Madeleine McCann Investigation Hampered By Police?

    September 3, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Madeleine McCann went missing back in 2007 and captured the world in heartbreak for her family. We watched as the search turned up next to nothing and wondered how there couldn’t be more.

Well, now we might know the answer to why the investigation wasn’t as productive as we’d all hoped.

According to a report written back in 2009 by Jim Gamble, who is the former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre for the UK, the police that swarmed from the UK to help in the search may have hampered the investigation.

Mr. Gamble said that UK agencies the CEOP, the Metropolitan Police, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, and the National Police Improvement Agency were all involved in the immediate aftermath of Madeleine going missing.

This mass involvement, along with the attempt to run things by agencies that were ill-equipped to do so, led to “frustration” and “resentment” among Portuguese police, according to Gamble’s unpublished report on the Madeleine McCann case. It also led Portuguese authorities to warn Britain not to act like “a colonial power”.

He said, “All of us… your first gut reaction is you want to help…so everyone came with best intention, that created a sense of chaos and a sense of competition…and in many instances in my opinion wanting to be seen to help. It was unhelpful…I’ve no doubt relationships from the outset with the Portuguese were impacted by it and I think that had a long-term negative effect on the investigation.”

The UK authorities weren’t the only ones that caused delays and possible missed opportunities, however. Gamble stated that the response of the Portuguese police was “haphazard” and that potential clues had been neglected.

Looking For Madeleine authors Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan have their own take on what went wrong with the case.

Summers said, “It was a case of too many cooks… spoiling the broth of the initial investigation,” while Swan added, “The problems that grew out of the race to help… those things have not been fundamentally addressed.”

What a nightmare for her family. Will Madeleine McCann ever be found, and if so, will she be alive? Only time will tell.

  • seddiki_seddiki

    So, the Portuguese warned the British not to act “like a colonial power.” That’s rich, considering they, too, were a colonial power and colonized parts of Africa, South America (Brazil) etc. Leave it to them to put their own feelings of hate towards the British (arresting the parents, nonsensically, for the murder, when they had a clear alibi) above the search for a little girl. It didn’t take this news report to figure any of this three ring circus out. All one has to do is hear that employees at the place they were staying, knew of burglaries in and around the complex and find out that a child was nearly taken in the same burglaries, and learn that those same people were never questioned, to know the investigation by the Portuguese FAILED utterly to do even the most basic job. They can blame the British all they want, but it’s THEIR country and THEIR police in charge of the investigation. PERIOD.

  • Christopher Citty

    So, still no missing child recovered. How about you save the ‘what went wrong’ stuff, until after the child is found, or her remains are recovered? I am still convinced that what happened wasn’t what we were led to believe happened.

    Some of the timeline makes it extremely unlikely for a coordinated abduction to be done by someone not directly in the family. I have suspected the parents for a long time. Or, someone in their party. But, the timing of events leaves absolutely no wiggle room for an orchestrated attempt by a stranger who watches the building. There was no logical pattern to the parents’ movements checking on their kids, if their statements are accurate. Without a pattern, you can’t predict when someone may be able to spot you with the child, and spoil your plan.