muslim Mosque at the twin towers to help the terrorist proclaim their sick act? What’s wrong with you?

        • TfromtheD

          1 the mosque wasnt at ground zero
          2 Obama wasnt building the thing
          3 Freedom of religion wasnt lost that day
          4 It was an independant entrepreneur.
          So you can’t stand freedom or business that is a weird for a tea bagger.

  • kelly long

    madonna is an old worn out tramp. obama deserves her. he`s a bold faced liar that we need to get out of office. save this country.
    vote romney.

    • temwa matambanadzo


    • Riley

      Negative much?

  • temwa matambanadzo

    Ryan can’t even tell the truth about a simple marathon and writing letters to ask for the stimulus money, how do you trust someone like that. Romney is just a power hungry fool that will do anything to gain power…. and that includes lying and stepping over people. there you have it!! the American people are smarter than that

    • Rose

      @temwa – Where did you get your info? Sounds like typical liberal drivel. Obama and the mindless liberal media have painted a picture of Romney as being wealthy and out of touch with the “common folk.” What a lame personification of him. Wouldn’t his experience as a successful businessman and governor add to his qualifications for running this country, which is akin to running a business? How does his success make him “out of touch” with the common people? He WORKS for the common people. It wouldn’t be wise for someone with a $30,000 a year job running this country! They obviously wouldn’t have the skills that it takes. People need to put some thought into the drivel the media puts out about the candidates. It’s easy to accuse anyone in high places of being “power hungry.” What you base that on, concerning Romney, is the question. It’s a completely mindless, baseless accusation.

      • TfromtheD

        So if your born a rich kid with everthing handed to you your more intelligent.Hmm most rich kids I’ve met havent been very bright cause they never had to be.

  • Patricia Hefner

    Doesn’t surprise me.

  • Patricia Hefner

    It doesn’t surprise me the endorsement.

  • Patrick McCarthy

    23 million people unemployed, the USA borrowing $4 billion a day, and Madonna says vote for Obama? No wonder she got booed. I pray for the president—that he doesn’t get elected to a 2nd term.

    • Emrldisle

      hmmmmmmmmmmmmm not to bum you out but please look further than you little mind has………Recession, unpaid wars, uncooperative congress…blah blah blah…etc…etc……

      Easy to point fingers when you enthusiastically gobble up the useless limited chatter aimed specifically at little minds like yours…. have a great day :)

      • DALE

        Emrldisle your such a low life DICK!!!!

        • TfromtheD

          Wow your argument is truly impresive

          • Vin

            And so is your spelling.

  • Steemin

    My fiance said Madonna did the same at her DC concert. The difference there being the concert goers were overwhelmingly gay men, so she got cheered instead of booed.

  • JOE

    Who sees Madrama in concert, really? What are you 14 yrs old?

    If she performed in NJ, her live tracks would be out of sync with her lip syncing.

  • Bob

    Madonna is a pop star idiot. Plain and simple. Shut up and sing your stupid organ grinder tunes, monkey girl.

  • Dionna

    Yeah, she did the same thing at her Paris Bastille Day concert. Saying it wasn’t a coincidence that she scheduled her concert for that day and took the opportunity to go on a 10-15 ‘rant’ on the French government and showing pictures of a former French president with a Hitler mustache during one of her songs. The French headlines the next day said she was going to be sued by the French government for ‘defamation’ and not allowed back into the country. But just before I left, I read that she was adding a new date the following week, minus the offending song. I wanted to see her perform, not hear her take on French politics.

  • Eric

    I hope ” The Boss” Bruce Springsteen, gets booed for his support of Obama too! I’ll never buy, or listen to their music again.

  • May

    how do you people know Romney won’t make mistakes. What makes you think he can turn this country around. Is he not human as well? No one person can change our country. Look how many people it took to mess it up.. It was WAY messed up before Obama took office. So what makes you think Romney can fix it? Just asking!

