Lisa Niemi, Patrick Swayze’s Widow, Remarries

By: Lindsay McCane - May 26, 2014

Lisa Niemi tragically lost her husband Patrick Swayze to pancreatic cancer in September 2009.

Since then, Lisa has been trying to move on and find happiness, and it looks like she finally has!

According to PEOPLE, the 57-year-old actress tied the knot to jeweler Albert DePrisco on Sunday in Palm Beach, Florida.

Lisa’s rep confirmed that Albert proposed to Lisa on Christmas Eve, after they had been dating for a year and a half. While she didn’t know if she would ever marry again, Lisa told PEOPLE in 2010 that she would be open to getting remarried if she ever found the right person.

“I would love companionship love. Absolutely,” she said. “I hope I’m not one of these women who never want to have another relationship. But who knows, that’s another bridge I’ll cross when I come to it. I may get there and go, I don’t know. But I like to think that I can.”

Apparently, she found “the one” and they were married during an intimate ceremony at the The Mar-a-Lago Club, surrounded by an approximate 50 guests. Lisa was dressed in a gown designed by Oscar de la Renta, and Albert wore a Ermenegildo Zegna jacket with custom made pants.

A couple days before the wedding, Lisa revealed to PEOPLE that she couldn’t be more excited about getting remarried. “What I most look forward to on my wedding day is walking up, standing at our altar, and looking into his most incredible, twinkling eyes,” she said. “I cannot think of a bigger treat than that.”

She also revealed that she planned on having an amazing time at the reception. “I have some hilarious friends. I’m sure there will be some fun toasts!” she said. “Later on we’ll dance to everything from Michael Bublé and Steve Tyrell, to 70’s classics, to current hits, with a big dash of romance thrown in.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Christopher B

    Congratulations! You spent your life loving a man and caring for him as many others can or will not. Few understand the requirements, the love and yes the guilt in managing our ill loved ones. You deserve happiness, the best to you.

    • Rebecca

      Chris… very well said.
      Unless someone knows how it feels to watch the love of your life slowly slip away from you…
      And unless someone experiences the tremendous, overwhelming feeling of helplessness…
      They cannot comment.
      My husband refused hospice…he wanted me to care for him at home…with the selflessness & help from our kids…we granted his wishes.
      I’m an occupational therapist & our son in healthcare & the help from our two daughters we were what he called… his dream team! They all lived away from home with families of their own…but they eagerly upset their schedules…
      We all described it as the worst seven months of our lives…but the best seven months of our lives.
      My hubby & I had wonderful talks & discussions….no regrets… nothing left unsaid.
      But…he did say he hoped eventually I could find someone new…
      Those are incredibly difficult words to hear…I can only imagine how hard they were to verbalize.
      We’d been together since I was 18…right out of high school… married 36 incredible years.

      • Tinker94589

        What a very sad yet beautiful story Rebecca. I believe God has a plan for each of us. My husband lost his wife when she was 43 to a brain tumor after 22 years of marriage. He took care of her himself at home. I lost my only daughter to an auto accident when she was 18. Married almost 9 years now He’s been a wonderful man to live with, and my best friend. Our children were all just starting out on their own when we married, and now we have 5 grandchildren together. His daughter even calls me her mother and speaks of us as her parents. I had lost a daughter and she a mother.
        I watched my mother slip away slowly from cancer, and I understand that feeling of helplessness you mentioned. It was a very difficult time for me.
        I know God has a plan for you whether you marry again or not. That remains to be seen, but I know you will be okay. What a wonderful wife you have been!

  • j.f.k.

    she is 5foot4inc. she must have on sum very hi heels on!

  • SwettEquity

    I am glad she is finding love and companionship again… Not sure why they are showing an old pic of Patrick and her and not of her new love though…?

  • Rom Capprotti

    How do you she is a gold digger? Do you know her personally

    • Accipiter

      Do you? But puts things in perspective doesn’t it?

      • Joe

        I’ll repeat what Rom said do you know her personally to make that comment? Your grandmother never remarrying after her husband’s death is her decision, and cannot be applied to anyone else who has lost a spouse.

        • Accipiter

          And I’ll repeat my remark, do you know her? How do you know this wasn’t her plan to be taken care of, especially money wise?


