Lisa Marie Presley Gets Mixed Reviews

    May 19, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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It can’t be easy to be the King’s daughter. Not only does Lisa Marie have an enormous legacy to live up to musically, she’s also been scrutinized her entire life because nothing she does is private.

Of course, she hasn’t always chosen the most low-key ways to go about things; in 1994 she married Michael Jackson, perhaps the only other man in the world as famous as her father. The marriage lasted two years before she moved on to actor Nicholas Cage, which lasted a whopping 108 days.

But Presley is moving to stamp her mark on the music industry in a different way than she set out to with her first album, “To Whom It May Concern” (2003), which she says wasn’t truly what she wanted to convey because it was full of defensive songs mixed with a bit of anger.

“I made a lot of defensive and angry songs, probably anticipating what was expected of me and fighting against it … there was a lot of production and hiding behind things, not really wanting to lay myself out there because I was afraid or feeling too vulnerable,” she said.

Her new album, “Storm and Grace”, is released this week and represents what Presley calls the quiet, calmed down side of her. She references her father briefly on the album by way of the song “Sticks and Stones”, touching on the fact that everyone expects her to live up to his name and talent, but for the most part it’s pure Americana, and it’s garnering good reviews so far.

Presley’s performance on “American Idol” earlier this week, however, is getting some mixed reactions. It seems she will always have her detractors, no matter how much her father was universally loved…or perhaps because of it.

Lisa marie presley sang a beautiful song on #americanIdol , she had the daddy’s air in her..
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Watching American idol .. Lisa Marie. Presley never heard her sing before ..?
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Lisa Marie Presley just “sang” on #Idol. My daughter said it “sounded like a funeral.” #lookedlikeonetoo
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Lisa Marie Presley is like Lana Del Ray’s momma… Musically.
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This is Lisa Marie Presley’s first #Idol appearance, and apparently she’s so thrilled she decided to dress like the undead.
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  • yvonne

    sorry but she is proof that a famous father does not a singer make. she eally can,t sing

    • Abigail Streaps

      Right on Yvonne!!! Surely Lisa Marie is beautiful but the poor child simply isn’t a natural born talented singer!! I heard her once on the Opray show and was embarassed for her!! She couldn’t sing worth anything! I started laughing when my sister told me she was going to be on American Idol and told my sister that was a bold step for her to perform on such a program. Further, I told my sister you could bank on multiple synthesizers, voice overs, and instruments to conceal the true untalented vocals that the poor child has…. I know I am being brutal…. but I guess she is still determined no matter what her money can buy to help her along….

      • Cindy


        You only told the truth, if the record doesn’t sell well she will blame everybody but herself. Her voice is awful and I think she did it on purpose to give the impression she is grieved her new sorry is everyone stole from her.
        LMP is herslef refusing to take responsibility for her part in failures.

        • lj

          phew!!! Sad, sad, sad, people. No wonder this country is becoming the suicide capital cause of bullies, and just plain miserable people like you. You don’t even know her, and you are making all kinds of assumptions and accusations. You need a hobby, or a boyfriend, casue you need some.

    • PKinney

      Lisa Marie you are pretty but you are horrible at singing.find ur real purpose in life sweetie.

      • PKinney

        well her mother doesnt have talent, so go figure!!

      • Sue

        Oh please, don’t get all Mother Teresa. Our postings are just stating what we hear, and as consumers we are publicly stating that we would not buy the album, just as Lisa Marie is putting her music out there. This is a choice, we have a right to opinions in what we choose to listen to. Plain and simple, we have lives and we listen to music. If your life was so fulfill than why are you on this site?

      • Sue

        Oh please, don’t get all Mother Teresa. Our postings are just stating what we hear, and as consumers we are publicly stating that we would not buy the album, just as Lisa Marie is putting her music out there. This is a choice, we have a right to opinions in what we choose to listen to. Plain and simple, we have lives and we listen to music. If your life was so fulfill than why are you on this site?

    • Shirley

      I’m sorry but she has no singing talent. Loved Elvis still do and always will, the man had a beautiful voice.