    • Rose

      @May – No one is saying Romney is perfect or won’t make any “mistakes.” All presidents do. That’s not the point. The point is that what we have now is a big mistake. He is making one blunder after another. Just about anything is better than what we have in office now. It’s time to give someone else a chance to attempt to turn things around because the direction we are headed, with the leadership (or lack thereof) that we have now, is not good.

    • Riley

      Not to mention that fact that he has not been consistent on a single subject and has not come up with a concrete plan to turn around the economy or unemployment. This year has been ridiculous and all the nutters are coming out of the woodwork.

    • TfromtheD

      Nope not human or humane. Since all those scrambling idiots wanted to see the president’s birth certificate I want to see Romney’s UPC code and manufacturing date. You republicans should know what his shelf life is, if he’s elected.

    • Bill

      I’m not sure if Romney can turn it around but based on his business experience I believe he deserves a chance. Obama has had four years to “turn it around” and he has done nothing but get us in deeper debt and grown our un-employment lines. Obama’s policies have and are killing our economy. I don’t even want to think about the cost of Obamacare and the jobs it has killed let alone the cost to Social Security.

      • TfromtheD

        What jobs has it killed, what’s the cost to social security. I love it when Reps pull stuff out of their a@#.

        • Vin

          And I love it when idiots don’t see the trillions of dollars MORE that this country is in the hole since he took over, and the unemployment rate high, and businesses going under, and gas prices, and the amount of people on government assistance, and my utility bills, and my taxes higher than ever, and…do I really need to go on? Oh, and I didn’t pull any of it “out of my a@#”…it’s fact.

          • TfromtheD

            My taxes are lower unemployment is lower depending on what poll you read of coarse, business’s send stuff overseas and make profit for a few by doing it.The debt would have built up no matter what and many people with deep pockets would have made even deeper pockets dissmanteling companies(ala Romney). Gas got up and passed the 4doller mark during the Bush years if you can remember that far back. So go on with your bad self.

          • TfromtheD

            “And so is your spelling” is very poor grammer Vin I’m diSahpoiNtD

  • David

    This just goes to show how exaggerated articles are, i was at that concert and there was more cheers then booing, but that will always stick out cause the booing was the minority and that is what makes news.

    • just sayin

      maye but i was at the houston show and she was booed loudly, despite the mostly gay crowd. has nothing to do with who she is voting for, we just dont give a crap! sing and entertain me, give me my $400 worth. freedom of speech so therefor freedom to boo her too!

      • Vin

        You paid $400 to see MADONNA???? YOU should be booed!! BOOOO!!!!

  • Kim

    If Mega churches tell their flock who to vote for, (Seperation of church and state) people don’t have an issue with that, so what is the problem with Madonna doing the same thing? In the end you will vote for who you want to vote for. Unless you are controlled by your pasture. It’s a pulpit not a soapbox.

    • Debbie Miles

      How does a pasture control anything but the weight and condition of the herds grazing there?

      • TfromtheD


      • CJ

        Do you think Kim understood that, Debbie?

      • Vin

        Hah! Awesome, Debbie. Hilarious…

      • S

        Awesome. Most of communication is ensuring that the recipient understands your intent and isn’t affected by needless distractions like misspellings.

        As for the issue at hand, do you go to concerts for the lectures or to political rallies for the music?

    • sick of it all

      Musical acts and I use that term loosley, are paid to perform and not spew their opinion to the world. We don’t care what they think!

      • James

        Yes, they have every right to……. just as any human being should.

    • sick of it all

      Why would Madonna care, she talks with a fake accent and doesn’t live in the United States?

      • James

        Why would Madonna care? Because she is a human being you stupid bitch! And whether she lives in the Unites States at the moment or doesnt (which she does), should not be a concern because she is an American Citizen.