            @disqus_97yMofE944:disqus you should spell your name Assipiter. She’s probably got so much money from her dead husband that she doesn’t need to marry again. But that’s what I’m assuming. Just like you’re assuming she doesn’t have any money and needs to remarry. I don’t know her, but probably she got some money from her husband when he died… I don’t know for sure, but puts things in perspective doesn’t it?

          • Accipiter

            Awesome, I have my own personal troll! I’m somebody now!

          • Tinker94589

            Do YOU know her? I didn’t think so.

          • Lucy Sivov

            You should do your research before posting ignorant comments. At least you got people talking. I guess if you’re seeking attention, you got what you wanted. As for whether or not someone knows Lisa (which you do not either, I’m sure), she is a celebrity and her net worth is public information. She’s worth $40 MILLION so she doesn’t need a single penny from another person. Don’t believe me? Do your own research? Too lazy to research yourself, ok, here’s a link for you:

          • Accipiter

            Geez, you guys get all bent out of shape over nothing.
            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

          • Janice

            She and her husband made millions!

        • Tinker94589

          I agree with you Joe!

      • Susan Harrison

        Based on your remark,you seem to imply that a)she needs someone to take care of her, which would require a personal knowledge of her; and b) that she needs his money. I applaud your intimate knowledge of her situation and personality.

        • Accipiter

          Thank you very much!

          • lee

            I understand what you meant. She had been married for 34 years and now she remarried again. As a woman, I can’t understand either. But I guess, she was not that happy with her late husband but your grandma did.Nowadays, only few widows will remain unmarried. It’s 21st

          • Susan

            So what if she remarried? That automatically means she didn’t love her first husband? Duh-that is the dumbest thing ever. If I pass before my hubby I hope he remarries and finds someone who would make him happy

      • joann

        gold digger? do you really think she needs money? not! when a man dies he tells his wife to live on! mine did and i know many who have told their wives to live on! it sounds like you would be the digger as for companionship everybody needs it!

        • Accipiter

          lol, In my experience with Yahoo and it’s links, I’m betting most of you ladies are stay at home mothers or wives anyway. So it’s pointless to even argue.

          • Barney

            obviously you too have extensive experience with YAHOO and it’s links. I am betting you are an internet troll just commenting to get a reaction from people. Doesn’t matter what topic, anything you can spew about suits your purpose….sad!

          • tristan coshow

            cant call her a gold digger man it pisses off these other gold diggers. gotta call it by its clinical term “co-dependent”. that she shows all the signs for.

          • Accipiter

            I think you need to do a little research on what constitutes as an internet troll. Welcome to the internet!

          • Bobby Delaughter

            You are a complete freaking idiot. Why do you have so much self hate. My advise go jump off your mom’s room head first and then if that doesn’t work run onto the freeway at night please, you trash scumbag. Patrick left her a mountain high of assets and financial support. People need companionship and do not want to be alone and in their later years. You will never understand that because your hand is your girlfriend.

          • joann


          • Susan

            lol Barney!!!! Nice one and I am sure the truth too

          • DJ


          • Susan Harrison

            Accipter: I presume you know what an accipter is. Anyway, I am not in the stay-at-home or wife category. Not sure just what you suggest by that. Not too many women fall in that category of stay-at-home moms as the economy demands otherwise. And from my experience with married women whose husbands have died, those husbands never demanded that their wives remain single. What bothers me, and perhaps you, with so many posts on sites like this, is how cynical people are, how ready to attribute negative motives, ulterior motives to another’s actions. That might work if an person has an intimate knowledge of another via friendship, family, or marriage; but even then, no one can truly know the inner workings of another, how they think, or why they do what they do. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just say “congratulations, and go for it!” when we read of someone’s happy events.

          • JoannaBackman

            have to say I am a stay at home Mom, have been for 25 years and our last chick is about to leave the nest, she is 18, her brotehrs 25 and 22. I wouldn’t exchange my life for anyone else…

          • Accipiter

            Honestly, tldr…it’s just funny to me you guys/gals think Hollywood is all sunshine and rainbows with a dash of unicorns.
            That’s great you’re thinking positive for her, but in my opinion, she’s found herself someone that will take care of her.
            Just because someone has a different opinion, doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Which goes the same for all you guys. Anyway, keep dreaming on false positives!

          • joann

            what planet are you from? and who takes care of you????????

