LSU Fraternity Apologizes for Inappropriate Sign

    September 17, 2013
    Erika Watts
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For some reason, a fraternity at LSU thought it was appropriate to prepare for their upcoming game against Kent State University by making a sign that mocked the shooting that took place there in 1970. After an image of the offending banner reached Kent State and LSU officials, the frat brothers decided to apologize.


The Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity hung the offending sign that read, “Getting massacred is nothing new to Kent State” over their frat house before the game this past Saturday, which the LSU Tigers won 45-13. Many college football fans have criticized LSU for a weak out-of-conference schedule, and taunting a team that should be a guaranteed win is classless enough without mocking an event that took the lives of four students.

Before anyone thinks the sign was simply an error in judgment that can be attributed to a bunch of drunk frat boys, the same fraternity made headlines earlier in the month for hanging a sign joking about Syria: “LSU vs. UAB It’s gonna be a gas. Syriasly.” If hundreds of people killed in an alleged chemical attack is fodder for humor, that kind of explains why the LSU fraternity finds it acceptable to joke about the Kent State Massacre.

The LSU fraternity’s apology sign read, “We would like to apologize to Kent State for our inappropriate sign.” The apology banner may not be enough for the DKE frat, though; the students involved in the banner could face disciplinary action. According to WTVM, a spokesperson for LSU said that the school’s “Dean of Students Office and Student Life are aware and are looking into the matter.”

The frat boys of Delta Kappa Epsilon are being blasted all over Twitter and other media sources for the inappropriate sign. What do you think of the LSU fraternity’s sign–are people overreacting? Add your comments below.

Main image via UPI Video; article image via KSLA

  • http://whichone SAMJ

    Cannot believe they needed to apologize No one talks about the School in Mississippi that was victimized with shooting the same time that Kent State happened. No one even Mentions it. They say that the students started it and they were behind glass windows that didn’t even open.

  • Gregg

    Uh, this is not “LSU fans”, as somebody said. It is a few drunk frat boys, who will be dealt with. That’s says it all. And BTW, LSU’s out of conference schedule has been one of the better ones for several years now. Considering that LSU plays Alabama, Texas A&M, Georgia and Florida this year, I hardly think anybody has any right to dis the OOC schedule, which included the opening game with TCU. And next year LSU will open the season with Wisconsin.

    • Freakybo

      Yeah Greg, furman, kent and AB???? Cupcake! And the SEC is down this year, the top 3-4 acc teams would wax LSU and most others in that so called powerhouse conference. All y’all got is Bama, the rest is just riding sec coattails, LSU included right now.

      • wa

        FYI–Kent state won 11 games last year and was one game out of the orange bowl. the SEC West is by far the toughest division in the toughest conference. You use the term “y’all” which probably means your a southern imposter or you pull for some weak southern non-sec school.

      • Chinch

        I just had to laugh out loud at myself. I asked “Who the hell is in the ACC?”…then I realized I must not know because most teams in the conference suck.

        • krp1317

          Considering an ACC team is ranked 3, you should probably know who is in the ACC. Otherwise you’re not watching too much football. But it is not about the conference, it is about the team (so tired of Mizzou fans chanting SEC when their program is an embarrassment to any powerful conference.

    • quinn babin

      well, LSU frat boys tend to get a little too drunk before games…. by the way, I live in Louisiana and @ the LSU games, they don’t drink much… so these were just frat boys that drank too much…

  • Cookie

    I bleed purple & gold. But this was crude. I hope for strict discipline. I remember walking to Florida stadium in October 2006 and seeing UF students with signs reading: “We’ll Finish What Katrina Didn’t” and “You think Katrina was Bad”. It did not feel good at all. I only wished (at the time) that those kids really knew what it was like to lose practically everything you own. Sorry to Kent State. They were nice people and fun to be with. Sorry for a few inconsiderate kids with no sensitivity……

  • larry

    heck..that was just plain funny….about time we let frats be frats….if you want a nun..go to a convent…..

  • larry

    but then again….I thought the naval massac was funny too…..tiem to get the vets some real help…..those new programs dont help!

  • Jim

    Words fail me. As someone who lived through the Civil Rights era in Alabama and the Kent State shooting, I can’t believe that we are so crass as to allow this sort of thing not once, but twice! LSU administration should have suspended the fraternity on the display of the first bad taste sign mocking the gassing of innocent people in Syria. What’s next? Something cute about the Holocaust?