    • http://yahoo dorothy o

      There is no separation of Church & state–not in the constitution. If you have read it. Our country was

      • TfromtheD

        Boy Dororthy your 0 for 2. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” U.S. Constitution 1st Amendment.I don’t know what consitution you were referring to,not America’s

    • CM

      Madonna (like a pastor or the Dixie Chicks) have a right to say whatever they choose. Her patrons (like those that sit in a congregation or buy her concert tickets) have a right to walk out or boo her if they so choose. People can vote with their wallet!! Ask the Dixie Chicks, who went from the top of the world to nonexistent because of “Free Speech”, you can say what you want and the people have the right to tell you to shove it!

      • TfromtheD

        I like it CM

  • Kristi D.

    You know I’m acutally an Obama supporter, but when I pay to go see a concert I am not particularly interested in hearing the singer’s political views. Now if she just wanted to say go rock the vote fine. But anything beyond that no. Get back to what you’re paid to do-entertain.

    • sick of it all

      Well said.

  • Kim

    Sorry pastor you know.

  • CounterMeasures

    In 2008 the American voters were “like a virgin” as they were seduced by Obama and elected him. We’ve since wised up to him and the Dems EDS (Elect Dems Syndrome) and will use the ballot box on November 6th as a metaphoric condom to protect America from suffering from what could be called an incurable STD (Second Term Disease.) On November 6th please practice safe voting and vote against Obama, the “empty chair candidate.”

    • sick of it all

      What we need is for everyone to vote out every incumbant no matter what level.

      • TfromtheD

        I have a tendency to agree with you for the most part (Absolute power and all that) but I think the stakes are too high to let Romney and his cronies cornhole the majority of American’s

    • mb

      funny,STD second term disease

  • kenny

    Ha Madonna is scum does she even live in the united states anymore, I think she should be tried for treason shes a trader, she seems to rant about issues here in the states,I thought she moved to britian or somewhere else Madonna needs to shut her stank hole and keep her rich and privlaged comments to her self. After all shes so screwed up from whatever she was doing in the 80’s and 90’s and whom she was doing it with has she ever had a aids test.

    • James

      By the way, what universe are you from?! You are basically saying that if a person doesnt live in the United States although they were born here, that person is a trader and scum – Do you even realize how stupid that MAKES YOU to say that about anyone? No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are stupid and immature.

      • Trish

        James, Quiet down and practice using your mind more logically….if you still have one.

        • James

          I dont have to quite down – I am defending what I believe in. That is my right just as it is yours.

    • Fiona

      Kenny you are so misinformed!


    I can assure the AMERICAN public if Romney becomes President the lower and middle class might jut as well climb into a hole. I have worked for over 40 yrs. and I know if Romey gets in social security as we know it right now will not be available in it’s present state. If you are wealthy why wouldn’t you vote for Romney, many tax cuts are given to the wealthy, if you are in the middle class making less than &150,00 per year and vote for Romney you are nothing but a fool…

    • Elaine

      Mary Ann, I disagree. I only make $50,000 a year and I am definitely voting for Romney. Obama should have never been elected in the first place.

    • ralph fabiano

      it’s to bad you don’t live in the real world, if you want socialisum, move to europe.

  • http://yahoo dorothy o

    Too little too late–for all the Americans who lost thier jobs/homes and are now being forced to pay for health insurance–NO WAY!
    Highest gas prices–when we subsidises oil companies &
    NOW the Muslim Brotherhood with 2.1 Billion dollars of our tax $$.
    Enough is Enough—Socialism does not work! No Bama! NO MORE YEARS!!

    • TfromtheD

      Oh jeez, another person who doesn’t know what socialism is.
      Police Depts.-socialism
      Fire Depts.-socialism
      public schools-socialism
      labor unions-socialism
      unemployment benefits-socialism
      The list goes on and on America has been using socialistic hybrid for a very long time.

      • Tommy

        All heavy industry-Socialism
        In fact, all means of production..as usual, some Romney supporter that has no idea of what he speaks..

        MORONS for ROMNEY 2012!

  • Kitty

    Why is this old ho still in the news?? She should have been put out to pasture years ago.