      • Jonna

        I have nothing against Lisa Marie, but do not really care for her music. She does have her own style and does not need to be ELVIS. No one can fill those shoes. He was truly an original and the BEST. But if she wants to make music, let her do her thing.

    • Cindy


    • Becky

      You are right. I was hoping for a voice, but if she had been an contestant she would have been booted!

    • http://att.net emma

      I tried not comparing her to her father (one of the greatest singers of all time), therefore I judged her on her own merit, if any. I’m sure she had many reservations and drawbacks when it came to doing her own music, and I’m not sure that we’re doing her any justice by expecting her to be as good as her father who commanded the world stage. Let’s see if she can do what the amateurs on talent shows do, improve with time, practice and encouragement.

    • CarolO

      I agree. Having her dad famous does not make the off spring famous but let’s face it. She went to work, didn’t fall into the life of drugs and she has the money to try something new.
      Some of these famous rock stars can’t sing worth beans. They just scream very loud. If they had to sing solo, they never would have made it.

    • http://google patty

      Lol, in your opinion! !

  • Chuck

    Had she been a contestant on American Idol she would have been voted off!

    • Nyla johnson

      I saw Lisa on IDOL but I had trouble understanding her words, plus I didnt like all the black costumes and she really needs to smile more, she just seems in another world. I dont like all the bad words in her singing, she doesnt need it to prove a thing.
      I guess I am just too much an Elvis fan and it wouldnt hurt a thing if she sang his songs! Elvis would be proud!

      • peggy howard

        I agree with everything you said. I get excited every time I here she is on and then I see and hear her, its like I am waiting for something, as they say on IDOL the WOW and it dosen’t happen. I realy think she can do it. Elvis had such a grest style,she seems to be trying to find a style of her owe, but this black, sad, gothic, angry style is not working.COME ON LISA GET HAPPY, SMILE, GET EXCITED AND SING THE DAMN SONG. My 19 year old granddaughter ask me why does she seem so depressed or is this her frist time to perform, she didn’t know who she was till I told her. We can’t help it if we loved your dad and expect more from you, its not going to change, live with or give up.

        • diana

          watch the music video to the song; read the lyrics … then maybe you can UNDERSTAND why she was dressed the way she was on Idol. The performance complemented the music video.

          • Joyce

            She isn’t musically talented in any way. I felt completely embarassed for her. She seems intent on destroying whatever legacy remains of Elvis. Elvis would be humiliated at LMPs futile attempts at singing and/or performing.

      • PKinney

        i couldnt understand a word she sang either @ Nyla it sounded all muffled and like a dude.. if i didnt know better i wouldn have that she was a transvestite for real.. and she really did look depressed, down, and gloomy. the gothic Lisa is not good so dress more livelier and i think if she could sing she should sing her daddys song..only if she gets a singing coach

        • http://google patty

          Rude, mean and spiteful, go comment in someone you like! Why are you here!! Duh!!

    • Kellie

      She wouldn’t have made it past the auditions on AI. She can’t sing to save her life and the whole thing had a funereal tone to it. It was depressing!

      • Sue

        Sorry, but you are the one that don’t belong on this page! Most people on this page don’t care for her music, not as a person!

      • Sue

        Sorry, but you are the one that don’t belong on this page! Most people on this page don’t care for her music, not as a person!

  • Darla

    I come from the Elvis/Beach Boys/Beatles era…in other words, I am a 65 year old grandma! Lisa Marie Presley is beautiful, she has a wonderful family and she will never need for anything. If she choses to want to pursue a singing career, even at this rather late stage in her life, so be it. I saw her on Idol and was not impressed, but then I don’t buy CDs anyway……..

  • Amber

    I thought Lisa Marie was horrendous. It was the worst performance I’ve ever seen. I am waiting for Lee DeWyze, who has an incredible voice. Why not have him perform?

    • http://google patty


  • Camille Pety

    I’m sorry but whoever told her she can sing shouldn’t have…she can’t

  • kat

    Well I’ve always loved that low, sultry voice of hers. And I loved the song, the music, the whole Gothic theme on AI. I don’t want her to try and imitate nor sing her dad’s songs. She is original, she expresses only herself and does not need our approval. But she has mine anyway. Besides it was nice to listen to a song with no screaming.