          • DJ

            What planet are you from? I take care of myself thank you. I’am a care giver.

          • joann

            sorry DJ wasn’t meant for you

          • Barbara

            I think it is funny Joann that this accipiter person speaks poorly of women who remain in the home. It is a well known fact that when women went onto the work force that their job and responsibilties doubled as they still maintained a home and family while men accepted very little extra responsibility to help their wives so if this guy is married and his wife works he is basically a kept man.

          • joann

            exactly what i mean! most men think we are their slaves and if they die we should suffer from it! well we do and we then have to pick up the pieces and work it all out even if we are just theirs! nobody will own me!

          • Accipiter

            Planet Earth, and I live in the United States of America where I have the right to express my views. Thank you!

            the right to seek information and ideas;
            the right to receive information and ideas;
            the right to impart information and ideas

          • joann

            yeah well we have a lot of women in the US that disagrees with your ideas and that is my RIGHT! and theirs! and some even fought for your rights! i think you should move on!

          • Accipiter

            I don’t think so, it’s people like you that bully others into taking on your views, just like a bunch of self entitled liberal sissies. You should move along.

          • DJ

            You know it all. Don’t you. You are unreal.

          • Rex Crayola

            I’m sure the guy married her for her $$$$ not the other way around.

          • Lori

            How would a pretentious jerk like you know what a woman does Accipter? I AM a MOTHER and I AM a WORKING PROFESSIONAL earning my own money… AND I KNOW that Lisa has her OWN money off her OWN businesses and investments along with what Patrick left for her. So maybe do your homework before spouting off. Don’t let your alligator mouth over run your canary ass. Maybe you should go back to school little boy and learn a few things. End of rant and done with your BS.

          • joann

            no as a matter of fact i am retired and already raised my kids … i had a very impressive job for many years and oh yeah i supervised men! lol i don’t need a man for anything but a companion and he better be smart enough to know he isn’t going to put me down! and besides stay at home moms are there for their kids to feed them when they get home and do homework with them! so don’t go ragging on them either! stay at home dads are great too don’t know who s–t in your oatmeal but grow up and find a companion treat them with respect and you will see the difference! thank you for your time! oh and one more thing who says he isn’t a gold digger???????????

          • Barbara

            And I have found that anonymity gives men big balls.

      • mkdogzzzz

        NO – it does not…it only makes you sound like a really stupid person actually!

      • Tinker94589

        Not at all. It’s purely speculative on your part.

      • Susan

        I am sure she has her own money from Patrick when he passed. So don’t assume on something you know nothing about. And who cares if your grandmother didn’t remarry-what does that even have to do with this story?

      • rose528

        well do know her? if not, keep your ignorant comments to yourself

      • Barbara

        I feel so sorry for people like you. There is never enough love and happiness in the world and something very bad must have happened to you that was so bad you cannot be happy for someone else. I hope some day you will heal.

      • Animus

        What a bitter, jealous piece of work you sound like! Well, got a bit of a news flash for you…. While your words are spewing forth venom on this forum, Lisa is busy living her beautiful, rich, happy, and in love again life, and most likely cares nothing at all what you think of her! 😉 Pity little you Accipiter. Jealousy sure is a rotten sting to live with.

        • Animus

          BTW Accipiter… I’m sure your grandmother was well taken care of financially by her husband (your gr. father), because that was how it was back in the day, and yet, does that make her a gold digger? Lisa has her own money, enough to live on several lifetimes comfortably, but even if she did not, if two people love each other, it doesn’t matter who has the money! Got it? It is their business, not yours.

          • Accipiter

            She wasn’t actually…but that’s okay.

    • Tinker94589

      Accipiter I think your post is out of line and completely uncalled for. I for one could care less that your grandmother made a choice not to remarry. This article is not about her. Secondly your remark about either of the people the article is about calling them a gold digger is hateful. Who says she remarried to be “taken care of”? That is your opinion. After 34 years of marriage, and a few years of being alone, wouldn’t you think she just might have met someone who makes a good companion?

      • Accipiter

        Everyone around the world trying to be all PC…grow up. The world is bigger than outside your tiny bubble.

        • joann

          you need help! your grandmother probably wanted a companion and you narrow minded people stopped her oh h–l maybe she had one you didn’t know about!

