Lohan Hotel Bill Exceeds 40 G’s, Gets Her Kicked Out

    August 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. It seems one can’t go a day without reading about some sort of Lohan shenanigans, and this is actually twice in one day for me.

Seems the “Liz And Dick” actress ran up a $46,350 hotel bill at Hollywood’s prestigious Chateau Marmont and just doesn’t want to pay, which is irritating the managers. They sent her a nice little note to remind her she has to pay for her lodgings and, you know, all those cigarettes.

via DailyMail.UK



No word yet from Lindsay on whether or not she’ll be forking over the dough, but considering she just barely got out of some jewelry theft charges, she should probably get her debts square and rely on her films to get all the media attention.

  • howard

    does all this matter to her;;;;; I THINK NOT

  • Ben

    You mean the manager of the Chateau Marmont actually thought Lindsay would pay her bill when she checked in? Really? Idiot.

  • Tom Elliott

    Poor Kid, so misunderstood.

  • tina

    its about time she pay for something, she is so use to stealing everything. Give her some real Jail time already not just a couple of hours.

  • Fay Thompson

    Lindsay really need to get a grip on her life, before the next statement the press will be shouting out,”she’s dead”!Such beautyand talent wasted,why, Lindsay?

  • smitty

    Hey, give her a break. $46,350.04 for 47 days is less than a grand a night. Who can live off of that…

  • http://www.faiththedog.net Jude Stringfellow

    Lindsay, call me.