Lotto Winner Death Is Suspected Drug Overdose

    October 1, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A Michigan woman who won a million dollars in a lotto game and then admitted to receiving food stamps afterward has died, and police are speculating that it was an overdose, as Clayton had a history of prescription drug use.

Amanda Clayton was the subject of some outrage after it was discovered that she hadn’t reported her winnings last September to the Michigan offices which dispensed her aid, and was subsequently still receiving $200 a month in food stamps. She was eventually charged with welfare fraud after using more than $5,475 of the state’s money for food and medical assistance and plead no contest in July, when she was sentenced to probation.

Clayton was found in her Ecorse, Michigan home over the weekend; an autopsy and toxicology report are pending. Sadly, it was reported that her young daughter was with the body at the time. No other information has been given about the little girl.

“The Amanda I knew was caring person,” said Josh Ormanian, Clayton’s former boyfriend. “She did care. She went down the wrong path, she got the money, got the freedom, and felt like she could do whatever she wanted. Some people don’t have will power.”

  • Tyrone Shoelaces

    Ain’t karma a real bitch?

  • Gary

    Tyrone .. You GOT THAT RITE!!!

  • Star

    Very sad.

    • http://yahoo karl

      such a waste…RIP

    • sarab32

      Sympathy for what/who/why???? No loss imho…

  • John Depp

    Tyrone, have some sympathy!

  • Josue

    what a cruel world we live in

  • George


    • John

      what was god thinking by leaving a young child alone with her dead mother, why should she suffer too under gods tutledge?

  • http://yahoo.com Tawayne

    Amanda, it’s obvious this young lady didn’t have God in her life, the devil took advantage of her new found wealth and became the destructive force in her life. This is why you must give praise to God Almighty when you receive any blessing no matter how big or small.

  • juanitajimenez


    • ShellyJaye

      She had a problem and She didnt “DESERVE” to
      Die! What if that was your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, neice etc..How Very Heartless of you!!

      • http://yahoo renee

        amen to that so this lady was doing something right cause she still had her daughter, we all do some wrong things in our life but it you don’t know a person you can not judge them.DEAR LORD PLEASE HELP THIS FAMILY AND GUIDE THEM THE RIGHT WAY AN HELP THEM BE STRONG THREW THIS TROUBLE TIME.AMEN I DON’T WISH NO LUCK LIKE THAT FOR ANYONE TO DIE MATTERS WHAT THE PROBLEM IS.

    • cookie

      The situation is sad and she needed help. No one deserves to die that way. i hope the person who made that comment doesnot fall upon hard times. I pray God has mercy on there soul.

    • Jussy S

      I think regardless if she was an addict or not, she was STILL somebody’s family member/loved one. I think the situation is unfortunate however it doesn’t make it okay for someone to say she got what she deserved. Majority of people who have addiction problems do not get the proper help they need until it’s too late. It’s upsetting that instead of a condelonce for her family and friends she’s belittled. I think the REAL problem here is not the fact that she was a drug addict or that she won the lotto, it’s how we as people come together.

    • http://webpronews/life paulette

      wow what a nasty comment to make ..it hasnt even ben provin that it was an overdose..judge not lest ye be judged or find yourself in the same sim..God have mercy and help us all

    • gilbert

      One of our besetting sins is our judgement of one another.This despite the fact that our Master JESUS CHRIST has commanded us not to be judgemental
      So often our ideas about others are based on totally or false assumptions or erroneous presentations by others about the person or persons in question.We often go through life thinking conclusions that have little or no basis in reality

  • Regina M

    I don’t feel sad for her only because she couldn’t get it together enough to remember her child is the one who will be lost without her. Drug addiction is a shitty thing and if you’re not strong enough to beat it, it will pull you down til eventually it pulls you under…six feet under.

  • http://yahoo Audrey

    Goes to show me, money can’t buy peace of mind. I hope she finds peace now.