        • DJ

          Don’t burst your bubble.

    • DJ

      That is awful to say. Shame on you. She was not a gold digger.

  • Lisa Weiner

    Congratulations! Lisa. I wish you and your new husband a life time of love and happiness. Lisa Weiner

  • Annie Kemps

    Congrats but does he not look something like Patrick S.?

    • BB

      No! Not a thing like Patrick!

    • Jim H

      One would have assumed, based upon Mr. Swayze’s appearance, that she preferred a more masculine look. Apparently not. I’m sure that he’s a nice guy but he looks like the type that would bleed out from the paper cuts if you threw a napkin at him.

  • pearl

    I’m so happy for Lisa and her new husband. Patrick I’m sure is looking over her because they had a love most people dream of. This is one thing he would have wanted for Lisa to find a good man. Bet wishes to you both.

  • joe

    damn she could of waited till his body got cold

    • reigellk

      REALLY? As much as I admired and loved Patrick Swayze, He passed away almost FIVE years ago! Pretty sure his body is cold……..

      • Pat McCann

        He DID have excellent circulation…

      • Guest

        It has been 14 years according to the article.

        • MFW34

          It says he died in September 2009, how is that 14 years ago?

    • Just Me

      5 years…he is cold

  • Jimmy Fry

    These women have no shame.

    • joann

      men have less

    • MFW34

      What does she have to be ashamed of?

  • kryogenix

    I guess I am out of the loop, and perhaps old fashioned. I am only 23, but I reserve my opinion, and love for one person. I would never disrespect the man or woman that I gave my love to, and marry another. Best wishes to her though.

    • clipper

      At 23 it’s a bit silly to use the word “never.” You haven’t lived long enough to know what it’s like to spend decades as part of a couple, then find yourself single due to your spouse’s death. It’s devastating to lose the person you love, and it’s also devastating to have your life structure do a 180 (from married to single). Life is for the living. Not sure of your gender — you should take note that the overwhelming majority of men remarry and soon, after being widowed. Women would also, except that so many of their own generation already are dead.

      • kryogenix

        I am a man, and I guess I might be the minority with my stance. If I take vows, and give my whole self to someone. I wouldnt ever remarry. I undertand the “death do us part” vow, but I just wouldnt. I respect you opinion though, Thank you.

    • joann

      you gotta be her i been there

    • Tewksbury_Resident

      at 23 you have no clue what you would do in your lifetime. While I have no doubt that you believe that now, I have little faith that if the situation occurred (god forbid) that you would remain chaste for eternity.

  • Linda

    She fulfilled her vows to Patrick “Til Death Do Us Part” Im sure he would want her to go on with her life and be happy. Its been 5 years thats a very respectful amount of time. Geez people !!!! Congratulations to the happy couple and so what if he doesnt look like Patrick its not like shes replacing him.

  • Texas Girl

    My Dad died when mother was 67. Mother never remarried and lived the next 20 yrs miserable. Dad had been very controlling.
    My 1st husband died when I was 50 and I spent the next 8 yrs missing him and miserable, but thinking I would never remarry. I was working and getting by on my own financially.
    Then I met a 65 yr old widower who was wonderful to me. We’ve been married 11 yrs and basically live the same lifestyle I lived before we married. But that horrible loneliness is gone.
    I don’t believe that either of us is a gold digger!

    • babette

      You were single for 8 years. You mourned your husband and got back to living again, and found someone to love.
      Congratulations… a sweet love story :)

    • Barbara

      Bless you and I am so happy that you found happiness.

    • Accipiter

      That’s cool, everyone has different lives. My opinion still stands.

  • Mkdogzzzz

    Good for her, she was a loyal and loving wife to Patrick. She deserves love and happiness again! Many years of blessings to them!

  • Cincymom513

    What an idiot you are to make that type of presumptive comment. I seriously doubt Lisa needed anyone to take care of her. As for her finances, I believe she was quite comfortable. During her 34 years of marriage to Patrick, in addition to his acting career, she was a professional ballet dancer, and they collectively had a very successful horse breeding business. I am thrilled that she was able to find love again. She had a wonderfully long and successful marriage to Patrick, and she is still a relatively young woman. Why would she want to spend the rest of her life alone? I am certain he would have wanted this for her.

