Lohan Tanning Bill: Actress Owes Thousands

By: Amanda Crum - May 29, 2012

A Nevada tanning salon called Tanning Vegas is pretty upset that Lindsay Lohan hasn’t paid her outrageous bill, and after a judge’s orders for her to pay it went unanswered, the company has decided to move forward with the case.

Lohan, who has been busy with various other court dates for different infractions and is gearing up for her role as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie “Liz And Dick“, just hasn’t found the time to fork over the $41, 031 she owes for acquiring her Oompa-Loompa coloring, and now Tanning Vegas is trying to take their suit to California, where they can legally get hold of her assets and demand she gives them what she owes.

The time period in question is between 2007 and 2009, which begs the question: how many visits to a tanning salon can one make in two years to rack up over $40,000 in charges?

Lindsay Lohan’s unpaid 40k tanning bill is trending on Yahoo news…can the asteroid please hit us now.
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What do you owe, huh? @beckybmodel, single handedly saving the economy http://t.co/U64vR4Dk
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How on earth did @LindsayLohan rack up a $40,000 tanning bill? http://t.co/WB5mwNXp #WTF #lunchtimetop5
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  • Butchboy

    Poor gal for thinking a red haired freckle face should be chocolate, an attempt that failed nonetheless as she always looked orange to me. No wonder she looks so much older than she is. Her hide will probably fall off in a few years time. And Lindsey, melanoma has been know to be fatal…

  • Renaldo

    All women should look like Lindsey Lohan.

  • robert

    40k in two years, Hell she should look like that woman that that her daughter in the Tanning Place, A well oil Baseball Glove

  • Dona

    I can only hope that Lindsey Lohan will get that blond hair ages her by 15 years. Most woman who have her
    Natural coloring when they are young go blond not grey when they get old. She looks 40-45 years old as a
    Blond…..going back to her natural color she looks 23 not 25. Dona E. Corona, Ca.