    • James

      Screw you with your nasty hateful comment – go eat a ding-dong you lazy fat and jealous bitch.

      • chris

        She has looooong been irrelevant. Let the skank slither back to France.

        • James

          Maybe in your opinion, but to Millions of others she is very relevant. So what was your point again?

      • Tracey

        LMAO, James! You tell her.

        • TraceysASkank

          Bet you’re from Texas, Tracey.

          • James

            So what if she is from Texas – Does that make her a bad person? Texas is a great state.

          • Tommy

            You are a truly strange individual…get a life, loser

          • James

            Why, because I am taking up for Madonna and think she doesnt deserve the horrible nasty comments that some are saying? That was a lame comment Tommy…try again.

      • James Henry

        I have a comment for ya BUD !!! I would rather wear Oprah’s Panties like a ski mask than go to a Madonna concert.She is a has been anyway and has to pull crap to get in the news. By the way she is wanted. Yaeh running from the law HA HA HA

        • James

          haha, your comment was pathetic. Good try though.

    • Fiona

      Sad that you have only insults to offer rather than making any valid point!

  • Sandra

    Madonna has a right to voice her opinion. But I sometimes wish the celebrities would keep their choices to themselves because if they’re for someone you’re against, you tend to lose the feelings you once held for them.

  • http://yahoo Riick

    We all know the Springsteen is supporting Obama, but he does not do when he is on stage performing. He did’nt even do it while in Chicago.

    • Fiona

      His choice! It’s a free country!

  • The Boxing Guru

    Hope & Change?

    • Bart Biddle

      Yes and apparently, you’ve had too many shots to the head. You’re down for the count.

  • Fed Up

    It doesn’t matter who you vote for. Both men are imperfect and unable to fix any of the issues happening today. The end of this system of things is here and VERY soon God is going to step in and end all of this suffering. GODS KINGDOM with his son ruling as king, is the only permanent solution to solve mankind’s problems. Get right with God and listen to the truth. Daniel 2:44

    • True Follower

      Thanks for the comment.

  • True Follower

    You heard Religion and Politics don’t Mix….scriptural proof. Rev.17:1,2 Speaks of the Harlot (False Religion) who fornicates (spiritual fornication) with the kings of the earth (Political Elements.) The bible warns for those that belong to God to “GET OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE” REV 18:4

    When Christ was on earth they tried to make him king but he fled to the mountains and said, This his Kingdom is no part of this world. His true followers (apostles/disciples) he said in Prayer to his father they too are no part of the world. Jesus is a King. He is ruling from heaven NOW. THE SIGN of (HIS PRESENCE AND THE CONCLUSION OF THIS SYSTEM OF THINGS ARE BEING SEEN NOW) That is why he told us to pray for God’s Kingdom to come on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN, in the Lord’s Prayer. Because it is a LITERAL GOVERNMENT where righteousness is to rule…Daniel 2:44 (No homeless, Starvation, Wars, Violence…TRUE PEACE AND SECURITY will come by means of JEHOVAH GOD NOT MAN.

    So who’s Suppose to VOTE…those who do not belong to GOD..why All the kingdoms/Govenments of this world belongs to Satan they are in his control. So no matter who is put in office they are all under his influence….Matthew 4:9,10. Remember he offered Jesus all the KINGDOMS of this world….wanted him to bow down and do one act of worship to him.

    I Vote for Christ as my and God’s Kingdom to Come. Invititing those with faith to do the same.

  • Bart Biddle

    Good for her. The repugs have been working at taking away freedoms and liberties for years………..unless you’re filthy rich and exercising her free speech is a wonderful thing to see. For those of you who don’t like this comment, here’s a finger from me to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo darren

      Here’s TWO fingers back at you!!!! Most people go for the music. They don’t want the BS politics.

      • James

        darren, speak for youself loser because you are not everyone.

        • J.J.

