Louis Tomlinson Bashes Journalist Who 'Said' He's Gay

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Louis Tomlinson is very unhappy with a journalist who reported about the One Direction singer, and insinuated he might be gay.

The headline in question, which was published in The Telegraph, read “Louis Tomlinson supports gay Apple CEO Tim Cook--days after Harry Styles‘ comments on gender and sexuality.” It pictured Louis wearing an Apple t-shirt with the original logo on the front, which happens to be of a rainbow.

The 1D singer subsequently bashed the journalist through a series of tweets--some of which he has since removed from his Twitter account.

The journalist had plenty to say to Louis Tomlinson in response, however, and she didn't take her posts down.

It sort of sounds like Louis Tomlinson is the one in the wrong here. The journalist, Jenn Selby, makes a very strong point when she says that 'being called 'gay' should never be insulting & that standing up for #LGBT rights is an admirable thing to do.' Did the One Direction hunk actually hint in his missing tweets that being gay is wrong?

Here are Louis' two remaining tweets from his bashing of Jenn Selby.

And that second tweet is akin to his saying, 'Let's change the subject now.'

What's your take on Louis Tomlinson and the journalist he is accusing of having called him gay? Which of the two is closer to wrong here?

Kimberly Ripley
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