  • Pamela Malone Baldwin

    Beautiful story. I have read Liza’s books and I hope she will write on this special new phase of her life. Best wishes to you Liza. Have a great life. pAM

    • Cincymom513

      It’s Lisa…not Liza :-)

  • jedotter


    • donna

      love is love who care’s for small thing’s
      bad conception ..MONEY are for people have complex about life ..uneducated .

    • mkdogzzzz

      How do you know the new hubby even has $$, is it stated on here? Don’t you think she was left well enough off by Patrick’s money and had made some of her own through the years they were married? WOW – burned much in life there jedotter?!

    • MFW34

      Troll much? Momma didn’t pay enough attention to you when you were young?

    • Lucy Sivov

      @jedotter:disqus…. seriously? Do your research. Lisa is worth $40 MILLION! She doesn’t need one red cent from another human being on this earth. Whether or not her new husband has money (which I doubt he has more than her, but who cares if he does) is a mute point cuz she has more than most people do on this earth and will never be searching for money. I guess ignorance is bliss! Do your research first before commenting next time.

  • donna

    beautifull life is to be continued …

  • raestdhjfbdffc

    Gold digger?? She has money. She stayed with a man that was an alcoholic and cheated on her more than once. She deserves some happiness.

    • Shirley

      We don’t need you putting Patrick Swayze down. he was one of the best actors. They were together for many years, I’m sure she must have been happy with him.

      • DJ

        Patrick Swayze was awsome. I watched him in many movies. I guess everyone is entitled to there opinion. I always liked Patrick.

    • Jim

      You’re an idiot! Patrick Swayze never cheated on his wife. He was propositioned by Kirstie Alley and turned her down. Stop lying and sullying the name of a good man. Lisa Niemi did a full nude scene with another man after she was married. Maybe we should judge HER as harshly as you seem to judge Patrick Swayze. I personally would have left her for that reason alone.

  • Kay Houser

    She found love,Congratulations you deserve all the happiness.

  • Jack

    Why does anyone care about this???

    • MFW34

      I dunno, why did you read it?

    • Accipiter

      Not sure…but boy are they pretty defensive about it!

  • babette

    Only 5 years after Patrick died, after being married to him for 34 years ! . And she dated him before that … was she seeing him before Patrick died ?

    • raestdhjfbdffc

      Life goes on! I found love a year after my husband died.

      • jeff


    • mkdogzzzz

      Really babette “ONLY 5 years?” How long is an appropriate time for you to have had her wait?! Geeeezzzz people, get a life!!! 5 years is MORE THAN ENOUGH!!! I wonder how long any of you would wait if you feel the right one would have come along? I highly doubt that she was seeing him before Patrick died..had she been, do you think they would have waited 5 years? But even if she had…is it really any skin off your nose?!

      • mkdogzzzz

        I may also add…how does any of us know that we have tomorrow? Let alone 5 years or more? I would not wait that long if I found love and I have been married 26 years to my hubby. I wouldn’t expect him to wait that long either if I were to pass. 1-2 yrs. would be just fine for me either way!

      • DottiesMom

        A one year period of mourning used to be the norm!

      • babette

        Wow, don’t get so excited , you will have a heart attack. I lost my husband and I know I could not think of having a relationship with anyone for a long time. It was a comment and a question. Get over yourself.

  • Guest#1

    I am glad she found happiness again. As someone with a life ending illness I want my husband to find love again and be happy. For 40 years he has treated me like a queen. He would do anything for me, including giving me his liver if he could. When I am gone I want him to meet someone who will be good to him and make him happy.

  • cj mckinney

    How can anyone seriously accuse this woman of being a gold digger? How is it better to never remarry after the death of a spouse? My husband died of pancreatic cancer just a few months before Patrick Swayze at the age of 55. I found love again too and I am not a gold digger. Life is for living, celebrating and loving, not for being chained to the past.

  • lydia

    Congrats to you both , and many blessings in your new life together..

  • GmaDahl

    Lisa was married to Patrick when they were young struggling actors. They stayed together in richer and poor, and still when THEY battled cancer together. That is what marriage is. A contract to be together until death do us part. Sadly you call her a gold digger. I call her a faithful woman who found love again. May God Bless you, Again!