          @ James,
          You must be one of those still living at home with your mommy nerds. Bet you play video games all day and night and let your mommy work and take care of you. Stupid Ass !!!

          • James

            Lol, obviously you dont know me and that comment was just to try and piss me off, but since it is far from the truth it is just amusing. Good try though.

    • William

      Are you aware that Obama signed several pieces of legislation this year that remove personal liberties? The worst one eliminates habeas corpus for anyone accused of “terrorism”. The second really bad one makes it a FELONY to interrupt the proceedings of anyone with secret service protection. So the next time you see a video of an old person being hauled out of a town hall meeting with Paul Ryan and want to claim its “a republican thing”, just know that it was Obama who signed the law. And the last time I checked, Obama was a member of the democratic party.

    • Fiona

      I’ll join you on that one!

    • Chuck

      Filty rich…as in Madonna and all the Hollywood gang? Filthy rich as in John Kerry, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy and the rest of the poiliticians (not just the “repugs” as you call them). As far as freedom and liberty, it’s not Republicans trying to take away our gun rights and taking over banks and businesses. So you can put that finger back in your nose where it’s been when it’s not up your ass.

    • Chuck

      Yeah, yer right Bart. Why them ole “repugs” (whatever the hell that is) is trin to take our guns, theys trin ta take our bibles, theys even a trin to run all the banks and businesses in this country. Why I’d say them derned ole repugs is probably commies. Thank goodness the democrats like Kerry, Kennedy, Pelosi, and Obama is poor people and they can feel our pain. I’m glad that mean ole Bush isn’t president anymore, we don’t have to put up with 4% unemployment and $1.69 a gallon gasoline. You can go ahead and stick that finger back in yer butt now.

  • James

    You people are so lame with your negative remarks – Seems that’s all American’s do these days is complain. Whoever becomes president will get the same backlash as all the presidents do after a term. You all will hate Romney eventually no matter what he does. You people had to have Obama, now you hate him. Next you all will have to have Romney, and then you will hate on him too – vicious cycle.

    • Toni

      James if all you want to do is rant and rave, why don’t you find someone who really cares? We don’t, don’t you have anyone besides a website to yell at???

      • James

        I am ranting and raving because of the horrible nasty comments you are making towards her for her right to vote for Obama. Just because she is voting for Obama, and or she is Madonna, does not give you people the right to say horrible nasty comments towards a human being. So I am speaking out for myself because what some of you are saying about her is not right.

        • Fiona

          Here, here!

  • Linda

    I thought she took up residence in another country…if she did, then who is she to tell us who to vote for?…just sayin’

    • James

      So you dont even know where she is living at the moment or if that makes a difference, so why are you even leaving a comment? Madonna is an American Citizen, she does have the right to decide who she would like as the next president. Do you even realize that there are tons of people that are Americans but who also live sometimes over seas? Duh!!!! Stop giving the rest of the world a reason to call American’s dumb, cause that was just stupid you imbecile.

      • J.J.

        @ James, Get off Madonna’s nut sack ! Apparantly you know nothing about Madonna. 1st: She DID have a book called “SEX”, where she told of her sexcapades and it was filled with pictures of her having sex and who she had sex with. She was and still is very proud of her sexcapades. 2nd: She became a French citizen a few years ago, but she still is an American citizen also, aka, she has duel citizenship. Before you start saying stupid crap James, know what you are talking about first. Not knowing what you are talking about, then saying stupid crap, only makes you look like a jackass. Stop F***ing with other people. You are the only idiot on here, get a life, get a woman and get a job !!!!

        • James

          Just because she made a picture book called sex doesnt make her a slut – how stupid of you. That alone, shows that you are the idiot loser.

    • Fiona

      She lives in New York! She’s been back there since 2008 , where u been ?

  • http://yahoo darren

    I was at an REO Speedwagon concert in 2004. It was at a small venue in San Diego. They began an anti-war rant. The crowd was quiet. They then backed off. It could have gotten ugly. A concert is no place for politics….

