Loch Ness Monster Reportedly Seen In England


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The Loch Ness Monster, also known as Nessie, has been a legend in Scotland for hundreds of years.

There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of sightings of Nessie over the years, with pictures and videos as supposed evidence.

The sea monster is said to call Scotland's Loch Ness home, however it was recently spotted over a hundred miles away in England.

24-year-old Ellie Williams of London recently set up a camera on a tripod at Windermere lake in hopes of capturing some of the park's wildlife. It wasn't until later, when Williams, looked through the photographs, that she noticed something strange in the water.

Williams isn't convinced that the figure was Nessie, and said it very well could have been a swan or a goose. “When I reviewed all the images I thought it might have been a swan or a goose, as I was looking at the image on my smartphone,” Williams told The Mirror.

“I’m open to suggestions as to what the creature could be – I’m just glad I put the camera in the right place at the right time," she added.

This is not the first sighting of something in Windermere. There have been other sightings of a monster, dubbed Bownessie, throughout the years, with the first being in 2006. This monster is said to be a snake-like creature with humps that moves through the water.

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