    • Babycakes

      Kudos, Kat. I agree 100% I have all three of her CD’s and love them. I also love her father’s music. Elvis and Lisa have different styles and I like them both.

    • diana

      Well put! I have all her CDs and met her at Sun Studios. I wouldn’t want her to mimic ANYONE else’s style. That would be lame.

  • http://Yahoo Ray

    It was interesting. She is hard to figure out. Even though she has all the money she needs, she still has the desire to do something that apparently is dear to her. At least she has the courage to do it.

  • Cuteypops

    I saw Lisa Marie on Idol. The whole time I was thinking…”What was she thinking?” She sounded awful. The song was dead. She looked dead. Even the band was bad. If you are going to sing. Put out a song that most people can relate too. Her voice tone sent cringes through my body. I couldn’t wait for it to end and when it did. I wasn’t really sure that it was finally over.

  • Jaybird

    OMG I thought she was a transvestite. If she were to try out for American Idol she would have never made it to Hollywood. Honestly Idol if your guest performers cant hold a candle to your own top 10 just add more commercials lol Id rather watch them than have my poor ears bleed.

  • Serena

    As a musician, my impression of her voice and song choice on AI was that it would have been much livelier and better done if given to Ms. Courtney Love. Lisa Marie, like Courtney, has a no-vibrato, organic voice. Courtney’s voice has more character, sass, emotional color, and is more vivid – she is after all an actress as well. I do not think Lisa Marie was bad, however. I just think that her type of voice belongs in a sassier niche. In the niche she has chosen, country commercial, vibrato is needed.

  • Boreane

    Ms. Presley: You have a wonderful husband and four beautiful children. Use the time you’re wasting with trying to sing or trying to make a statement that no one wants to hear. Enjoy your husband and your children and leave the entertainment business to entertainers. If singing is your hobby, great but let’s keep it real. Peace and Love to you and your family.

  • Charlotte Lawrence

    I never liked her Dad’s singing. He sounded like he had a mouth full of oatmeal. He never wrote a song,either. Had lots of people fooled!

    • Babycakes

      Elvis was so good at fooling people that he has the most recognizable name, face and voice of the last century and this current one. There are millions and millions of fools in this world that have purchased his music and still do. He is still receiving gold and platinum records 35 years after he passed away. Not bad for someone you claim has no talent.

    • http://google patty

      Oh really? Lol, 50 million + fans cant be wrong! But you sure are!!

    • Craig

      Sure Charlotte, Elvis fooled nobody. He just happenend to be the biggest and greatest star of all time. No singer ever combined blues, country, and gospel music together so smoothly..He sold over a billion records, and more people visit his Graceland home each year than that of any other. These are facts you can’t argue with.. As far as the oatmeal comment goes, get your ears checked, because that’s where the oatmeal is..

  • http://themojoman.com SidTheMojoManGrubbs

    Lisa Marie should SMILE and loosen up,,Her Dad didn’t have a STUCK UP look. Reminds me of Victoria Beckam (sic)

  • PKinney

    Lisa Marie you are pretty but you were horrible on American Idol.i am just being truthful and saying what every one else is afraid to say.. and that is THE TRUTH about ur singing..Singing is not you sweetie

  • Chris

    Why do people have to be so nasty? People do not have any manners anymore! Hasn’t your mother told you if you don’t have anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all! How many records have any of you ever made?

  • Cindy

    Unfortunately she has none of her father’s stage presence, and the record was re-done because of her angry and “mastrabative” lyrics.
    Princess of Rock n Roll? Please! I hope this is the last record she does.
    She was worst than ever, I suppose with bashing MJ out and being called out for her own failings she had to re-work this, but some of these songs -I mean her voice in them are disgraceful and the angry lyrics have been changed to I’ve been wornged the story of this no talents life.

  • pat downing

    Lisa Marie is a lame immitation of Elvis, as are all the Elvis impresonaters(sp)….just stoppit. Your lip does not naturally do what Elvis’s did,…just stoppit. That sexy look does not come natural to you….just stoppit. Be happy..you certainly don’t need the money.

