London Riot Victim Gets Social Media Help To Fix Destroyed Barbershop

89-year-old Aaron Biber needs donations to repair the damage done by rioters

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London Riot Victim Gets Social Media Help To Fix Destroyed Barbershop
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Social media has been an integral part of the riots in England, both for good and for bad. Though many blame quick, wide-scale communication for mobilizing and then prolonging the riots, social media has also been a tool for good.

For instance, a few days ago Londoners took to Twitter to help orchestrate a giant cleanup operation. Using the @RiotCleanup Twitter account and #riotcleanup hashtag, activists mobilized thousands to take to the streets to aid in the restoration.

One story in particular caught the attention of the internet. An 89-year old barber named Aaron Biber had his barbershop destroyed by rioters. They smashed windows, stole various items and left the inside in a state of disarray. The photo above caught fire online, even appearing on the front page of Reddit a couple days ago under the heading “He’s 89 and just discovered that his barbershop was totally destroyed by London Riots.” That post received 1271 upvotes and over 600 comments.

Mr. Biber’s story was also picked up by various news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal.

Interns at a London advertising agency called BBH decided to take up his cause. Mr. Biber said that he would likely have to shut down his shop because he doesn’t have insurance and can’t afford all the repairs. So the interns decided to raise the money for him through the internet.

They created a blog called Keep Aaron Cutting. Here’s what they say about the project –

Aaron has been in the Tottenham area for 41 years and at 89 is devastated by the damage to his livelihood.

Let’s use the internet, spread this and all donate a couple of quid so Aaron can get his shop back up and running so he will not have to worry how he’s going to make a living at his old age.

They are asking that people use social media to spread the story, in hopes that they can raise enough money to clean up his shop. currently, over 8,500 people have shared the blog page via Twitter and over 11,200 have shared it to Facebook. People are spreading the word using the Twitter hashtag #KeepAaronCutting.

Here’s a short video that the BBH interns did with Mr. Biber –

Keep Aaron Cutting from BBH Barn on Vimeo.

This fundraising effort is the first project in the BBH intern program “The BBH Barn.” Their aim is to “expand and mix both the power advertising wields and youth’s inherent energy.”

As of right now, the campaign has raised around 31,150 pounds, or around 50,700 American dollars. Sounds like they are well on their way to getting Aaron’s stop back up and running.

London Riot Victim Gets Social Media Help To Fix Destroyed Barbershop
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  • Robert R.

    I don’t know what the deal is in London. Where I live in the United States, we would have beaten the crap out of these rioting punks and have sent them home to their mommies by now. They should read the bible where it says to respect those in authority.

    • Alec Ward

      I don’t know if your part of the US is different to the rest, but are you aware that huge riots have taken place in the US not that many years ago.
      Methinks you brag too much. You can’t even beat the shit out of a few hundred Taliban.

    • John

      I live in the US and riots happen in every country. Please lets not turn this into another bragging contest about which country can handle their s#%$t better. The story is about how social media has the power to hurt and also heal.

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  • http://swiftecurrency.com Nigeria Excchanger

    Wao! this an interesting story…social networks can really help with anything, even in Nigeria it’s doing a lot..

  • http://tax-free-saving-account.biz Michael

    Every single one of these rioters should be arrested , and locked up. People find any excuse to justify their criminal behaviour.
    Get tough on criminals and stop making excuses for them

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    The problem in the uk is the law. If a rioter comes it to your shop & smashes the place up, If you hit him with the first object you can lay your hands on & hurt him badly the police will arrest YOU not him! This also applies on public transport if a yob is threatening some one (old lady) & you hit him YOU will get arrested! this is why stores as in usa do not have security with big sticks once this is changed these things will happen a lot less when they know they could get the crap beaten out of them with no police recourse as they were committing a criminal act.

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