Madonna and Lady Gaga Earn Big Bucks This Year

By: Alexandria Sardam - December 13, 2013

It’s no secret that Madonna works hard. She’s got a killer body, amazing musical career as well as a handful of successful business ventures. So it’s no doubt the 55-year-old diva has a pretty hefty bank account.

Madonna has topped Forbes‘ 2013 list of the top-earning women in music making a whopping $125 million this year. While the majority of the money came from the last bit of her MDNA Tour, grossing 305 million overall, she did well with her merchandise sales of her clothing line and fragrance.

In November, the star claimed the title of highest paid musician, beating out Lady Gaga who made an estimated 80 million.

So who follows Madonna and Gaga?

Bon Jovi, Toby Keith and Coldplay came next, bringing in the majority of their money from their tour gigs. After the boys, Justin Bieber follows making $58 million, Taylor Swift ($55 million), Elton John ($54 million), Beyoncé ($53 million) and Kenny Chesney ($53 million.)

Hey guys, that’s not too shabby!

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