Macaulay Culkin Heroin Addiction: Let It Go, Says Rep

By: Amanda Crum - August 3, 2012

Macaulay Culkin, former child star famous for his “Home Alone” films, has been accused of being hooked on heroin and painkillers by the National Enquirer, and the actors reps are not only denying it, they’re asking the media to drop it.

Culkin has worked quite a bit in recent years, although not in anything with a big name. He’s chosen instead to do some indie flicks and voiceover work–most notably on “Robot Chicken”, which is helmed by buddy Seth Green–but has mostly stayed out of the public eye. So when he emerged recently in a photo which showed him looking emaciated and not well, speculation of drug use began to circulate immediately among members of the press.

Our advice to Macaulay is to seek professional help to avoid the same tragic fate of other beloved celebrities, including Whitney Houston who died earlier this year. We believe that the former child star should be doing everything he can to get the treatment he so desperately needs – and which could have saved the life of his friend Elijah Rosello,
the Enquirer article reads. Should Macaulay’s representatives continue to deny The ENQUIRER’s accurate and detailed report, we are ready to offer him the opportunity to take a blood test administered by an independent medical lab.

But his reps are standing firm that the rumor is just a rumor and are asking the media to just drop it, which some think is an admission of guilt.

The actor’s publicist says the story “is not only categorically without merit, but it is also impossibly and ridiculously fictitious. We beseech the responsible media to consider the source and its reputation and to please not perpetuate this destructive and insulting story by pursuing it any further.”

No word on any of this from the actor himself, but because we’ve seen this sort of thing happen to so many child stars in the past, it’s troublesome for Culkin’s fans to think he might be headed down a dangerous road.

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  • Olamilekan Adewoyin

    this is not the Macaulay Culkin we all knew please heroin or no heroin please get some help

  • Kathy Moreno

    It’s hard to tell.I was there 7 years ago.He looks like he’s on opiates.If he cares what his fans think he should be tested.If he cares for his life he should see Dr.Drew.If he don’t care forget it. He’s got to want it.There s nothing know one can do.We haven’t seen you but we love you.Myson looked just like you in home alone.My Dad would laugh so hard in the part when you splash on the after shave.I trie to get him in movies after that.He was in a b-day scene in one of Mile O’Keefe movie.That’s as far as I went cuz I was a single Mom.MACAULAY,if it’s a lie take a test for your fans who Love you I’m sure you don’t want us worrying. If it’s a lie or publicity stunt, then to hell with the rumors, and the A-holes tha write them.

    • Scared of You

      Loooooooseer!!! Ya, he cares what his “fans” think, get a test to put all of the bored, losers with no lives minds to rest! Lol, really? He’s on crack…and he probably should be since he got dumped by one of the hottest chicks on the planet! #milakunis

    • Michael Hayden

      Yeah, he should just “see Dr. Drew”!!! Because that’s what all celebrities do when they have a problem, they go to Dr. Drew. And quite frankly I’m AMAZED that your son didn’t make it as a child superstar when he looked like Macaulay Culkin and your dad thought that scene was so funny. Don’t worry, I’m sure he will still be plenty depressed and suicidal, and have HIS OWN drug problems, with a mother like you.

      Lady, you obviously have a child’s perspective on Hollywood. Why would you WANT your son to go down the path of a child actor??? And do you not understand that there are spaces between sentences for a reason? Do you know how much it hurts the eyes to try to read that crap?

  • Melanie

    Perhaps he is just ill. Why do people immediately and without any evidence assume it is drugs?

    • Deanna

      I agree Melanie, he doesn’t look well, but he also doesn’t look like he is drugged out either. Also, I think is natural body type is very slim. Of course his face looks older (he isn’t a kid anymore).

  • Lori

    Oh my God I hope he gets help. Seriously. He is near death-

  • nikolai

    Macaulay Culkin has ALWAYS looked like crap! Even when he was a little kid he was skinny, pale and had those droopy eyelids!

  • pauline mccradic

    I pray that the lord will reveal to him how to take care of himself so he can be around a long time. as a FAN we love our stars.I pray for them every day.

    A FAN

    • Michael Hayden

      You pray for celebrities every day??? That is the possibly most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. WOW.

      • john

        Why should u not pray 4 celebrities? If u have a pulse u have a purpose.. Gods Holy word says 2 pray 4 all, friends and enemies

  • Anna Jane

    My first thought was that he was seriously ill. And the last thing you need when battling a disease is everyone grousing at you. Whatever the cause, I hope he gets well.

