Lying Waitress Has To Return All Her Donations

    December 9, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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The ex-Marine waitress who claimed she got a rude, anti-gay message instead of a tip has officially been fired from her job at Gallop Asian Bistro after her story was contested by the customers, and is now in the process of returning over $3,000 in donations that were given to her by sympathetic supporters of the gay community.

Dayna Morales posted a photo online of a receipt she says she discovered on the table after some rude customers left, with a note where the tip should have gone that read, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life”. The photo quickly went viral after her story was shared all over Facebook, and outraged people everywhere began sending Morales money. At one point, she said she would donate the funds to the Wounded Warriors Project to help wounded vets, but a little investigation done by the Bridgewater Patch showed that she hadn’t made good on the promise. She is reportedly refunding the money she received via PayPal, though it’s not clear how she’ll get back the money she received in cash.

The couple who allegedly left the note provided a bank statement and their copy of the receipt, which shows a generous tip was left. They also say they are supportive of the gay community and would never have left a note like that. Morales’ coworkers say it’s not the first time she’s been caught in a lie.

“Every story she comes up with has a lie,” said coworker Julie Howat. “It’s like she’s taking it to a whole other level. Now you’re lying to people to get their money. It’s not even for sympathy now.”

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  • Times Like This

    It is times like this that I like to point out that lots of women lie through their teeth. It makes you wonder how 93% of the prison population can be male and only 7% female.

    So next time you hear about a drunk girl who got raped or a woman who sets a guy up on the internet or some crying wife in a divorce —- remember this story and remember women are just as bad as men. They lie like crazy. In fact, due to being the physically weaker sex, this is how they fight. With lies and manipulation.

    The really sad part is that there are good women. Problem is that there are so many liars out there and they overshadow the really nice girls. If you are a guy, and you have a nice girl, treat her great. I am here to tell you that there are a lotta not so great ones out there.

    • @Times Like This

      Funny. As I read what you wrote, I just noticed a big picture of Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton alongside the article. Two of the biggest liars to set foot on this planet. You are right. If you have a good girl, never let her go.
      I don’t believe half those date rape and drunk rape cases. I have gone to parties and girls would get wasted so it would give them an excuse to screw. I have literally heard these words out of many women’s mouths. The saddest situation is that when the girl gets drunk and screws a guy, then her boyfriend finds out and she screams rape to not lose the boyfriend. I have seen this on more than one occasions. I know a guy this happened to. He was forced to plead guilty to rape charges. He went to prison. He got raped there for real and now has two diseases. Then midway through his sentence the girl admits she lied. I guess finding out the guy was raped made her realize just how much damage she had done. However, Georgia won’t review his case and will not release him from prison. They claim some deal was made. There was no deal made. The state just doesn’t want to get sued for misconduct. The girl just finally did the right thing. I know the woman and she has said as much.

      Sad freaking situation all started by a lie. I hate liars.