    • lerriuqS terceS

      Wait a second…. you are going to compare a shooting which killed four people at an Anti-War protest to both a WMD attack that killed 500-1200 civilians in a civil war and to a world event that killed between 6-17 million Europeans?

      And then for this you want to have the school suspend them! You need to realize that people will do stupid stuff and life is not fair. Put on your big boy undies and if it doesn’t directly effect you then just deal with it.

  • Jim

    To Gregg:

    Uh, yeah this is LSU fans–for many years. My sister and her husband who are rabid Alabama fans quit going to games in Tiger Stadium years ago because the accompanying weekend in New Orleans was not worth sitting through the game having beer bottles and crude epithets thrown at them by students sitting above them.

    • joe

      Are you serious? It was an Alabama fan who was videoed rubbing his penis on the face and mouth of a passed out LSU fan in New Orleans after a game. So take your self-righteous but seriously slanted B.S. somewhere else, jerk!

      • Rusty S

        Jeez, Joe. Calm the frak down.

  • Hey it is the South

    Hey it is the South. A little backwards down there. They care more about football than anything – including educating their kids. Progressing is not a strong suit for them. Just look at Georgia for example. They started out as a penal colony and a couple hundred years later 1 out of every 13 people are in jail, on probation or on parole and their incarceration rate is 2.5 times any other state in the country. They also operate 23 prison plants where they don’t pay their prison workers and require all state agencies to buy from them. But hey, slavery is dead.

    The South doesn’t think or learn. They just maintain their stupidity and pass it on to the younger generation. Don’t even get me started on the conversation I had in south Georgia where the person talked to me about the Civil War in the present tense. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

    • mark

      hmm…help me out here…where is NASA again? O yeah – the South…

      • @Mark

        What does NASA have to do with anything? NASA has nothing to do with the culture of a region. It is a government agency staffed by people from all over the world. NASA could be located anywhere and actually has offices/agencies all over the world.

        They have approximately 20 locations in this country alone. Just go out to their site and you can literally pull them all up.

        I assure you of this though — those people from around the world aren’t the average southerner and as the other commenter said — they are not talking about the Civil War in the present tense.

    • jon ferrell

      the economy is soooo much better here in the south then the north or on the west coast. where do you live pussy. Georgia only has 13 prison i don’t know where you are getting your information from. get obamas dick out your mouth and come down to texas and talk that shit you’ll get put in your place real quick

      • @jon

        I am white by the way and an economic consultant that specializes in this area. Georgia has a total of 33 prisons and 13 of those are maximum security prisons. They also have 159 counties each of which have large county facilities. Some of those country prisons hold thousands of prisoners and most are massively overcrowded.

        All statistics listed above come from the Atlanta Journal & Constitution (Atlanta’s world famous newspaper). You may not read much about the prison industry directly in state documents because it is split off into a separate entity called the Georgia Correctional Industry (GCI). They have a website if you want to verify. GCI is highly profitable. They can’t help but be. All their principle labor is free, their profit margins are huge (I have audited them), and they have built in customers.

        So Jon, I know what I am talking about and all the facts I wrote are accurate. You can be rude and crass all you want. It doesn’t change the facts, but it is typical of the attitude you find in the south.

        • @@jon

          Don’t try to confuse anyone with facts. They just want to be ignorant. I just verified all that you wrote. It is entirely accurate. Actually, you are understating things.

          StateIntegrity.org has Georgia listed as the worst state in the nation for corruption. It sites Georgia’s prison system as a major source of problem. Basically, a lot of innocent people go to prison there. With 159, they have to find some way to make money. Arresting and giving fines is one way to do that.

      • @jon

        Ah … what you wrote is not true at all. Georgia only has 13 prisons? Are you kidding me?

        Prison is big business in Georgia. In fact, the Department of Corrections is the largest employer in the state.

        Where on earth are You getting your information from? My guess is just making things up.

  • Bears Fan

    bad taste I agree but a lot of people joke about stuff they shouldn’t joke about. I hear stuff at work everyday that is inappropriate. kudos to the young men for correcting their mistake.

  • Bara

    People in LA aren’t that bright to begin with much less students. In typical corrupt LA fashion they couldn’t buy their way out of this and had to apologize.

