Lohan Obama Tweet Has Been Deleted

    October 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Lindsay Lohan has been doing a bit of what those in the political world would call “flip-flopping”; after tweeting to Obama last month that he should lower taxes for “those that are listed on Forbes as millionaires” as well as the middle class, she told reporters at a launch party for a new drink that she supported Romney and would more than likely give him her vote.

“I think unemployment is very important for now, so as of now I think (my vote) is Mitt Romney,” she said.

But after a long, stressful night following the debate, Lohan tweeted support for Obama…and then quickly deleted it:

“RT @BarackObama: RT if you’re #ProudOfObama as our commander in chief.”

This was after she kept her followers posted as to her feelings on how the debate was going; so now we’re all wondering, Linds, who’s actually getting your vote?

  • http://yahoo Nvsion2007

    who ever deleted their post is unsecure , etc , etc .

    • Amy

      I’m not sure we ALL are wondering…

  • stephen

    The real question is… who cares?

  • MontyM70

    Well just proves she feels like the rest of the nation. Confused and worried. There are a lot of people still wondering who they are voting for.

    • richard

      Still Wondering? What else do you need??????
      Four more years of rising debt, unemployment, gas prices, welfare,food stamps?????? The only thing not rising is wages!Wake up my friend. Obama had his chance and failed miserably. All he can do is talk down and attack Romney. Who has nothing but a history of failures? Sure isnt Romney!!
      Obama this job is well above your pay grade. It isnt a community organizing project!

      • http://yahoo elaina

        Hi Richard,
        I just wanted to remind you that the repubs were in office for 8 years. this all was going down long before Obama. Oh and by the way it stareted with a company that go ol Mitt loaned money to. It is not his business, he loans money. Also he does not care about the american people, remember the 47%. That is alot of people. We may not have had a war if bush had followed the steps he was to.

        • Colored Girl

          Thank you!

      • Karen Smith

        I just can’t wait until we get to use the words of Donald Trump,when Obama loses “You’re Fired.”

  • Amanda Reckenwithe

    Who GIVES a rats’-ass, what that loser thinks?

  • h. balassimo

    maybe she was wearing flip flops that caused her to romnify, that is hit and run!

  • richard

    I’m so nervous ! Can you imagine how much influence LL has on the politcal world???LOL!!!!!!!!!Have another one Lindsay. Need a BAC test. SHe must be drunk!

  • richard

    Four more years of rising debt, unemployment, gas prices, welfare,food stamps?????? The only thing not rising is wages!Obama had his chance and failed miserably. All he can do now is talk down and attack Romney. He has no record of accomplishments to run on. AFTER 4 years!!!!Who has nothing but a history of failures? Sure isnt Romney!!
    Obama this job is well above your pay grade. It isnt a community organizing project!

    • Randi

      So… We should elect a bigot that is against womens rights, abortion rights, gay rights, and wants to turn this country into a theocracy and set it back 50 years? Yeah… That’s a great plan!! Republicans are freaking idiots!! You could win the election by a landslide if you wanted to. How? Don’t nominate a total jack ass!!

      • Norm

        The economy is coming back despite what politicians spin. Romney didn’t exactly step into a place without an economy and without life. He stepped into Massachusetts. Kennedy country. It wasn’t a bleeding wound he patched up. And the Olympics fixing was a decent job, but hardly the calamity we see in all the spin. Romney has proven he can learn quickly. He won the first debate after studying a month. He lost the second two debates, but had shown that he could actually learn the foreign state issues well enough. People criticize Obama for “ruining the economy” but he didn’t do that. He has been working steadfastly and with determination. The spin says otherwise. I wouldn’t say Romney is the devil, and neither is Obama, but undoing what Obama has done may be end up like having a “do over” that will cost us. Don’t forget that Bush was a great governor too. The knot in Washington doesn’t disappear with a new president. If you take a look at all the newcomer Tea Party Grover Norquist pledgers… they all haven’t accomplished a thing but collect a paycheck for getting elected and blame all the former officials (who actually accomplished something!)… Vote your interest!!!

      • Scott

        @Randi, Do you really think with the current state of the economy that Romney would have any time to try and change anything relating to women’s rights, gay rights, or anything else like that?

      • TBone

        Well sort of correct Randi…I am glad he is against abortion, gay rights, and he is NOT against Women btw You think the economy is better now then in the 50’s or 60’s?? However he just wants to put his trust back in people and business and get govt out of the way which is how you grow the economy. You call repubs idiots. I got and idea…all you liberal dems go to the west coast and start your own country. All the gays, liberals, thugs, criminals, socialist, communist…I will take my conservative, Jesus freaks, capitalist brother on the east coast and lets see who wants to be where. How does that sound?

    • TexasMike

      Gee Richard,
      In the last four years I’ve had pay raises and my 401K has increased by 30%. Now,every time there has been a republican president, I’ve either been laid off or have taken paycuts. I don’t think I’ll be voting for the Mittster.

      • john

        you must work an unemployment processor, or a food stamp granter……

      • TBone

        And you think Obama had anything at all to do with that??? You got to be kidding me. You can thank helicopter Ben and a change to the accounting rule called mark it to market accounting which got us in to the deepest of the mess. BTW you must be really conservative because the market is up @ 100% since 3/9/2009….Jus sayn :)
        and one more think the market would be up 30% from hear by the end of next March if Romney is elected. again jus sayn

    • Colored Girl

      Whatever!!! Have we all forgotten about the 8 years prior to President Obama!!!

