Loretta Lynn “Physically Unable” to Perform

    October 30, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Loretta Lynn, one of the most popular faces in country music for generations, has had to cancel two shows in Iowa due to exhaustion. However, the star is slated to reschedule both shows.

“The Coal Miner’s Daughter” singer has recently been recovering from a strenuous Canadian tour, which may have contributed to her reason for cancelling.

According to a statement from the singer’s personal website, the star was not feeling well enough to perform to the standard in which she wanted to give her fans.

“Lynn started feeling poorly midway through her three week tour. Lynn is a pro and wants to give her fans the best show possible. She felt she physically was unable to do that,” the statement read.

Lynn was born and raised in eastern Kentucky and described her childhood through an autobiography of the same title as her popular hit, “The Coal Miner’s Daughter” that is still well-known today. In fact, the living legend remains one of the most recognizable names in the country music business even today.

Fans are showing their concern and support for the talented singer by posting get well messages through Loretta Lynn’s official Twitter page.

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  • http:midnightbookworm.net Vin Smith

    …I caught Loretta’s show at the Mid State Fair in Paso Robles in the seventies. She is perhaps the greatest performer ever.

  • d

    An incredible voice and an amazing lady. I can’t believe she’s still touring.

  • David Breese

    You ARE amazing..A gift of generosity & kind spirit of soul shared with the world, Get yourself healthy..THAT,Overrides everything

  • Jess

    Loretta can sit back and enjoy her life she don’t need tp preform any more

    She syill a great singer

  • Shelia

    Good grief! Isn’t she about a 100 yrs old?!!! Stay home woman!

    • chrystine collins-blums

      She is 81 years old if the birthday listed is correct. She certainly has earned the right to retire but it isn’t anyone’s business whether she wants to still tour. Why be unkind?

    • USMC 69/75

      Good grief! What are you just a un-compassionate, heartless, brain dead person? Stay off the computer troll!

    • Kiffie

      Shelia, you don’t get it. Loretta’s love for her fans is genuine and deeply felt, something she shares with “her generation” of country music stars. That is the reason they enjoy such enduring popularity. There is no condescending or arrogant attitude so prevalent with artists in other genres. And Loretta is not selfish with the limelight — she’s a cheerleader for newer country singers, which shows how classy she is.

  • Jim


  • carol

    Loretta, you have given so much Joy and good memories to us all. Please rest, hunny, you deserve it.

  • Robert Riddlebaugh

    Get better soon you have been through a lot and are the strongest person I know. Love you from the bottom of my heart.XOXOXOXO

  • RLL

    I am a great Loretta Lynn fan since I was 18 years old.
    I met her once when I was 19 with a back stage pass my Dad got for me for my birthday & we met her on her private bus.
    I have a picture of her & I on her private bus which I will treasure always.
    I will always love her.

  • Karen Lindegren

    Dear Lynn,
    I saw you in concert a several years ago in Lemoore, CA. I thoroughly enjoy your music. I pray you feel better soon!
    I love you.

  • joann dungan

    I am praying for you and I love all your songs and the show The Coal Miner’s Daughter

  • Shirley Collins

    Sheila, that was an awful remark you made!!! If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!!!Loretta, you are a wonderful, beautiful, woman and singer!!! I saw you in May, you put a great concert on!!!I’ve loved your music for many, many years!!! Please get well soon, my friend, I want to hear you singing for a long, long time!!! Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery!! Take care, love ya!!! OX OX <3

  • sue80

    Has she had some work done?

  • Pianist

    Loretta Lynn is one the last of CLASSIC country entertainers! I’ve always admired the way she dresses when on stage. Her heart and soul truly epitomizes what “country” is all about. A class act all the way!!!!

  • http://Yahoo ATeengar

    Went through my life time listening to your music. You are truly the queen of real country music. Your music is the cream of country music. You sing country music the way it should be sung. I bet God has chosen you to sing with the angel band in heaven.

  • http://facebook.com Linda W

    Love you Loretta. I have watched you since you first became a famous star. Don’t listen to everyone else. You deserve a time to relax and get better. May God bless you for giving you a beautiful voice. I love to sing but I don’t have a great voice. Keep singing because you bring joy to me when I hear your songs. Get Well. Take care of yourself. Wish you could come to Owenton, Ky (Owen Cty) us 127 N.

  • dotisblessed

    She looks well for 81 but, yeah, she should not push herself this hard; she had a nervous breakdown at a much younger age when she became overworked this way. I think she should stick with the occasional appearance.

    I wish you well Loretta!

  • http://Yahoo Jack spears

    YOUR THE BEST GET WELL BABY : I’m the lucky one because we are BEST BUDDY’S see you soon Love You Jack