  • Sportymahn

    I have a lot of respect for Lisa – she is so far from that fake Hollywood image – And she is beautiful too – I wish her the best

  • mkdogzzzz

    Well bully for your grandmother! And she probably died a very lonely lady. Why would you want to subject that on anyone else? Why does Lisa deserve that? And why would you label her a “gold digger?!” No 1 – YOU personally KNOW NOTHING about her! #2 you do not know whether her new husband has money or not?! #3, I’m sure she was left very well off by Patrick, which she would deserve after being his wife for all those years through “better/worse, richer/poorer, sickness/health!” You sound like a bitter girl/women? Why do you have to label people like that? She had a lot of hard years towards the end with Patrick and she stuck by him all the way. It’s been several years now, she’s a beautiful women obviously inside and out, she deserves happiness so let her have it for goodness sakes! Stop being such a hater and grow up!!!

    • Accipiter

      tldr- Patrick Swayze was awesome, too bad Lisa didn’t marry Johnny Utah! OH!!

      • mkdogzzzz

        I HAVE NO IDEA WTH YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. There is something wrong with you, as most have stated in these posts!!! Poof, be gone!

        • Accipiter

          Obliviously you’ve never seen any Swayze movies.

  • Rose Rowland

    Absolutely Wonderful. Congratulation. Delighted you found new happiness.

  • Citizen Kane

    Congratulations. She is a good woman, and was devout wife to Patrick for many years. I enjoyed reading her and Patrick’s autobiography. I am glad she has found happiness again. Have a great marriage.

  • Robert

    Congratulations, Patrick provided a lot of joy to us all, but you deserve to be able to be happy once again. I wish you both the best life can offer.

  • Bmore Jake

    By the numbers:
    1. Patrick died in Sept 2009…a little under 5 years ago.
    2. She started dating Albert about 1-1/2 years ago. Assuming he was the first man she dated since Patrick died, that would mean she started dating him about 3 years after Patrick died.
    3. Her and Patrick were married for 34 years. I don’t think they had any kids. To be married for 34 years with no kids…seems kinda SELFISH! They were both probably 2 very selfish people.
    4. That said, to be married for 34 years and jump back into another marriage this quickly, means either you were not happy and fulfilled in the first 34 year marriage, or that u r a very selfish person!
    5. It is what it is, and all that said, I wish her happiness!
    It would have been nice and appropriate to put a picture of the new groom up along with this article.

    • MFW34

      Why is not wanting children selfish and what makes you so positive there were no fertility issues? Ah, wait, I continued reading and I now realize you are just trolling. Negativity just to be negative.

    • transmitterguy

      Not wanting kids nowadays is SMART LIVING!

    • Deb

      You don’t know if maybe there was a medical reason in them not having kids. And waiting 3 years before dating is a long time. Actually, I am pretty sure there is not a set number of years a person has to wait to date again after the death of a spouse. Don’t judge people you know nothing about other than what you are fed by the media.

    • Tewksbury_Resident

      “That said, to be married for 34 years and jump back into another marriage this quickly, means either you were not happy and fulfilled in the first 34 year marriage, or that u r a very selfish person!”

      perhaps the fact that she was SO happy in her first marriage is the reason she is willing to do it again.

  • matthisone

    SO, SO happy for her!! I lost my husband 13 months ago. I don’t think I have it in me to fall in love again, but like Lisa, I sure hope so!!

    • Deb

      Don’t give up. You could still find love again.

  • Linda

    Take care of her? Can you just say Congratulations and let it go at that?

  • John Smith

    He has some big shoes to fill cause Patrick was one helluva guy. Wonder what would have happened if “Shes Like the Wind” played at the reception

  • Jonathan

    If she was as nasty as her granddaughter, who would want to marry her?

  • Laura

    I hope she has a hppy life

  • Biff

    I know Swazye was a D- Bag but I’m happy for her !

  • Cher

    I’m thrilled for Lisa, but it Seems completely inappropriate to use photographs of Lisa with first husband in this article.

  • Deb

    Good for her and her new husband. I wish them all the best.

  • lee gary

    This is exactly why I never bought a penny’s worth of insurance for my wife. I’ll be damned if I’m going to finance her screwing someone else. That’ll be on her dime.

