Lohan To Be Charged For Lying About 18-Wheeler Crash

    November 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Lindsay Lohan has had an extremely eventful year. It included a Lifetime movie (“Liz And Dick”), rumors about bad behavior on the set of said Lifetime movie, several hit-and run allegations, a jewelry heist, a recorded fight with her coked-out mom (alleged), and a wreck involving an 18-wheeler. The legal implications of several of those have kept her in the headlines for several months, but now, three months after the fact, she’s facing jail time for lying to police about the accident.

Lohan allegedly told police that she wasn’t driving when the accident–which involved her Porsche slamming into the back of a semi truck–occurred, but now investigators think she was being less than truthful after witnesses say they clearly saw her in the driver’s seat.

Since she’s already on probation for the jewelry incident, the judge could throw her in jail even if she’s not convicted on this charge.

  • Ben

    What do I think? It doesn’t really matter, truth is nothing’s going to happen to her, the judges don’t have the courage to put her in jail, they’d rather let her destroy herself before they’ll “step into the limelight” of all of this! I don’t even know why this question’s being asked…

  • fredjonesiii

    She’s a loser who’s not worth my time.

  • cp123

    Some idiots never get it.

  • fedup

    seriously is anyone interested in this train wreck? OMG MOVE ON…

  • JJ

    Such a shame, the wasted talent. I was so impressed with this kid when she did Parent Trap. :(

  • john

    how about charge her with being an idiot..I think that covers just about anything stupid she can think of

  • John Boy

    Good, Nobody is above the law, she thinks that because she is a celebrity she is above the law, GUESS again. maybe a stint in jail will make her realize that she isn’t all that. As fas as I am concerned she is just another loser.

  • QQmoar

    I’m sure she’s panicking about the comments here on webpronews. Whatever shall she do!?

  • http://yahoo.com Dave

    Just give her another chance! Isn’t that how it works?

  • http://yahoo.com Dave

    Yessir! Jail, that’s what she should get … a good weekend in the slammer will be the cure :-)

  • http://yahoo.com Dave

    Oops! Made a mistake .. not a “whole weekend” in jail .. just a few hours some afternoon … when convenient :-)

  • pat

    I am so sick of these celebrities getting away with everything. If it was a regular person, they would have been in jail a long time ago. Do the judges not consider others. What if next time she kills someone? Stop pampering these people. They are no better than anyone else.

  • http://zoomtown.com Ralph

    Must we continue to be exposed to this immature disaster? Her self destructive behavior reached an all time low this year. Where the hell are her phuced up parents?

  • Mrs. S

    I have had just about enough news on this girl and others like her….What, it had to take for her lying in order for her to be thrown in jail. Please, it should have been done long ago when she was accused of all the other stuff that she did, and for her misbehaving she only received a slap on the wrist. What does it teach our kids that they can do all of the other stuff that she was accused of and get away with it but if you lie you go straight to jail. Our system has it all backwards, I just wonder and question what in the world are they doing while in power???? I know let her not be charged and slap her other wrist. That’s it!

    • http://yahoo chuck lycksell

      time for jail had her hands slaped many times if it were me in her spot id have been in jail for a long time movie star statuse or not shes a crimanal just like any body else thay breaks the law dont want to do the time dont do the crime good luck when you get out your life is a mess girl.

  • Paul Behr

    How many times is this strumpet going to be allowed to walk free? Had it been Jane Q. Public, they would have built a jail ON TOP of her. Lohan’s repeated ‘escapes’ from justice is making a mockery of our already sullied judicial system.

  • Daniel

    I’d still do her.

  • stan

    once a douche – always a douche

  • http://yahoo.com bill

    her mind moves WAAAAAAAY too slow for her to be driving a porsche. she needs to drive a NERF car or somethuing so she cant hurt herself or others!

  • http://. MACDRUMS

    PLEASE stop buying her movies or watching ANYTHING that she’s involved with. Not nearly enough talent to hold this much attention.

  • Diana Spencer


  • http://yahoo.com hunter

    will someone please lock that fart up and leave her in jail for a while. so we can save a life-get her off the air so we can talk about someone who deserves to be talked about.

  • http://yahoo.com lou taylor

    Hope this looser hits me, or steals from me, or whatever. I will SUE her for every penny I can get. WHY does Hollywood continue to employ this garbage????? There are hundreds of other responsible, talented, appreciative actresses that make her look ugly. She is a never ending train wreck!