  • Kathy

    Everyone has their comments, but who here has dealt with an addict? It’s a disease, and sometimes the disease wins. Yes, she had a daughter, and I’m sure it was an ACCIDENT! Have some compassion people. Until you walk in their shoes…..Nobody wants to be an addict. Geeze!!

    • Dre Magnifico

      Addiction is not a disease.addiction is weakness,and not having personal power.If your fat,and still becoming more obese cause you eat to many twinkies,or your a diabetic,and just cant stop drinking sodas,or if your a junkie,and keep doing drugs-its not a disease.Grow some balls-take control of your life,and quit saying I have a God Damn diseaese you weak Morons.You probally think you have restless leg syndrome,and your kids have A.D>D for that matter,cause some moronic doctor told you so.

      • carla

        I love this, it is so so true.

      • http://www.webpronews.com/lotto-winner-death-is-suspected-drug-overdose-2012- Hanna

        And what educational letters do you have after your name to back up your, uh, opinion? Fact? Medical Journal Knowledge? Dum da dum dum DUMMMM, quite sad.

  • Jen

    Isn’t it ironic… don’t you think?

  • billy

    Looks like she screwed her child and herself on this deal. If she did not take to lump sum then the money stops and the state of Michigan keeps the rest of it. If she did take to lump sum then without a will the child dad will get the money ( keeping it for the child ) but it will be gone before the child is of age . The only big loser in this deal is the child no mom no money no kiss just screwed in the game of life

  • Lungs_of_Steel

    Too many judgmental people on this site, if not out there in the world. Sure, the lady may have had issues, but sometimes it’s just best to STFU.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/lotto-winner-death-is-suspected-drug-overdose-2012- Nancy Bierer

      Good comment! See mine above Lungs of Steel!

  • Keezy

    People are so heartless! What if that was your loved one! Half of these people writing crazy comments wouldnt know what to do if they hit the lotto and won that much money as well!!!

  • kirkncal

    how is it karma tyrone. im an addict and i struggle everyday damn day to stay clean. When your using, you dont see what damage your doing to yourself and your family. Its sad cause that little girl doesnt have a mommy any more. And it happens every day but no one hears about unless your a lotto winner

    • IronMike

      Yep..but *no one’s* going to understand what you’re (we’re) talking about. Everyone thinks it’s a “choice” to stay on drugs and ruin everone’s (loved ones/family) lives and scam the system any way we know how. Yeah there :ARE: people like that (that should be obvious) but *no*, not all people on prescription drugs become addicts. I had back reconstruction and afterwards was on every hardcore drug you can think of..and I slowly took myself off :every: one of them (Methadone, Oxy, Dilaudid, Fentanyl, etc.) ..as I was :that: determined. I have a College degree (that I worked my A$$ of for and worked through and paid off (*no* help through family and/or loans). I finally went back to work to a job I :LOVE: and that’s WAY better than being high. The point being..that you can’t possibly know what it’s like unless you go through it. You can make all the judgements you want but…yeah, you DO NOT know. Period. “kirkncal” I hope like hell you continue to stay clean and sober..if not, email me. Anytime. To these people that’ve never gone through it…LOL..continue to pontificate and good luck with that. I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to have gone through ‘Nam….same thing. CYA

    • Laura

      kirkncal, I agree it is not karma! I had arthroscopic shoulder surgery & thankfully a physical therapist who reminded me that nutrition is key to healing otherwise the area would be a sore spot & no amount of pain meds would end the pain. It’s definitely horrid that medication to help with illness can be hurtful! I can’t imagine what your struggle every day is like, but I can say I’m supportive of your success to stay clean. Hold on to the reality that you can succeed and that are not alone; birds sing and winds blow; you are a success!

  • Jon Finch

    She took advantage of the system and we all paid for her to do it. The money she took (foodstamps) is needed elsewhere when we are in debt. I wouldn’t wish her death, but I’m not terribly sympathetic towards someone who wins the lottery, collects money she doesn’t need from tax payers and then overdoses.

