Lost Creator Damon Lindelof Goes on Epic Twitter Rant About Justin Bieber’s Spiky Yellow Hat

    February 28, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Overnight, Lost co-creator Damon Linedelof discovered and then spent many hour tweeting about Justin Bieber’s spiky yellow hat (pictured both above and below, for maximum emphasis).

Here is that epic rant, presented without further commentary.

Lindelof warned his followers that he was going to spend the next 9 hours tweeting about Justin Bieber’s hat, so at least there’s that.

And so he did:

Eventually, he started feeling the wrath of the Belieber army on Twitter:

Bieber has yet to respond on Twitter.

  • RD

    He has ‘SEE’ written on his glasses. I think everyone realises he’s a nob, no need to spend 9 hours thinking about it – everyone else has moved on.

  • http://roycobden.wordpress.com/ RC

    Ridiculous Hat — $25

    Days worth of media “buzz”
    (incl backlinks, press,
    fans, followers, etc) — Priceless.

    Any questions, suckers?