  • Peter O

    First off, I could careless about the BIGGEST “SLUT” in the world!! (Just look at the book she made called “SEX”!) Then she has the balls to have a kid…what does she teel her kid about herself..or does she endorse THAT? 2- She another “SUCKER” that thinks their vote actually counts..LMAO!! She don’t know the people I know and what goes on behind the scenes of politics!! 3- Even if my vote DID count, there’s “NOBODY” worth voting for! People say “You have to vote for the LESSER of the evils. Let me tell you what…EVIL IS STILL EVIL. NO MATTER HOW YOU SLICE IT OR DICE IT!! 4- When I go to a concert, I wanna hear MUSIC..not a bunch of (C)RAP or SHIT SLOP..I mean hip hop or politics speaches about CRIMINALS!! SCREW “ALL” THEM!!

    • James

      You have no idea if she has sex with many men constantly or not – which it seems she doesnt. Just because Madonna deals with sexuality in her work, does not make her a slut you stupid bitch.

      • JAN


        • James

          I think you are talking to the wrong person Jan – I might be wrong, but I dont see where I mentioned Jesus.

          • Chuck

            James, you didn’t mention Jesus, but you did give and “Amen” to someone who did. I guess Jan just thought you were endorsing a biblical view. At first, so did I, sorry I didn’t mean to take you as someone who believes Jesus is the answer to all of this mess. After all, we have done such a superb job without Him.

    • Fiona

      Sir you have major issues! Anger, fear, ego! Are you looking in a mirror here?

  • WhatArePeopleThinking?

    Why are people the people who are booing Madonna giving her their money when they should know how left-wing she is?

  • WhatArePeopleThinking?

    Why are the people who are booing Madonna giving her their money to go her concert? They should already know how left-wing she is.

  • Peter O

    Seems kinda messed up…Madonna can talk about politics ata concert and just get bood…but let the DIXIE CHICKS say the TRUTH about bush, and they get blackballed!! Something about this picture don’t seem right!!!

    • Chuck

      Peter, what TRUTH about Bush. They, Natalie Manes, said she was embarassed to be from Texas the home state of George Bush. She said it to an audience in Europe. Then, when country music stations and fans began to boycot their music (which is as much their right as it was for Manes to speak her mind) Manes said she really didn’t care what a bunch of rednecks thought of her. Good job of cutting off your nose to spite your face Natalie. This is what happens when you try to use your platform for a political forum. Why would I spend my money to support someone with opposing views? Just because the audience is there, doesn’t mean they share your opinions. In the case of the Dixie Chix, they should have known their fans didn’t share their views and when they insulted the fans on top of it, what did they think would happen? I loved their music, but when Manes said she didn’t care what I thought, good ridence.

  • http://YAHOO Promise

    I do believe in freedom of speech and I do believe she took the platform to speak about her views ,but people are going to vote for who they believe in based upon their own values. Some will vote because of skin color and some will vote because of how much they will be affected monetarily. We all I feel are feeling the backlash of the Bush error. The mess we are in now is catastrophic. We need to really look around and research the facts. People speak out of anger and some are so burned up and nasty inside it comes out in their words. If you don’t know JESUS you better get to know him. All is coming true before our eyes if you are a follower of Christ. So who’s right and Who’s wrong ? We shall see in the end!

    • James

      Finally, a true and honest from the heart comment. Amen to you!

  • S

    Didn’t anyone learn anything from the Dixie Chicks’ fiasco a few years ago? Never discuss politics with your audience!

  • Tommy

    I don’t want to hear a word when the next storm comes, if Romney is president, and he lets their city be destroyed..AGAIN. They will TRULY deserve what they get…

  • Ray

    I would of booed her cause her music sucks.

    • James

      Thats just your opinion – the woman has shown numerous times (as well as at the Academy Awards), that she can sing pretty darn well. As well as she is the 4th greatest selling artist in history, so to say that her music sucks seems like you are really in the minority on this issue.