    • teresa

      wow you a heartless person im a tax payer and i dont feel like that i dont care if your are a millionaire everyone messes up in life NO ONE IS PERFECT. AND IF YOUR SO PERFECT WHY ARE YOU ON THE INTERNET INSTEAD OF BEING AT WORK??????????????????

      • Jane

        The same reason why your perfect butt is on here, Teresa… and I agree with Jon all the way. RIP, THIEF!

  • crsuttles

    I have been trying to get help for a family member that is addicted to pain killers prescribed by doctors, but when you have money and/or insurance, the recovery homes want a huge chunk up front, and the minute you tell them that you do not have $3,000-$6,000 to give them, just to allow your loved one in, then it is like you hit the mute button, because they surely stop talking immediately. It is more about the money than helping other humans. Given, my family member is not as bad as a lot of people may be, but addiction is addiction, and it is a disease. i pray for this baby girl and other loved ones that will be affected by this young woman’s passing.

    • Hoping

      I pray that your loved one seeks and receives the help they need. Talk to social services of your state. They may know of a program. Having family members that battle addictions I do know one thing for 100% certain. If the person WANTS help they will
      succeed. If they enjoy it too much or just don’t want help, it is a losing battle. Again, If THEY want help, not me or you. Also, very important that they realize yes I HAVE A PROBLEM. If they don’t say that again a losing battle. Good luck and God Bless you

      • sandra

        Im glad to see that there are still good people in this world. responding in such a kind way to those that society labels as outcast.. I had an addiction for 20 years and thank God for my loved ones I got thru- it and Quit. I wanted it so bad to be free from the clutches of addiction i tried going to get help but had no insurance… nontheless I never gave up. Im so grateful for all those who stood by my side.. dont give up on he or she. love conquers all

  • clayvonj

    Sometimes…. dead is better……

    • Cathy B

      very rarely!

  • clayvonj

    sometimes… dead is better…

    • BS3000

      First of all, anyone can make mistakes in life and turn their life around. Who are you to say she should burn in hell. Perhaps if you’d made better decisions in your own life you wouldn’t need to request assistance (Regardless of the state of the economy). My husband, children and myself could use some help being that I am no longer employed with 3 children, but I am attending school for my Bachelors. Further more the decisions that I made unfortunately weren’t the best financially, but God is good and we will be back on our feets eventually. STOP Being Judgemental!!!

    • http://YAHOO BGLO

      it was Kim who sent her condolences, put on your glasses, its kinda hard to see who said what, you are right for the wrong person though

  • Kymberly Wilson

    Its a crying shame that her little girl will now grow up with no mommy, but its a blessing that she’s no longer in the care of an addict!! People like her deserves what she gets as I am a hard working citizen that needs help and can’t receive it b/c there are so many dishonest people taking advantage of the system!! Burn in hell addict!!!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/lotto-winner-death-is-suspected-drug-overdose-2012- Nancy Bierer

      It is even sadder when self-rightous, ignorant people write mindless crap as Ms. Kimberly Wilson felt compelled to do. Yes, it is tragic that the little girl will have to grow up without a mom. Very tragic! It is also very tragic that her mom was unlucky enough to win the lottery and receive a large sum of money while in the grips of active addiction. I am sure she felt super-lucky, even though in reality it is one of the worst things to happen to an addict who is actively using drugs; there is no chance of controlling or moderating, it’s all part of the disease. There’s no excuse for not notifying social services to let them know food stamps no longer necessary. Most likely it was one of the hundreds of things that should have been on her ‘to-do’ list that probably didn’t exist if this woman was using drugs. I am not speaking out for drug addicts! I am speaking out because so many people remain uninformed about the origin of addiction, still! Addicts and Alcoholics are born with a gene that predisposes them to falling prey to the heart-breaking DISEASE of addiction. That’s right! It is a disease, just like diabetes is a disease. Addicts are human beings, they are siblings, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, etc. Most likely there are loved ones shedding tears over this woman’s life being snuffed out due to such a heinous disease. Addiction destroys a person, physically and emotionally. I doubt when she was a little girl that she wanted to grow up to be a drug addict. It is nothing but cruel to write such uneducated ‘blow’ when a grieving mother or brother may stumble across. It is highly irritating that people lacking basic facts feel their reactions are ‘read-worthy’, when in actuality, their heart-less and cruel words towards a recently deceased woman are nothing but worthless blow!

