Little Mermaid: Surgery Transforms Disney Princess

By: Amanda Crum - August 17, 2012

The Little Mermaid, otherwise known as Ariel, has been a subject of some debate in recent years along with her fellow Princesses for having the impossible figure of a Barbie doll and perhaps sending the wrong message to young girls about the definition of beauty.

But one Venezuelan plastic surgery center has taken her looks several steps further by placing her in an ad for their services which depicts her going under the knife to remove her tail and…enhance…some other things.


While the ad is clearly meant for discerning adults with a cheeky sense of humor, some are concerned about the image and what it will say to girls or young women. However, to be fair to the company, they also created ads featuring other fairy tale characters, including one aimed at men.



Although the other ads don’t necessarily resemble Disney characters, the Little Mermaid is clearly modeled after their version, so it’s unclear just yet how they’re getting away with using her image. We may be hearing about a lawsuit soon, but until then, the company is enjoying all the free press they’re getting.

Amanda Crum

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  • cheryl

    what the f**k is wrong with these doctors, all they are doing is sending the message to these little girls is that from the time they are little that they will never look and be like the little princesses that they love as a child, i hope these doctors get hell sued out of their bank accts!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://mermaid Jana

      You are sooooo right now even men will really enjoy it lol.

  • Mary

    what the hell??? stop messing with Disney! and distoring fantasy for little girls/boys!

  • Blackthorne

    NEWSFLASH folks,..Disney did not create the “Little Mermaid”,…it was a book created a long time ago by a Danish writer called Hand Christen Anderson,..and she dies at the end. Remember this was from a time where Fairy Tales were quite grim [both literally and figuratively] because this also was around the time of Grimm Fairytale. I point this out to let Disney know they can go “jump in the river” if they think they can bully anyone using such fairytale characters that they themselves technically “stole”. As for the idea of using such characters to promote Plastic Surgery, frankly it is very lowbrow to me, but then again the idea of elective plastic surgery kind of bothers me too,…..

    • elena

      I am so with you on this one, lots of people dont even know who this writer is, he was the one who created most of the tales for so called hollywood hits, and they completly destroyed the content, I wish people wuld read more and go movies less.

    • Pandoramn

      Newsflash, Blackthorne! If you are going to criticize, then at least get your own facts straight! The story was written by Hans Christian Anderson! And any lawsuit attached to this news item would be for stealing the artwork from the movie…Disney property, not the storyline which, I’m pretty sure is old enough to be considered in the “public domain”, which means you don’t need permission to use it.

  • Clifford

    Awesome. Epically awesome. For the rest of you ‘tards, get a sense of humor.

  • Dr.Christal

    I hope they get sued also…. Disensy is suppose to be innocent for young childern….

    • Earl

      Oh, SOOOOOO innocent. You haven’t watched the Disney Channel lately, have you? Some of the stuff they do on those shows would make old Walt roll in his GRAVE!

      • REBECCA

        INDEED!! It disgusts me, I’m such a HUGE Disney fan , and it’s sad that the stuff that Disney comes out with now is not ok for my kids to watch, I mean Walt Disney WOULD roll in his grave!! So Sad!!

      • Tee

        Too Funny! I can’t stop laughing. You are right!

    • Not A Saint

      You do realize that Walt Disney was a psychopath right? He didn’t really give two shakes about anything other than seperating people from their money and protecting himself from bugs.

      Disney was pushing boundries when they first started animated films. They just look innocent to you because they are compared to what is socially acceptable today.

      • molly

        Seriously? That is a slanderous lie. Walt Disney was a great man of vision, talent, and love for making people of all ages happy. What a little troll you are. And FYI…that was Howard Hughes you’re talking about, numbnuts. I wouldn’t have mentioned his name, except that it has been historically proven that Howard suffered severe mental issues, that included paranoia, fear of bugs and germs.Stick to what you know loser, and go take a nap there in Mommy’s basement.

  • Amanda

    This is it… my childhood and everyones childhood has now died…. thanks superficial no good self-absorbed thinking everything is hotter skinner and upgraded people….

  • andrea

    i think they shpould have left her alone we dont need to be sending our little girls the wrong message. your all just a bunch of peverts no wonder we got so many rapest out there its socially accepted what is wrong with people those kind need to die worthless existance

  • lisa

    Disney doesn’t own those stories. The Little Mermaid was written by the Brothers Grimm and along with many other fairy tales was more gruesome than plastic surgery.

    Disney was responsible for making these characters into weird morphed humans. Look at Disney drawing. Huge eyes, tiny nose etc. etc.

    • Angie Sellers

      The Grimm Brothers did NOT write Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Anderson did. Doesn’t anyone read anymore? I read my children the Grimm Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Anderson, learn your literature please before you look totally stupid.

      • Heather

        The Little Mermaid” (Danish: Den lille havfrue, literally: the little seawoman) is a popular fairy tale by the Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen about a young mermaid willing to give up her life in the sea and her identity as a mermaid to gain a human soul and the love of a human prince.
        Written originally as a ballet, the tale was first published in 1837 and has been adapted to various media including musical theatre and animated film.

    • Roger Richards

      The Grimm Brothers did not originally write Little Mermaid or other stories. They compiled a collection of past fairy tales.

  • Cynthia

    I think everybody on here is overreacting. Nobody is ‘stealing’ your childhood just because they used these characters in cheesy ads. However, the writer of the headline needs to rework it. I thought I was going to be reading a story about a little girl who had ‘mermaid
    syndrome’ who was going to have plastic surgery to correct it. (For those who don’t know, mermaid syndrome is a condition where the child’s legs are fused together and have to be surgically seperated.

