Lisa Whelchel: Why I Didn’t Date George Clooney

    July 22, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Lisa Whelchel discussed many things in an interview this week. Among those things was Mr. George Clooney and his stint as her co-star on The Facts of Life.

“The truth is, he was kind of in his twenties, he was young, he was gawky, he was so much fun! He’s really aged quite well. Back then, it was kinda fun to have a big brother around.”

Lisa Whelchel added, “I don’t know, maybe I was just not smart, or not thinking ahead, because I did not anticipate what he would grow into. I think if I had, I would’ve worn makeup to rehearsal a little bit more often.”

Clooney is now 53 and Lisa Whelchel has forever missed out, because the eternal bachelor is now engaged to Amal Alamuddin. Too bad, they would have made a cute couple.

Whelchel isn’t hurting, though. She is pretty busy herself. Lisa Whelchel also talked about her new upcoming Hallmark Channel movie, For Better or For Worse. The new movie stars another Facts of Life alum, Kim Fields. You may know her as the lovable Tootie.

Lisa Whelchel is excited to be working on this particular movie and to be working with Kim Fields again.

Lisa Whelchel said, “I am pitched a lot of scripts that are family-friendly, and I hate to say it, but a lot of them are really, really cheesy. Either that or they’re just trying to hit you over the head with a message. So when I got this one, I thought it was a great script, a delightful comedy that happened to have a nice message. I was enamored by it, so I signed on.”

I’m sure that is certainly true. Some of those movies really do push the cheese factor.

Kim Fields is just as happy to be working with Lisa Whelchel again. She says it’s just like old times.

“They sent me the script and said that Lisa was attached, and I thought it was a great story. And after all the directing and producing, I loved not having those responsibilities. I could show up, get to work with someone I adore, and then go home! And I got to be comfortable in my post-baby skin!”

Fans of Lisa Whelchel and The Facts of Life just might enjoy seeing the two work together again!

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  • Woogy Lewis

    Why didn’t she date George Clooney? Have you seen the women he has dated? She’s not even in the same area code as them. She’s pretty busy herself? Obviously not busy having sex like Mr. Clooney is.

    • lindy

      You might want to take another look. I’m sure this picture doesn’t do justice to Clooney’s fiancé, but
      Winchel is by far better looking.

      • Woogy Lewis

        Uh, no, Clooney would never get involved with someone her size nor age. Consider Stacy Keibler, Elizabetta Canalis, et al and you’ll realize that she would never have a chance, which is why the article is funny because it pretends that it was HER option to sleep with him LOL. And then idiotically goes on to say that she’s too busy for sex because of acting. Right, that makes sense, said no one.

        • gina

          Clooney is one guy that was like an ugly duckling, people and hollywood started to take interest in him when he started to age, pretty cool, right, when sadly it is a reverse reality for some actors in Tinseltown, but George broke all that stereotyping!!!!

  • Michigan Matt

    I wish she’d date us. She does right by what God wants to see. That isn’t found in a lot of people. She’s a good woman.

  • tsmul

    I think Clooney is the lost out. Lisa is much better looking then his girlfriend now. Also don’t htink it would have worked out, all Clooney has going for him is his looks. And don’t think he is a man of God ( his God is Hollywoood) which is one of her requirements in a man.

    • puttputt

      That fictitious guy in the sky would be happy, Amen brother!!!!

      • Albert8184

        Nothing fictitious about your obnoxious personality! Amen indeed!!!!!

  • Woogy Lewis

    She looks like Don King LOL

    • AndyR

      Or Phil Spector…

  • gruffteddybear

    Lisa who? Who cares about who she did or didn’t date and why.