  • http://www.googlecrome eva schmidt

    i send my condolances

  • Sandra

    You think money will solve your problems, but sometimes it only compounds them.

  • Sandra

    You think money will solve your problems, but sometimes, it only compounds them.

  • dora

    it was murder

  • http://att.net jamessiever

    i know it was messed up that she kept getting food stamps when she won but if none of you have never been addict then you dont know how hard it is so the one that said for her she got what she deserver what whould one of you that talked bad about her had a kid that got hooked on some kind of durgs

  • Terry

    She got just what she wanted…….. One less Obama supporter, her kid is no longer being raised by a crank head, and one less person milking the system, so I guess there is a happy ending here.

    • stopallthehate

      a person died and your are saying one less person in the world wow how very sad of someone like you…. i swear you people make everything wrong in the world all about Obama SMH i know you were raised better than to act like that

      • http://YAHOO BGLO

        you are so stupid it bites….and BITE ME,TRY NOT TO BLAME THAT ONE ON ROMNEY!

    • http://Webpronews Liz

      @Terry It is so sad to know that there are people like you on this earth. You are a terrible human being!

    • Jane

      Thats kind of cold.I dont know what world you come from but death is never a happy ending especially if that person didnt directly do any personal harm to you.How about you let God be the judge and what has Obama got to do with anything

    • ana calcano

      you suck, when a dead person makes you think of a happy ending !

    • Cindy

      Terry, you are a cold, subhuman idiot!!!!!

    • Steve

      Terry -your an asshole!

    • T

      Whoa. You are one heartless SOB. And a waste of human flesh.

    • Jeff

      Ditto!!! Could not agree more!

  • Ron

    I hope enough of the money is left to provide for her daughter.

  • http://yahoo randy

    i married a crack/coke head in 1990 and didnt find out until 9 mos later she stole arroud 14,500,00 of my money that i had saved before i ever met her to buy a house an addict will do any to get their drugs they say its a sickness or a diseese to me its self inflicted and there no excuse for it

  • Just Sayin’

    It seems as if it only takes reading about a stranger who still receives government aid after winning the lottery for a number of people to want her dead! Even to the point of not caring about publicly stating their death wishes towards her on the Internet for all to read. I agree that she did wrong and should have paid the money back and the fine the crime entails. Prayers and rehab also should have happened. I don’t understand how so many “good” people can be worked up into a media heightened anger towards her to the point of being glad she is dead!!? Check yourself,(and your torches and pitchforks) people! It would be my guess that either someone with the same attitude either murdered her or drove her to suicide. And imagine you are her little girl or her mother reading this someday.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/lotto-winner-death-is-suspected-drug-overdose-2012- Nancy Bierer

    Any you learned this how? Are you an MD? A psychiatrist perhaps? Psychologist? So very enlightening. Wow man, like wow.

  • Lisa

    I reside in Michigan and unfortunately they are a lot of people like her that try to scam the government but if you think about it, the government scams us all the time so why not? but i know it doesnt make it right for what she did, she was obviously a white trash piece of shit.
    This article does not tell the whole story about her and since i live in Michigan, i have heard on the local news about her so she was definitely white trash and i feel sad for her daughter.
    Hopefully one of her family members will take care of her and they are not like her mom.

    • cg

      Let me see if I get this straight, you care about her daughter enough to call her dead mother white trash?

      • al

        Is not right to judge the children by the parents. A child can not help what the parents does.