    • Deb

      Sounds more like you are just a mean, hateful, cheapskate and I am sure she will throw a party once you are dead. It will feel to her like being reborn again. MORON

  • peaceful_gentleman

    “Live & Let Live”…..enough said!!…Personally, I am happy for her. For anyone, and everyone, deserves companionship. As it is with anyone else in here, I don’t know anyone, but, I am human, and I know we all so much want to “be” with someone, so personally, I am SO HAPPY for therm both!!!….signed: Peaceful Gentleman

  • TCE

    Your Grandmother was an ugly hooker…..that’s why she never re-married you moron

    • Accipiter

      lol, awesome comment.

    • Tinker94589


  • mbreen

    Congratulations to her. But why on earth does the article have a picture of her with Patrick Swayze instead of with her new husband?

  • eddie

    Love the bitterly stupid holier than thou attitude. Read a little and inform yourself so you won’t sound silly. You’d realize she married Swayze young, before he was rich or famous. Your comments lead me to believe that, if you’re just like your mom, your father was happy to get out of that marriage by any means necessary and, she probably didnt marry because, judging by your ignorance, im pretty sure no one else wanted to put up with her and be lead to an early grave…

  • Grace Handy

    Interesting you should call her a Gold Digger. Try doing a little research before making a fool of yourself: Lisa Niemi is an American actress, dancer, director, and producer who has a net worth of $40 million dollars.

  • eddie

    I bet you’re single, lol

  • consneverwork

    Lisa, just thinking how happy your new husband must feel (and you too I suppose) that instead of putting today’s wedding day picture online, this lazy classless reporter puts up a picture of someone you lost. Idiot had an empathy bypass at birth.

  • eddie

    Apologies for saying your mom and dad instead of grandmother and father, but in keeping with the theme and judging by your stupidity, your father probably suffered a lot also…

    • Accipiter

      Your statement doesn’t even make sense…and people call me a troll. Nice try!

      • Tinker94589

        That’s because you ARE a troll, and a nasty one at that.

      • DJ

        Do you make any sense.

        • Accipiter

          I do.

  • consneverwork

    Not her fault your grandma lived the rest of her life alone. I can’t imagine she was very happy. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone and I hope your granddad wouldn’t either. What a nasty b***h!

  • Caryn Euston

    Accipiter you are crazy!!! I lost my husband also and he made it clear before he even got sick that he wanted me happy if something happened to him! She doesn’t need money…..she wants to give and receive love…..get over it!! Good luck to her and I applaud her for doing what is best for herself!

  • Terry Perry

    Patrick was a Drug user and a Alcoholic WHY you saw the gaps in his movie times the Studios had problems getting insurance on him because of his Demons. SORRY but that is the Truth.

  • Inreality01

    How about a recent photo of the new couple?

  • suziq

    I would be nice if there were pictures instead f just a voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suzq

    She has more than enough money of her own. You really are an idiot.

  • chuck

    You are not much of a man attacking a women for finding her happiness. Why do you find the need to verbally abuse. Finding joy in a relationship is something most people look forward to. Jealousy is such a negative emotion and will shorten your life.

  • luisa

    im 80 yrs old and still like to get married i loved my husband but he is gone now and it get awful lonly when there are no children i wish hers lots of happiness

  • Jared

    I feel bad for Patrick. Guy dies, and she is out hunting the following day.

    • ApathyKillsEmpathyHeals

      Several years = the following day in what universe?

  • skulldruggery

    Oda Mae! say it aint so!

  • kc

    Congratulations Ms. Lisa! Go For it! Life is not a dress rehearsal!!!!Be happy!

  • Rod

    Look at the movie, “Slam Dance.” Full frontal nudity. She looks awesome.

  • truth sayer

    she is a gold digger. whoever said she’s a gold digger is correct. she’s a whore and a gold digger.

    • David Nevers

      u r a cunt

      • Steven Seagull

        Hey. Watch your fkng language.