    • michelle

      Remember GW started this?

  • Michael

    If the woman isn’t even registered to vote, then it doesn’t matter what she thinks. She has no voice and her opinion should not be note-worthy. If you are going to weigh in on political matters then at least have the decency to be participating in the process.

    If you don’t vote, your opinion doesn’t mean squat.

  • D-Los

    WOW… Its funny how soon people forget… BUSH, left the economy fucked up!!! So Obama is now responsible? Somebody tell me how does that work?

    • TBone

      Can’t you Osama….I mean Obama supporters come up with something othere than it is Bush’s fault? I don’t ever remember Ronald blaming Carter. Be so nice if you would just admit the policy sucks and we need a new leader. Quit blaming other people for not getting the job done.

      • dan

        Hey TBONE idiot. How about trying to be bi-partisan and have some logic moron. Let me make it simple for you….gw got us into this mess, and you can argue obama has not done enough to get us out of it. Saying his policies suck and he didnt get the job done is not logical nor honest. Started with bush……and we have not gotten out of the recession. Lets now vote for a guy who shipped jobs overseas, and always had millions in his bank account since he was 12 years old. sounds like a great leader…….asshole

      • Mandy Sawyer

        Tbone, I lived through those days and no one in the Democratic party ever claimed that the recession was Reagan’s fault, either. Nor did Reagan have a Congress that blocked everything he did just to make him look bad. The amazing way you blame Obama for things he didn’t do yet refuse to give him any credit for things he did do, are astounding. But everytime Romney reinvents himself or flip-flops, somehow that’s OK?!?

        And, just as yet another reminder to you about what REALLY happened in the past, OBAMA made the decision to take out OSAMA. Oh, sorry, I forgot, facts mean nothing to you until you make up your own. His stupid, ignorant, bigoted supporters are the main reason why I want Romney kept out of the White House.

  • Eric

    The question is not, who is Lindsay Lohan voting for, the question is, who cares??

    • b


  • nat

    um.. lindsy shouldnt be voteing at all

    • Matt

      Well she’s an American citizen so she has a right to vote.

      • Carlos

        Thank God the electoral college is there to check all the idiots *cough**cough*lohan*cough**cough*

      • Anne

        Yes, unfortunately she can vote. Too bad we can’t have a required IQ test.

      • Vektorr

        I believe she’s a convicted felon, in which case she lost her right to vote.

        • A

          Surprisingly, as many times as she has been in trouble with the law she is not a felon. She has 7 misdemeanor charges according to hollywoodscoop.com It always amazes me that the public pays attention to what celebrities, most of which have a brain have the size of a gnat, have to say about politics.

        • Nick

          Depends on what state you live in. California law allows felons 2 vote as long as they are not incarcerated on election day, or early voting.

  • Scott

    Who cares? An endorsement from Lohan is about as prestigious as an endorsement from any other random alcoholic crack head.

  • sean

    check LINDSAY LOHAN tweeting this live via you tube http://youtu.be/H3sv7-rXsV0

  • tony razvi

    Lol she must be drunk while watching the debate or coked up

  • http://mozilla joe

    I thought that convicted felons lost their rights to vote. Just another miscarriage of justice.

  • Samantha

    Bush may have accrued tons of debt for our country, but do your research before you post…Obama has done nothing but help add to that debt. Not to say that Romney can fix anything. And as for Lindsey Lohan…who freaking cares what a crackhead thinks?

    • Cristy Vandenhende

      True dat brah

  • http://yahoo.com Robert

    Drugs bunny strikes again

  • Rebecca

    This is why I DON’T follow her on Twitter because I couldn’t care less what she has to say. But I am mystified as to how/why she thinks she was more nervous and anxious than the candidates themselves about the debates. Seriously? That makes no sense.

  • Bob Long

    So Dim Witt Mitt got a FEDERAL BAILOUT to “Save” the Olympics and SENATOR TED KENNEDY did “ALL” the work in Mass while Mr. Romney stepped in and takes all the credit.

    I bet SENATOR KENNEDY is rolling in his grave to hear the repeated crap come out of Mr. Romney’s mouth. The bigger issue is how all the other GOP candidates must stand back and watch how much Mr. Romney has moved to the center so he can catch up with the PRESIDENT. Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up. Romney is just looking to put something on a resume. The GOP hasn’t shown that they have a PLATFORM and they certainly don’t have a MOUTHPIECE.

    In regards to the guy who started this whole mess. George W. (Worst President in History) Bush, 4 years isn’t gonna be enough time to bring any country back from the depths of his decisions, and spins. Bush, Cheny and Rove should all be in a FEDERAL PRISON.

    Lohan,….who really gives a shit!

  • sam

    u guys r stupid ok it is not all Obama fault ok there where people b 4 him and romany wants to cuts things so he wnt have to buy any thing he is an asssssssssss

  • lori

    The question is “what do you think?”. The answer is…Lindsay, get your s… together. I can’t believe anyone would even take you seriously!! You’re a bad influence on our young girls!