  • Chris

    A bunch of American Idol JUDGE wannabes..lol

  • http://Att.net Mark

    Lisa Marie Presely, the name conjures up so many thoughts,, rich,, privilaged, sheltered, alone only child of an Icon long gone. She is beautiful to behold.. yet her music leaves you wanting more.. not so much as an expectation to live up to her late fathers image.. but more of a longing for her to make a name.. truely of her own.. wether that be in music, fashion, or acting. Perhaps her time has passed, she is in her forties and a mother of four, maybe she should focus on her children’s future and leave her own legacy to them.

  • http://google patty

    I Loved Lisa Maries performance on AI, .Loved the new look and she sounded awesome! She has really grown. I own all of her cd’s, have seen her live 3 times, and have met her, Lockwood and Riley. Very sweet, down to earth woman. This new Album is her, its bluesy, sexy, and soulful with a touch of country. Elvis would be proud. She has her own style and never claimed to try and step in his shoes. ImProud of her . I am a fan FOR LIFE!! I cant wait for her to win awards for this, and to all you haters, listen to Sticks and Stones, for those that cannot understand her, Please! Get a Hearing Aid!! Thats what you need!! Luv ya Lisa!!

    • diana

      Well put, Patty.

  • Cee Cee

    Do not judge her music based on this one performance alone. I have her 2nd album and LOVE IT and she has her OWN voice, which is way better than a lot of singers out there now. You all need to give her a chance. If i judged you on ONLY just one moment in your life would that be fair? No! than stop doing it to her.

  • Becky Ward

    She is not her Father!But She definately has talent!!I just wish she had Happiness in her life and it would reflect in her music!!Please wear something with color,please smile once in a while,I can definately tell you are struggling internally.Praying that you find Happiness.Wishing you the best!!!



    • JBG

      You been to a lot of funerals lately?

  • Liz

    I have been a fan of Lisa Marie Presley since her first album. I have even met her in person after a show in San Francisco and she was so gracious, honest, and was so much more than I expected her to be in person. She has a different voice that I love and is unique to all the same sounding stuff that is out now. If she didn’t have the stigma of Elvis’ daughter I am sure people would be more receptive of her. Just because she has the last name, doesn’t mean that she is her dad or wants to be him.

  • http://yahoo Big D

    Singer NOT!!

  • Wendy

    I always say the reason michael jackson wouldnt help her in the music business because he knew ahe couldnt sing.

  • annie

    Agree..she has pretty face but is one trying hard singer,who cannot even sing…listening her sing was like a dead end road for me.

  • marion

    The apple really does fall from the tree. A pretty face, but absolutely no talent. Its a shame, her father was so very talented. She has an ordinary voice, but that is all.

  • Peter

    True she does have a lot to live up to,but at least let her
    go on her own merits.Not pre-judge her (by name-presley),I
    think that I have only seen her sign once on Jay Lenos’ show?.
    I love her fathers’ music,and what I saw she does have some of his mannerisms while siging. BEST WISHES LISA

  • Traci

    If you look up the words to the song, and the video to the song it explains why she dressed like that……..part of the song.

    Just because you don’t care for it you don’t have to be so mean. Just turn the channel – that’s why there is more than one.

  • JustKeeping It ReaL

    @Patty…. You are out numbered… SORRY…. YOUR GIRL LISA MARIE PRESLEY.. CAN’T SING!… Deal with it. Maybe she will somehow stop by this article…and see peoples really knows she can’t sing…. MONEY WON’T BUY YOU A VOICE…. SORRY PATTY…IT’S THE TRUTH….

  • Sue

    Speaking of low key, I’m sorry Lisa Marie Fans, the girl can’t sing! The problem is people are putting her up on a peddle stool, and too bad that was the way she grew up. (expecting to walk her father’s footsteps). She can’t carry a voice, or you can’t hear it, cause its way too deep. Maybe she can spend some of that recording money on acting classes, she may be a better actress, it will help her open up, and pretend to be whoever she wants to be. Her father would be proud of whatever she decides to do.