    • Kitty L. Decot

      I know this is a public forum & anyone can say anything, but your comment was ignorant & completely lacking in empathy towards this unfortunate young woman, and especially her child. You should educate yourself about drug/alcohol abuse & the truly tragic scenarios that come about often times because the addict/alcoholic does not or will not get help. Such unfortunates are suffering from a disease, and family members/friends are also many times either enablers, or victims of the abusers themselves.

      This person, or anyone else for that matter, does NOT deserve the title of “white trash” you so self-righteously tagged her with. Yes, she made bad choices; and yes, she probably needed help; but you are despicable in your choice of words. This woman’s child will probably need professional help in dealing with her mother’s death; I can only imagine the terror, confusion and horror this poor kid felt.

      I hope that you are not around if a family member or person you care about falls into a substance-abuse crisis, you are the last person they need. Educate yourself before you wag that pathetically ignorant tongue again!!!

      • Glp4me

        Thank you for your post! I kept reading these comments until I found one “Worth” reading. I am finished now… I am absolutely annoyed at all of the “mindless” comments I have seen. Amanda, her daughter and her family are in my prayers

  • Twinkletoes

    And you wonder why we want ALL welfare/food stamp recipients to get drug tested? There you go…almost all the young men in Jax FL that get free phones also in CLE OH are using it for drug-related transactions….just ask some social workers and undercover cops. WAKE up voters…too many freebies going out to those who do NOT need it.

    • AARON

      what about the freebies going to wall street and the oil companies? idiot. you deserve your miserable life. you’re too dumb to see the real enemy.

    • Vladimir

      Yea ain’t it funny how there is incredible outrage at some poor soul who was collecting food stamps, then hit’s the lottery and keeps collecting them, for a GRAND TOTAL OF $5,000 and bankers and wallstreet tycoons STEAL trillions, that’s right TRILLIONS WITH A ‘T’, and there is barely a peep out of anyone!!!!
      That is what is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!

    • grindl

      bitch u crazy

    • http://www.webpronews.com Mimi

      I agree with you. The people of the USA needs to speak out and get some help DRUG TESTING everyone who gets food stamps and Medicaid. I am soooooo tired of seeing people come to get free food who have I phone and we need to march on washington and demand all of these drug dealers and users to give up the children until they clean up and GET A JOB>

      • C313C

        Ok, seriously? Testing for Medicaid? The expensive ratholes in the health care industry are already racking up on the prices of insurance for someone to even afford it. No one can trade in their Medicaid cards for money or drugs. There are people seriously in need of that service, regardless of their vises.

  • CatherineB

    The LORD Have nothing to do with it…a life without him is lost..he give us the opportunity to choose life or death… we all have a choice!!!addicts have a choice. The LORD is able to heal all our hurts and pain IF WE LET HIM!!!

    • MSB


  • teresa

    imagine that – an overdose involving someone on welfare!!!! had she not been an addict, most likely she would have been able to hold a job instead of letting the state take care of her. and speaking of that, if she’s on welfare, how could she afford lottery tickets in the first place??? lot of holes in this sad & pathetic story – the ones who always loose in the end are the little ones. so sad for them.

    • grindl

      what make u think a person on food stamps cant get lottry ticket get real

      • American Worker

        True enough, the people that get welfare are usually the ones buying tickets when they should be buying food and clothes for the kids. But she was so morally bankrupt that she continued to rip off the goverment even after she had money to live on! Most people could live well for many years off half a million if they didn’t spend it all on useless crap and then go back to living off the goverment again. No sympathy for her here! The poor child is the big loser here.

    • AARON

      yeah, teresa, because rich people never overdose. what a moron.


    O.M.G., MY Dad had this big bulging sore on his waist…


    • http://YAHOO MIKE NELSON


      • suzy

        mersa, u need a doctor for anibiotics, let ur girlfriend know that is contagious.

      • http://www.pilonidal.org/ You have an ingrown hair

        You have a pilonidal sinus, or more commonly known as an ingrown hair. Its been festering for months maybe years and as the hair has kept on owing and has caused an abcess. Go to the website and the doctor will give you antibiotics or recommend surgery. It is also know as GIs bum.