    • Fiona

      Is that your only contribution Ray?

  • michael

    Elvis was a class act, when it came to this sort of thing. When asked by a reporter, during his “aloha from hawaii concert” how he felt about draft dodgers, and whould HE himself refuse to serve in the war if he were drafted. His reply was something like, “i’m an entertainer, and would rather keep my personal views to myself and not say.” the reporter followed up with “do you think other entertainers should keep their views to themself?” He smiled, and said “No.” Madonna, people paid top dollar to hear you sing…not to hear you preach how we should get out and vote, and certainly not to be told to vote for YOUR candidate.

    • http://yahoo bessie kenney

      oh how people can come up to blame romney for things when he is not president yet. like if he was president their towns would be destroyed. so romney hater. you know im sure he would be better than obama with help in the clean up for our country would be on budget for this disaster. were now after 4 years our country has to borrow to pay its bills . what a disgrace the red cross needs to get some tax dollars every year because them and our churches does it best. the goverment has all th red tape to deal with in disasters. the help is too slow. and here we have to borrow money from china the thief of america patents. you know this makes our country look weak. and look what happened to bengazi our great ambassador had one man and one guard to protect him from rovcket propelled gernaded and diesel fuel burning the property of americans down around mr stevens and our goverment did not turn a hand to help. that is a disgrace. and told them to stand down after the 3 calls for emergency help. that they were being attacked. and these two brave seals went out and gave their lives to save 14 aides in the compound but mr stephens and the other two heroes and the other aid lost their own lives trying to save these brave americans. we send people in harms way but our president and secretary of state stands at a podium and tells a lie about the whole thing blaming a video and she tells one of the family oh we are going to arrest the video maker for your sons death and he will be arrested and thats exactly what they did. and to have candy crawly telling a lie with obamas what a dam joke our news media is . they all are is best campaign for him if you will see what they say as truth. i dont rust the news how can we they are very bias toward one party. watch you will see but i dont listen to them for news.

    • Fiona

      Er things change! In those days diplomacy was more important to your career!!!

  • http://yahoo.com ruben

    madonna, no one likes obama only black people do, but they don’t know anything, and it seems like you don’t either obama is the wrong way romney is the right way

    • queen

      First you need to grow up and get a life what yr do u live in you only see color you piece of shit you will never make it in life what that trash talk sorry your fam wasent there for you get a life ass-hole…Obama 2012 and beyond….

    • Fiona

      Ruben, I like Obama, I loathe Romney’s smug attitude and lies. Last time I looked my skin was still white! Madonna is white too Wow! So bin your comment , generalisations are dangerous fodder!!!

  • Arthur Baisley

    Now Madonna is a failure ar two things.

    • Fiona

      Yeah right!!!! I wonder what determines failure in your eyes? Madonna is the one laughing!

  • Fiona

    Booed by a ‘large chunk of her audience’? My dear woman did you watch the actual footage on YouTube before writing this? You can hardly hear the boos for cheers and they quickly subside (after around 15 secs of footage). Madonna laughs immediately after saying ‘as long as you vote Obama’ and then says her bit about not caring who it is as long as they vote. Madonna is in fact very self-deprecating and the audience were joining in the fun. Like many others this account is just a regurgitation. I would have had some respect if you’d written about actual events. Anyway people can make up their own minds by watching the footage ‘Madonna booed at New Orleans concert’! Don’t watch the footage by eDailyNews as it’s fake ( filmed in Paris at another event attended by paid-for Le Pen activists!

  • Old Man

    Hey Reuben: That’s the best advertisement I’ve seen for OBAMA yet!!

    Hey Fiona: Right!! All the way to the bank!!!

  • Red

    Ahh, so your employer can tell you how to vote but your entertainer can not?
    I tried booing my boss…. let me tell you, that did not work so well.

    But Romney says he should tell me how to vote. Only then he will send my job to China.