    • diana

      I am sure she knows the difference between “pedestal” and PEDDLE STOOL. Ha. Hilarious. You are not the sole judge of her talent either.

  • Nina

    Lisa go with your heart and the color purple which was your dads favorite color. I can’t hardly speak let alone sing so you go girl!

  • Dave

    It was so bad that my thought was… is this real, is this a joke? So painful to watch. Why would she do this? No one stopped her I guess. I hope she enjoys her life and does not try this again or hangs herself in her garage! Enjoy your life! Give to others! Don’t sing!

  • http://perezhiltonlesliesiegel.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

    Lisa Marie Presley is in same position as John Travolta, went to the Scientology cult and said, “I don’t want to pay the fee, or so much of it, scale back?” And they realized they had to re program her, so she was probably in the same re program class as Travolta was, and it’s not a pretty class. They pump you full of herbs and you have to fast and they play games with your mind, and I’m sure that’s why she is not performing as well, that’s the mind control. Looks as if only ones doing the game plan is Kristie Alley (Dancing with the Stars) and Tom Cruise, his latest one and this movie coming up rock and roll role! SEE?

  • diana

    YOU NEGATIVE PEOPLE KILL ME. Her AI performance was meant to complement the video of the same song. DUH. She is a very talented songwriter and singer.WHAT DO YOU WANT HER TO SOUND LIKE?? Another Britney Spears or Taylor Swift?? She has her own style. Thousands of us like it. Can’t understand her singing? Take some time to look up the lyrics. You may be surprised.


    just dont do what ur mother did with her face on botox —-stay urself and do what makes u happy!

  • gloria

    It is hard not to compare lisa to her dad, cause she will come up short. There may be a song somewhere tha that she can sing. She just hasn’t found it yet. No, she would never it on idol, but then half of the so called stars wouldn’t either. I give her kudos for ttrying, she just has too much to live up to.

  • Always Elvis

    She is doing her own thing. She knows she would never be able to fill her father’s shoes..I give her credit for going on idol. One thing I don’t like is at her concerts she doesn’t acknowledge any guy with sideburns!! What the heck !! Sorry but I don’t think Elvis and her wouldn’t have been close. I feel she is just so angry and moody..

  • http://webpronews nekiyah

    THIS IS SLOW STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leanne

    I love love her unique deep sultry raspy voice. I was surprised and it is a very refreshing change. The song was laid back and amazing. I plan to purchase this CD for sure.

  • Andrea

    I find it very difficult to consider the opinions of all you AVID American Idol fans seriously. Really? Are you serious? You all seem to think you know so much about music. You dont. As for Lisa Marie Presleys appearance on AI, I thought it was soulful, honest and not at all contrived. If you know nothing about her music or her writng, then learn about it. You might be shocked to realize this girl has more integrity and honesty then many succesful artists that are popular right now. She isnt a gimic and she isnt “trying” to be anyone or rise the wave in of her fathers success. I to am an Elvis fan and always will be. I listen to all of his music, epecially his music from his earliest years and I am thrilled to hear that she is confident enough in herself and TALENT to be able and tap into those roots. I think her father would be damn proud of her. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but, if you dont know much about what youre knocking then shutup. Anyway, isnt that what watching endless hours of American Idol has taught you all. Give every talent a chance.

  • tat

    Lisa marie really does have pretty and different voice. I was a fan of her father.i wish she would sing some of his songs only because they had such good lyrics in them. With her voice l think they wouldbe good hits.

  • tat

    Lisa marie really has a pretty and unusual vooice. I was a fan of her father. I wish she would record some of his songs only because they had such good lyics in them.

  • tat

    I think lisa marie has a really pretty and unusual voice of her own. I was a fan of her father. I wish she would record some of his songs, only because the lyrics were so good. With her deep raspy voice i think she would do so good with her version of them. Do not listen to people that love to be ugly and critical.

  • Rosanna’s Bitch

    Ms Presley is a lovely powerful woman who people love to abuse. This is especially true of jealous woman and weak men who cannot bear the thought of a strong woman.