      • sylvia

        sounds like a staff infection. most likely you will need antibiotics. watch out because it can spread. just make sure you wash your hands very good every time you touch it to clean it. it should heal without treatment but you will have to keep cleaning it, yes i think peroxide would work. I had a boyfriend who had something similer to what you say you have and he gave it to me because he didnt wash his hands after touching it.. but I used alcahol and peroxide boy did it burn didnt feel like it was healing fast enough so my girlfriend brought me some antibiotics that she had from a prior injury that she didnt finish taking so I tried them and sure enough it went away and the results were fast. I did have to use some scaring cream after it healed because it left a really bad scar you can still see. just glad it went away, I too did not have health insurance self diagnosis is sometimes what you gotta do.. Hope your treatment works.. Just keep it clean n dry..

  • Elizabeth

    I feel sorry for her, her family and her little one. She obviously was ill and needed help, God Rest her soul and bring peace to her family.

  • gll

    karma is a bitch, I pray for the innocent lil girl whose mom obviously loved drugs more than her own daughter

    • AARON

      what about when this woman was an innocent girl, too? you’re a judgmental a-hole.

  • http://yahoo Mr. Pain

    And the problem is? The bleeding has stopped. No more problem.

    • http://yohoom langhing

      you are right.

    • http://yohoom langhing

      everyone has different ways to live. we canot change others opinion.The most important thing is you know how to live.

  • Joe Symtok

    Lotto winners have a tendency of turning up prematurely dead. Search out stories regarding lotto winners in the usa and you’d be surprised how many of them turned up dead.

    • ddd

      people let jealousy choose their path

    • frank

      you are so vary rite

  • JPL


    • Just don’t give a f**k

      F*ck everyone with a negative comment. Addiction is a sickness 100% of American citizens will deal with some form of mental illness from general or clinical depression in their lives, and unfortunately without proper training self diagnosis is a lot harder than self medicating. Anytime a life is cut short, especially, because of addiction or otherwise it is a sad loss. In addition, she was a mother her child didn’t deserve any of you self righteous, pretentious, ignorant S.O.B.’s comments. Karma so many mentionings of that, however, if you, your mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, grandma, grandpa etc.. die prematurely is that what you and yours get for your insensitivity to the death of a young mother????? Lastly over 78% of the working class population in the U.S. is one paycheck away from poverty!! Judge and let be judged I have never been so disgusted by such ignorance.:-(

      • kathy

        I agree. People don’t realize addition is definitely a sickness. Would you say the same if she died of cancer or something elese. People are very ignornant that don’t know the disease of addiction and what they struggle with. So unless you know the facts you should keep your comments to yourself.

  • Rosalie

    Sad that she choose to end her life- looks like she could repay for her debt and get through it! Suicide is the permanent solution to a temporary problem!! Sorry for her and her daughter.

  • She-she

    So sad. No one would have known and I would have left the state!

  • Bogus Didley

    There is severe greiving tonight in the degenerate gambler community and food stamp abusers kingdom!

    • jd

      ass hole

  • Cherie

    not all people on welfare are on drugs but the ones that r r making it bad for the people who really need food stamps.Don’t blame it on drugs rich people do drugs and r overdosing and dying. So don’t blame the welfare people. Maybe blame it on society or the government. We can’t make on no minimum wage job. No one should go hungry in this world. Things need to be changed so we can make it in life.

    • Brawn

      Does anyone believe in personal responsibility anymore? She is to blame for her actions.

  • nikki

    I feel sorry for the poor little girl without a mom now I also feel bad that the mother could not think of anything else to do with her money but to get high but if you remeber back when she had an interview on the news about the foodstamps she also seem to may have some mental issues going on and for the asshole that said give drug test to people thats on welfare stop being ignorant and stereotyping dont get it twisted some of us are smart and have some good things going for ourselves because i get assistance and im a full time employee and im also a junior in college with a 3.7 average so stop judging. Anyway hated for the daughter and sorry mom did not get help with her addiction in time.