    • Phillip Lake

      Let me see; no one in LA is educated enough to write or read. When I lived in Indiana I noticed a whole hell of a lot of “so-called” backwards folks. I guess everyone in your hometown is rated as genius and above?? I went to college at Northeast Louisiana University and graduated with a 3.50 average with two majors in education. There were a lot of people that graduated with even higher honors. AND – how can you have the audacity to accuse LA of being corrupt when places like Chicago and San Francisco and Miami and others are loaded with corruption: Chicago is the worse. Just like the useless, uneducated POS prez that hails from Chicago. I did not realize that there are so DAMNED MANY upper crust and highly educated people in these other northern and far western states. That’s why this country is in such a good shape educationally, economically, and morally.

      • @Phillip

        Don’t take it so personally. It is just a person making a comment. You have to admit though — there is a lot of messed up things in the south. There is a lot of corruption in the south. Look at how much they profit off of the prison systems. In most of the southern states, the largest employer is the prison system and prison labor feeds a multibillion dollar industry. A crime in California that is a misdemeanor is often a felony in the south. A one year sentence is a ten year sentence in the south. Even though the south is supposed to part of the bible belt and full of Christians, I guess they skipped that whole lesson on forgiveness and mercy. You know — the things Christ spoke of over and over again.

        The south illustrates a mentality carried forward from the civil war era. The South has simply not changed all that much. Some things have and you can’t say that every person is backward. But the region as a whole — has not changed very much at all.

        • Phillip Lake

          I was born and raised in Indianapolis and graduated from High School there. I have family in Illinois and Missouri. I would a thousand times rather live here than in the cesspools of a LOT of the major northern states, Vegas, and damned near all of CA. You think the entire South is still fighting the damned Civil War. That is exactly your biggest problem and screwed up mindset. The only thing your kind knows how to do is spew out more and more hatred and filth. At least we try to do what is morally and spiritually right but we study the Bible enough to know that we are not perfect. It might pay you to try and find a Bible and study just the Books of Ephesians and Acts and you might learn the true meaning of forgiveness and mercy. Then, just maybe, you would stop labeling entire populations according to your guidelines.

        • MIkeDaTyger

          So ….. to help us “ignorant southerners” you are going to perpetuate another stereotype? Kinda like saying all the people in New Jersey are like the idiots in Jersey Shore? Or all the Californians are tree hugging hippies? All New Yorkers are loud and obnoxious? I see the north has not changed much either.
          My family is from the mid-west, but I have grown up in the south.

          • Phillip Lake

            Keep talkin’ Mike – maybe some of these hate filled racists will start to listen – only MAYBE!

      • Greyguy

        Do not get so high and mighty about LA– they stole enough “Levy money that New Orleans almost drowned becaused of it-they were so corrupt they almost drowned half their largest city-it had nothing to do with the feds!

        PS: I went to school in Chicago, and now live in a smaller environment- corruption is under every rock!

        It”s not North vs South, it is Why don’t we have student-athletes vs an SEC farm system called the SEC.

    • http://w kristy

      so where are you from Mr. Bara that makes you think we aren’t that bright??? all of us are NOT corrupt and we don’t have alligators in our backyards~~~ what a small-minded dumb ass ;you are!!!

  • http://Yahoo Trouser Snake

    Some of these punks were still in their grandfather’s balls in 1971.

  • David Michael

    They apologized.They are young. Lighten Up.

    • Rusty S

      You say “young”, yet every decent person says “Old enough to know better”.

  • rocco savigliano

    Its ok,,yall, youre just a bunch of good ol boys havin fun before you go back home to your towns in La. dont worry bout what the world thinks bout cha , cause it aint gonna change a thing. just keep on having fun at the frat house, and go home and be part of the good ol South when youre done have fun yall..

    • Phillip Lake

      You need to stop labeling all of the people in Louisiana for what a handful of irresponsible frat brats do. My wife is from Louisiana, my children were born and raised in Louisiana, my loves and friends live in Louisiana and I know a lot of responsible and loving people in that state just as I am sure there is in your state (probably California or New York from the tone of your insinuations). NOW you see how that feels. I don’t live in LA now but I do live next door in MS and there are just as many people here that fit the same description. You accusing everyone from the south as being stupid, hateful, drunks, and backwards is JUST as insulting and childish as the actions of these kids. I back LSU totally and there will be hard reprimands for what they did. They invited Kent State so that college can get some of the financial rewards of playing a larger school. That happens all the time; it is a big financial marker for the smaller institutions. They were totally WRONG, but so are you and others like you with your type of comments. GEAUX TIGERS

      • Greyguy

        And what % of the football players actually graduate from SEC schools and where does LSU stand in that heap? [Leave out Vandi where they actually have students on their teams].