  • Rebecca

    It sounds as though your grandmother didn’t move beyond mourning…
    After losing a spouse after many years of marriage, one does not go through ‘stages’ of mourning I don’t believe….the mourning becomes part of you & you just learn to make room for it.
    But…we still have lives…and most likely the deceased spouse would be happy the surviving spouse moved on with her life. It is by no means courageous to be a martyr to mourning such a tremendous loss…
    Loss of a spouse is so personal, so individual, so life altering. Yet those of us still with kids, whether young or grown, are setting an example with how we process loss. Do we stop socializing & living? Maybe for some…Do we enrich our lives with new relationships? Maybe for some…Do we just. go through the motions of daily life? Maybe for some. Do we just continue remembering & reliving our loss? Maybe for some.
    When we become widows/widowers we enter an unfamiliar club…we just have to learn what is right for us…a new normal…and sometimes that might eventually lead to a new romantic relationship… and for others maybe not.
    There is no right or wrong…there is no time frame… its individual…
    And to viciously & aggressively attack a person for such a personal decision is selfish, childish, and incredibly insensitive….not to mention the level of ignorance it displays on your part.

  • JoannaBackman

    well, God bless her and I hope she has a wonderful new life with this man!

  • John Hrenko

    patrick swayze was worth 40 million when he died

  • anna

    congrats to you both, be happy time to look forward and be happy

  • Terry

    I have a question for the religious folk. If after people die and they were married at least twice, how will that work in Heaven? I mean, for example, in this instance, we have husband a) dying. The wife and husband loved each other very much. Sadly, he passed away. Then, same wife finds another to love. I’ll call him husband b). Now, lets just say they will live their days together until old age and die within a year time frame. So now you have 2 guys in Heaven and the one wife in Heaven. How is eternity spent for these 3? I’m assuming they were all religious and met the criteria to be in Heaven.

    • Maxwell

      Thats why its called until death do you part

    • happyeveraftergrl

      I’m not religious anymore. I was raised sort of a lazy Baptist though. We didn’t really attend church much but my grandfather was a regular. After my grandfather passed away when I was 11 the minister at the church visited us. My mother said something along the lines of “I know he’s looking down watching over us” And the minister shook his head and said “No, he’s not. People in Heaven have no memory of the people they left behind. It would only cause them pain to see their loved ones going through hard times. There is no pain in Heaven.” I don’t know how popular of a belief that is. It surprised me at the time to hear it because I’d always heard that my dead relatives were now my guardian angels. It kind of goes with what you asked though so I thought I’d share. Maybe they don’t know each other in Heaven either?

      • happyeveraftergrl

        Sorry for the book. I didn’t mean for it to be that long.

  • Steven Seagull

    Who is the creeper in the background?

  • Honest

    I am very happy for her and I am sure Patrick would want her to move on to be happy

  • Damian Rhea

    she’ll never find someone so hot as mr. patrick…

  • Barbara

    Patrick Swayze was the only actor I have ever had a crush on. I am so happy Lisa found happiness again. God bless her and her new marriage.

  • jungletiger160g

    congrats after I lost my first husband to cancer I felt lost and a lone I said to the lord I don’t want t be a lone the rest of my life he told me that love will find me and i will find love again and i did Marc my second husband his wife died 2007 from cancer and he was looking for love again too and we hit it off talked for hours without being tired of each other when you know its right that’s when love comes your way some times its like a bolt out of the blue i`m so very happy she found love again I know her late husband would want that for her in memory of our late husbands we never forget them i was married 26 years Marc. was married 19 years to his late wife we are open about talking about our late spouses after all they was with us a long time God Bless you. !!

  • boyd

    I bet she did not marry a blue collar worker.

  • lregan1949

    Congratulations, how wonderful for you to find true love twice.

  • BlondieKnox

    Good for her if she can move on I haven’t been able to since my “the one” died from pancreatic cancer 6 months before Patriick.

  • Chilibreath

    Life goes on, and that’s a good thing!

  • Wilma Fingadu

    I’ll bet the dust just flew off that quiff!

  • $69349349

    Congratulations to Lisa and Albert. Happy to read Lisa chose to move forward and attracted another man in her life to love, as the two begin a new chapter in their lives! This news further depicts the beauty of Lisa’s soul. God bless this couple as they continue to love and offer devotion to one another.

  • Penny’sarcade

    Yeah well at age 64 and NO MONEY like this woman has plenty of thanks to life insurance policies from Patrick, she’s set for life. I’m on social security renting a room from some idiot because that’s all I can freakin afford WHAT man is goanna want me anyways, huh?

  • Kimmy Carver

    Assuming which is what people do=Assume makes an ass out of you & me. But I just hope that she has happiness.

  • Jack MeHoff

    Some chicks need cock more than others . She apperantly need cock..