  • Lucifer

    Amanda wants to know, “Even though I’m dead, can I still get food stamps and vote in Michigan?”

    • Jimbo

      I bet she can if Obama gets a second term!

  • brian Baybo

    So sad, lotto winner or not…

  • Thor the mighty love hammer

    Hahahaha now thats funny. Guess her number came up one last time. Good riidance to her

    • melissa

      some people just are too stupid to exist and you fall into that catagory. you know nothing about that woman whatsoever no one really does so stop playing judge and jury in a situation your far from qualified to have an opinion in.

    • jeff berin

      THOR, YOU DESERVE YOUR NUMBER TO COME UP, AND EVERYONE LAUGH AT YOUR DEMISE!!!!!! She had a little girl who discovered her mom, her lifeline, dead……what’s funny about that asshole? Rethink your own actions, and muster some of the class that may or may not be deep within you…may she rest in peace……..j

    • Carrie

      What an idiot you are. I hope when your number comes up the world laughs and spits right in your face.

  • Mic Auten

    People WAKE UP. Our Government sold us out with NAFTA. Big business owners are getting rich off of NAFTA and the working class is getting taxed to the MAX. The Government does not care about the working class just the money from taxes that it can TAKE from us. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  • Justice

    I guess any money received that can be taxed is considered income. Maybe she did not know that. I hope she still had some money left for her children and that they and not someone else was named as beneficiary. As for the stupid comments…..some of you were apparently raised and breed by wolves…no human decency.

  • amy denby

    people r people they do drugs with ehatever resources they have you dont have to be on welfare to get high !!! dont hate!!!!

    • susan hendrix

      So true anyone can feel the need to try anything to change what we have been through or done but the truth is we cant change or turn back time its hard I have 4yrs 9mo clean n sober move forward do some work and forgive yourself and god will see you through

  • Lia

    I would hate to be the bearer fo bad news but LOVE to bring the reality to a situation. I have 10 years clean from a multitude of drugs. Please know that during my tenor in that hell, I got high with doctors (leaving the high spot going to work), lawyers, athletes, welfare recipients, judges, the judges daugters, you name it. Drugs and the bad choices to begin them does not discriminate. It is just unfortunate 5that she couldn’t see a different wya of life through that. Sometimes people just don’t know how to stop. Once you begin to think of the people you’ve hurt, the things you have done, etc. It is to much to emotionally bear without the right support.

  • http://yahoo edna


  • gtmike

    GOD BLESS HER. no mater what the the state did to her god dose not make
    mistakes. We all know the states Goverment and rich are over stepping USA with if they dont like it is is eleagle.

  • Sidewinder7

    I side with those who’d rather not judge and degrade this woman, and to remain mindful of the fact that there are always 2 sides to every story. It’s my guess that she may have had some “issues”, but only those who knew here would know of them. Therefore, it’s really not my place to sit in judgement, of someone with so little information.