        • Vlad the Inhaler

          LSU’s graduation success rate is 77%, behind only Vanderbilt in the SEC with a high percentage of players leaving early for the NFL.

          For comparison, LSU would be 4th in the Big 10. http://espn.go.com/blog/bigten/post/_/id/63225/northwestern-psu-leaders-in-graduation-rate

          If you want to turn this into a game of using anecdotal events to stereotype and entire region, let’s look no further than Penn State. Are those the values of the Big 10, Pennsylvania and the region?

          • Phillip Lake

            THANK YOU VLAD – Well researched and annotated. THAT folks is the way to shut down the uniformed.


          LSU graduates 84% of its football players. Second highest in the SEC behind Vandy.

          Next question?!

        • http://webpronews Froggy

          LSU is second only to Vanderbilt in graduation rate for football players. The truth is that most of the people commenting here could not get accepted to LSU.
          Perhaps where they are from it takes a whole university or even an entire state to make a sign. I guess the difference here is it just takes one or two jackasses.

    • jon ferrell

      dirty whop eat shit and die

      • @jon

        This is the year 2013. Your comment speaks volumes about how you are as a person. Funny thing is, you cannot even spell correctly when you are trying to insult a person.

        Then again, most good ole boys are not that smart. They haven’t changed since the Civil War and don’t study enough to actually do something like progress.

        Jon’s comment is the part of the southern hospitality that never gets talked about.

        • http://webpronews Froggy

          Your comment shows who you are. You obviously assume that Jon is from the South. A place you have never been but pretend to be an expert on. I am guilty of having preconceived notions as well. Imagine my shock when I found out that not all UCLA professors illegally deal in the universities cadavers, or that not all Air Force Academy cadets are rapists, did you know that some of the female students in Arizona and California or not involved with pornography.
          For the rest of you reading this it’s too late for the boys who made this sign, probably @jon and jon ferrell are lost causes as well, but for sensible people don’t let your government or your media tell you what to think or who to hate. Get to know people and decide for yourself. By the way don’t visit the South unless your ready for a change because you’ll most likely want to stay here. Either way y’all are always welcome.

          • @Froggy

            A place I have never been to? I have lived in the South for 20 years.

            You are right. If people visit the south and stay, they better be ready for a change. They will be literally be going back in time.

  • DRovertson

    Its going be hard for them to get a Job with LSU jon their resume. Someone in authority will not like them.

    • MIkeDaTyger

      LOL!! Seriously??? OMG, you people are so idiotic.

    • lerriuqS terceS

      Obviously you are not from Lousiana! Members and haters alike will tell you that being an LSU Deke opens more doors than you may realize!

  • David Hightower

    Why is LSU allowed to play football with Kent State? This is like a pro team playing against a college team in the early season. It should be not counted as a game played when deciding natiional rankings/

    • Phillip Lake

      Money – the smaller colleges get a share of the big bucks when they are allowed to play the larger colleges. This happens every year at all universities.

    • MIkeDaTyger

      You have no clue.

    • Gregg

      Kent State barely lost out on playing in the Orange Bowl last year when they lost their last game. They are no push over and play in a legitimate conference, even if it is not one of the really big boys. Kent State is a legitimate opponent, even if not quite on the level of LSU. But then, not too many teams are on the level of LSU at this time.

  • Great Week for SEC Football

    Boy this has been a great week for SEC football. All the scandals and now the fans are getting involved in equally stupid things.

    Also, in less than two weeks, this fraternity said stupid things about both Syria and Kent State?

    This is just an illustration of how warped the mindset of our younger generation has become. They don’t know history and when the speak of history, they mock it. Anyone who says that our society has not been dumbed down in the past 15 years is fooling themselves. Our middle class is being decimated and our children are becoming fools. Sorry but this does not add up to a happy ending for our country. Anyone who studies history knows this, but I guess at LSU they just want to mock it.

    What concerns me is that these students have no conceptual idea of just how important the Syrian situation is. If Syria is not handled properly, it could very well lead to WW III.

    • Ken

      We have to thank our federal govt., NEA and state depts. of education for “dumbing down” the system. We should not be surprised that few under the age of 35 intellectually comprehend the long-term implications of Syria and Benghazi as well.