  • Libby

    Disney owns the Little Mermaid’s image, which means that using her for an ad can get you sued. Everyone is so concerned with their appearances these days and don’t know how to tell their children that being a size 0 and a 100 pounds isn’t as beautiful as everyone makes it out to be. Ariel and the rest of the Disney princesses are slim, with big eyes and small noses, and (usually) a very nice voice. Changing any of those traits isn’t going to change anything else or make people believe any differently. Are you going to change Ursula just because you don’t want to send the “wrong message” to people who are over-weight? Our social standards today have changed so that being the size of a Barbie is desirable to most people and changing the sizes of the Disney Princesses won’t change anything because the same tiny figures are shown all over the world, on every newspaper cover and every clothing, food, or medicine commercial, along with T.V. shows and movies.
    The story was written a very long time ago, this is true, and Disney made a movie out of it. The rights to her image and her name belong to them and, therefore, they can sue for it. This whole thing is a rather pointless argument that people need to let go. Society has changed, the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christen Anderson have no say in how their stories are played out. That’s just the way of the world now and it’s either time to stand up and fight back or put your head down and try to remain unnoticed.
    That is not to say that I agree with the way society makes women think they have to be super skinny, because i don’t, but I don’t agree that everyone is making a big deal over what a Venezuelan surgeon has done. That is a matter that will have to be settled between her and Disney. If parents don’t like it, they need to explain that just because Ariel is that size doesn’t mean that they need to be that size. Parents worry too much about upsetting their little darlings and it’s time to step up and explain that having curves is a good thing and that being super little isn’t.
    Just because the Little Mermaid was used in an ad for plastic surgery doesn’t mean anyones childhood is ruined. Stop being so dramatic.

    • ashley

      I would have to disagree with you on telling your children that being super skinny is a bad thing. You should tell them that everyone is all different sizes and to be happy with who they are. I am super skinny and eat anything and everything and cannot gain weight no matter how hard I try. Try rewording your words.

      • http://mermaid Jana

        OMG Give me a break this is one of the reasons why these young girls for the most focus so much on looks.Most of them look like young hookers.

      • Libby

        I will not reword my statement. Being naturally super skinny, and able to eat whatever you want, and how much you want, is different than being of average size and trying to be that super skinny person because that’s what’s “in” now. Some of my best friends are super skinny bean-poles who can eat as much as they want, whenever they want and never gain any weight. That is something I understand.
        However, you may want to reread that again. I did not say that being super skinny was a bad thing. I said “That is not to say that I agree with the way society makes women think they have to be super skinny, because i don’t, but I don’t agree that everyone is making a big deal over what a Venezuelan surgeon has done. That is a matter that will have to be settled between her and Disney. If parents don’t like it, they need to explain that just because Ariel is that size doesn’t mean that they need to be that size. Parents worry too much about upsetting their little darlings and it’s time to step up and explain that having curves is a good thing and that being super little isn’t.”
        Society is the monster telling the children that being a size 0, when you’re naturally a size 6, is better. If you’re a natural size 0 or 1, all the power to you, go ahead and eat a whole cake and not gain a pound. That is something I understand because it’s something that your body does naturally and all on its own.
        Being naturally little, like you are, is different than trying to be that little when your body isn’t made that way. I know mine isn’t and I am quite happy with the way I am, as should most people be. Striving for that “princess”-like perfection is what is taking this nations youth down the road of no return. I’ve seen second graders showing more skin and cleavage than i have ever done in my lifetime.
        So, in that way, I do agree that we should tell our children that they should be happy with who they are because no one is the same. The only problem is that no one does, which is where this problem originates to begin with.

  • OctoberOak

    It looks to me like these ads are sending the RIGHT message. You will never look like these characters unless you get plastic surgery! Little girls shouldn’t believe looking like that is the “norm” because it isn’t and it does take plastic surgery!

  • funny ha ha

    Clearly the people who made these images done the SAME THING Disney done to Osamu Tezuka’s “Kimba the White lion” (i.e Lion King) which came out in the 1960’s; changed the character’s design just a *little* to not get sued. Kimba=Simba. Even the early character design work for Simba featured a *white* lion!

    Yet when the shoe is on the other foot, its BAD smh.

  • http://yahoo paul

    Vanity.. that’s it. To allow others to dictate what your appearance ‘must’ be is to prove insecurity and the inability to recognize qualities which are more important. Kindness, concern for others, desire to help others and more should be the standards, but now we are bludgeoned with beauty contests for babies and more. Don’t be envious of looks, they fade; after all, wouldn’t you rather be with a person of intellect and humor whose focus isn’t their looks rather than a good looking moron.

  • http://yahoo La Donna

    Next thing I’ll be hearing is Cinderella or Snow White getting breast

  • nee


    Look very carefully at all movies your children watch because there is an adult theme in many of them. Thankfully our children are pure and do not understand them. Children books and movies are not always what they seem.

    The issue that every little girl believes she needs to look like “Barbie” or any one else is a real issue. I was a size 0-3 my entire teens to my thirties. I thought I would like “Barbie” when I grew up but instead I looked like a bean pole. Really thin girls have issues of self esteem as well as other size girls. If we do not fit into the “norm” we feel lesser than we are. No one is perfectly happy with their lot in life and we have to get over our egos and learn to count our blessings.