Lisa Robin Kelly: Cause of Death Determined

    January 3, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley

Lisa Robin Kelly, best known for her recurring role on That 70s Show, died six months ago in her sleep at the age of 43. Her cause of death has just been revealed. It seems the actress died of multiple drug intoxication–meaning she overdosed on more than one drug. The report didn’t say which drugs were found in her system.

Lisa played Eric Forman’s older sister on That 70s Show. The cast was devastated to learn of her death on August 15th. An autopsy following her death failed to determine what caused her death. A toxicology report can often take months to conclude. Just days before Kelly’s death she was hospitalized with a blood alcohol level of .34–a level dangerously high enough to have potentially killed her.

Shortly after Lisa Robin Kelly died, her agent Craig Wykoff said she suffered from “addiction problems that have plagued her these past few years.” She had checked herself into a rehab facility earlier in the week before she died.

Kelly had been arrested at least four times for a variety of charges, including DUI, assault and spousal abuse.

The official Coroner’s report will be released in about two weeks.

Image via Wikimedia