  • Mike

    Like Randy Newman said, “…college men from LSU/went in dumb, come out dumb too…”

  • Rabbi

    I don’t have a problem with their signs. There is humor to be found in everything. Just because someone thinks it isn’t funny doesn’t mean anyone should apologize. Nothing is too serious to be made fun of.

    • Amy

      Yeah, how about Jews getting blown up by Palestinians, Rabbi? Can’t beat that for humor.

  • r maxwell

    it was a frat boy what do you expect. my experience from way back when to working on a campus has been frat boys tend to be pretty clueless. Doesn’t excuse it at all just does not surprise me. Buy your friends, party etc. Same with sororities.

  • General Electric’s BIG DOG

    It was inappropriate but they apologized. Get on with life and stop the stupid north vs south arguments. There are problems and good things about both regions.

  • LSUgrad

    This is another clear example why LSU isn’t exactly known for its academics, but rather sports instead.

    • MIkeDaTyger

      “For the fourth consecutive year and despite facing budget cuts during that time, LSU is ranked in the first tier for “Best National Universities” in U.S. News & World Report’s 2012 edition of Best Colleges.
      In the 2012 edition of Best Colleges, LSU ranks 128th overall and 63rd when compared to public universities only. In the overall rankings, LSU is tied at 128th with three other schools, one public – Colorado State University – and two private – Hofstra University (N.Y.) and New School (N.Y.).”
      – U.S. News & World Report

      One of the top rated engineering programs
      top 5 landscape architecture

      Obviously you did NOT graduate.

      • Phillip Lake

        Kudos Mike – another RESEARCHED comment with back up stats.

      • Watson Williams

        Well, Mike, nice stats, but it’s all in the perception. I did graduate from LSU (’78), but mentioning it outside of La will get you nowhere. In fact, on a resume anywhere outside of the south, it’s practically useless, even for a 2013 graduate. There are just so many better schools.

  • http://webpronews Tee-y

    Most people on this site wants to forget saying they are young kids having fun, this is not funny, what next make fun of Virginia tech or some other university that had killing on campus. Punish all who are involved.

  • Ima Turdherder

    Kent State was 43 yrs ago. Get over it. So tired of the overly sensitive.

    • Ima Suks

      Ima Turd you are a f#&khead

      • Ima Turdherder

        Ah, the overly sensitive AND the under eloquent rolled into one.

        • Amy

          Ah, someone whining about under-eloquence with the name “Ima Turdherder.”

          • Ima Turdherder

            If “that which we call a rose
            by any other name would smell as sweet” then that which we call an Amy by any other name would comment insignificantly.

  • Bubba James

    Let’s see, Newscasters say things like this they lose their jobs, and Pro players say things like this they are suspended a few games. Why then hasn’t this fraternity been punished and the students involved been expelled? There should be no tolerance, especially in schools, for this kind of behavior, and this is the second time, at least, they have done a boneheaded stunt. It is not funny.

  • MIkeDaTyger

    Although horribly inappropriate, this particular frat has been doing this for years (I was at LSU in the late 70’s). From shooting Santa at the Children’s home to hanging politically insensitive signs, that’s what they do. Shock and Awe. For better or worse, we have always ignored the Deke’s, but you have given them exactly what they wanted, national exposure. Congratulations. If you want another offensive sign, come back next week and every week after. They’ve been hanging them for years. Why someone is noticing it now is typical media sensationalism.

  • http://yahoo neil bonney`

    Well as much as I dislike the sign..
    What has happend to FREEDOM OF SPEECH?
    Last I knew it is still part of the U.S.A
    Even if that speech is infact stupid!

    • Amy

      Everyone has freedom of speech. They have freedom of speech to put up their idiotic signs and the world has the freedom to call them douchebags and show their douchebaggery.

  • AlexDeLarge

    If the mayor of Boston can suggest that Detroit be bombed after bombs at the Boston marathon had such a positive impact in Boston, why should a few people killed over 40 years ago matter? The expressing of death, mutilation and destruction of Americans by Americans must send waves of jubilant victorious joy to anti-American terrorist around the world. Got any good 911 jokes?

  • http://lsu.edu Jimmy Carter

    Freedom of speech is a right. To use sarcasm to point out a failed government is also a right.

    People are still angry about the failures of Vietnam during Kennedy and Johnson and now with 4 wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, the government leaders are failing again.

    At least Nixon brought our brave soldiers home.