  • Macaulay Culkin

    Mind your own business, bitches.

    • Jeanie

      It’s his life, leave him alone!

    • Debra McDaniel

      Macaulay there is many people that loses sight of themselves and what is going on around them, at one point in my life I was truly lost and could not admit to myself that I was in serious need of help. Many of my family and friends not to mention strangers reached out to me and I would deny that I needed any help because I had convenced myself that they were the ones that need help, however as time went on I sunk deeper and deeper until it was very obvious that I was wearing the problem so everyone could see, I no longer was in the position to deny what was the inevitable so I did a lot of soul searching and I looked at myself harshly and knew right away that I could not continue to go on in this state of mind. I decided that I need a new mind set I also thanked God that I was still alive and could make changes for my life. You are loved and I know you are a wonderful person with a soft and gentle heart. We as people can make some very very bad decisions that almost destroy our lives. I do not want to pick up the paper and read anything bad about you because alive we have chances but dead our chances are over, why spend so much hell on earth and then die and go to a eternal hell because believe it or not it is real and there is really a Devil, called Lucifer, Satan. Sweetheart rise above what ever is really going on regardless what people have to say you can judge yourself because no one know or understand you like you do. Please forgive those that has damaged your childhood or adulthood because forgiveness opens mighty powerful doors and your soul will be free that is what I have done. I am no longer angry because I forgave and God forgave me, believe me I understand if you can not bring yourself to hear this but at one time I could not either. I am now a born again believer in Jesus Christ and I now know that when I die my home is in heaven where all those that die in Christ are right now. Make a decision that can free your soul and save your life. I love you and most of all Jesus loves you more.


    If Mac i straight, then I’m the pope. Calling out someone with the disease of addiction is not “judging” you fuckingidiots, it’s an act of love.

  • Tracy

    Holy shit people. Why is everyone attacking everyone. Damn I think what the point is we all agree he doesn’t look the best but that does not give anyone the right to accuse anyone of drugs. We all make choices as we grow up and unfortunately the actors and actresses are always in the public. How would your life be if you couldn’t walk straight without havin it published or automatically accused of bein intoxicated. All we can do is hope he’s takin care of himself and if not there’s nothing anyone can do. Other than show him support.

  • Dazman

    The Enquirer couldn’t give a rats about Mac, they only want to make money at his expense!

  • Robert Rossi

    By looking at his recent photo, If they ever decide to bring back The TV Series, The Real McCoys, He could play Grampa with no make-up

  • Mary K

    Bless his heart..I feel so sorry for him. Just because you are popular doesn’t mean you don’t have sadness in your life..some people just doesn’t know how to cope with it.

  • http://yahoo annie hall


  • Brent

    His picture reminds me of fire marshall bill on ‘in living color’.

  • Sharon

    I didn’t see where the article said that the National Enquirer had concrete proof that Macaulay Culkin was, in fact, using herion and prescription drugs. The only proof we have is the photo of a gaunt looking Mr. Culkin, and the assumptions of the National Enquirer and other media sources, that are based entirely on said photo. Until Mr. Culkin takes a drug test that proves he’s using these drugs, all of the assumptions will remain just that, assumptions. NO PROOF, NO STORY! No offense, just my 2 cents worth.

  • jf

    Hey he looks like T-bagwell- Prison Break drama..

    Poor guy, dealing with pressure from home and the media from a tender age.

  • Cara

    Please try to have a heart when it comes to these matters. Celebraties are human just like we are and make mistakes just like we do. However because the media isn’t always in our face the world doesnt know our problems and I’m sure you’d like to keep it that way. My point is instead of bringing him down, we should be sharing words of kindness. I mean what if one of your closest friends needed help? Would you be saying all of these awful things about them? Of course not. He doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. If your a true fan now is the time to show it. Support him in any way you can. Who knows just showing how much you care might get him to turn his life around.

  • Rachel

    Just because he is famous doesn’t mean anyone has a right or should make a judgment at all. Leave the poor guy alone, no one knows what anyone else is going through or has been through or are doing or not doing, even if they are a well known actor/actress. I don’t remember it ever being said… hey if someone is famous it’s cool to comment about him/her on a personal level since you know, you know s**t about him/her personally that is actually factual because you read it somewhere or saw a picture so it has to be true…right? And, even if things you read were true, it’s none of our business. Everyone should respect privacy and be more compassionate.

  • Donovan

    He looks like Layne Staley , who did end up dying from a heroin addiction.

    • Rob

      He sure does! Poor Layne..

  • agus