    What concerns me most is, the fact that a good many people, still don’t grasp the fundamental concept of addiction or addictive behavior.Amanda’s X-boyfriend exemplified this with the remark
    (MYTH) ” Some people don’t have will power.” For many years, and to this today, addicts– drugs and/or booze–have been labeled as weak in character or having no will power. First and foremost, HE IS DEAD WRONG!
    (FACT) Addiction has NOTHING to do with a person’s “character”, and even LESS to do with ones’ “will power”.
    The next foible laden concept to follow is the question
    (MYTH) “Why don’t they just stop drinking, smoking,..etc. etc.? Well, first of all, that brand of so-called “logic” (aka – “cartoon thinking”) shows a complete lack of understanding about the concept of addiction.
    Next time anyone has the urge to ask someone that, or a similar question, please consider this first. If it were that easy, the addict would have stopped using a long time ago, and he/she would no longer have a problem, would they? However, he/she STILL has a problem, because he/she STILL continues to use, despite the fact it’s caused a lot of issues. That should tell even the most simple-minded of individuals, that
    (FACT) maybe, there’s another factor which prompts the addict to continue to use!
    AH HA! “EUREKA”! Yes, there “several” somethings”. I’ll mention the 2 biggest factors which fuel this undesirable behavior.
    #1) Regular use of any given substance/substances, physiologically alters the chemistry and function of the brain. This factor fuels “cravings”, when the addict attempts to abstain, and it’s the likely culprit when someone “falls off the wagon”, after a period of abstinence The extent of the damage depends on 1) the substance in question,
    2) length of prolonged use
    3) genetic make-up, and other factors relevant to the individual-age, family history/predisposition, etc. etc.). It doesn’t take decades of prolonged use for these changes to occur. I’m not a chemist/scientist, thus I cant render a step-by-step analysis of how a given substance affects the brain’s neurotransmitters, and rate at which the synapses take place, and so on and so forth.
    I do know, that methamphetamine, amphetamines (and to some extent, cocaine) affect the production of dopamine–which we produce naturally. However, these drugs further stimulate its production. When the user abstains, the levels of dopamine production drops drastically (hence the cause for feeling groggy, depressed, unusually sleepy). Brain scans taken of x-addicts who’ve abstained for several years,
    had far lower levels of dopamine production compared to those who never used–EVEN AFTER several YEARS of NON USE!.
    Okay, that’s the semi-scientific “short answer”, to the question “Why don’t you just quit”, for those who struggle with an addiction to stimulant drugs. (Alcohol’s damage may not be as seemingly irreversible, but it’s effect is complex—all of the info is readily available online). I explained the general idea of the changes stimulants can have on brain function, as a means to provide some basic insight about addiction and addictive behavior.

    #2 factor) genetic predisposition –The notion that some people are more “prone” to addiction, more easily than others — has become a focus of further study more recently. Obviously, family history (“genetic coding”) is a determinate, but ethnicity can factor into the ‘equation” also. – American Indians and those of Irish lineage tend to have a greater predisposition for alcohol abuse than those of Jewish descent, is one example.
    Personally, I believe that the “addictive gene” is just as real as the “fat gene”, is to those who literally exist on a diet of rabbit food, who work out 2 hrs/day 5 days/week, yet they constantly battle obesity. Meanwhile, there are those who consume 4,000 – 5,000 calories daily, who sit in front of the T.V every waking minute, who are thin as a rail.
    Bottom line: Please don’t be so judgemental about those who struggle with addiction. Just thank your lucky stars that you, or someone you love, has been fortunate enough to avoid it, and pray that it will continue. For those with a “cavalier” attitude of callousness, you might try to cultivate a little compassion and humility. You can’t be certain it won’t affect your life in some way, at some point, If/when that should happen, would you want others to take that same attitude towards you?Unless you have ice water, instead of blood in your veins, I DOUBT IT!
    For those who still struggle with it, PLEASE, I urge you– DON’T GIVE UP. I’ve struggled with it and have finally “broken free”, after many years of addiction to one thing or another. It’s NOT easy, but it IS POSSIBLE. If you fall of “the wagon”, don’t beat yourself up too badly over it. Just get back on it, and try to stay on it. I fell off the wagon about 20 times before I finally kicked my “coke” habit. I stayed on for good since 1999. Two things that helped most, was 1) I prayed to my creator to grant me the strength 2) Educate yourself. Information is a great weapon. I learned as much as I could about addiction, educate myself about addiction, what causes it, why we fail, stories about those who’d recovered.

  • dave

    You have to concede that she was an addict first.The money just compiled with the addiction.
    That is a very heavy load.
    I know,I had a friend get 6 thousand and blow it on coke.He died a week later.
    I got 4 thousand,I survived.I got clean..7 years now.
    Money changes you,and the people around you.Sad to see such a nice looking girl be a victim of “burdens”.