Lisa Lampanelli Roasts Dayana Mendoza

    April 30, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Outspoken comic Lisa Lampenelli has roasted many of her famous friends, including Flavor Flav (which may be my favorite appearance of hers ever), but they’re always in good humor. “Celebrity Apprentice”, however, brought out that famous brash wit with just a touch of pissed-off last night when team leader Dayana Mendoza got under her skin during their project.

Mendoza, a former Miss Universe, told Donald Jr. that teammate Clay Aiken did all the work on their project–which was to create a jingle–when the majority of the work was a collaboration by Aiken and Lampanelli. She also accused Lampanelli of being “as loud as possible” while they were working, something Lampanelli vehemently denied. Aiken backed up Lampanelli, saying the two of them did most of the work.

“This isn’t necessarily in Dayana’s wheelhouse, so a major bulk of the work has fallen on myself and Lisa,” Clay told Donald Jr. when he came to check on the group.

Trump obviously sided with Lampanelli, as he heard everyone’s story in the boardroom before firing the beauty queen.

Ted Nugent says he wants to kill Obama & gets a Secret Service visit. Clay says he wants to kill Dayana on @apprenticenbc & stays! #GoClay!(image) 3 hours ago via WhoSay ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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  • ADZ

    Lisa Lamphead is such an embarrasement to the human race. I can’t stand her on The Apprentice and now I really can’t stand her after I watched one of her videos. She is disgusting……………..!!!!

  • Dennis

    No matter how you look at this nasty pig she is still the same old nasty pig from the day she was born… nasty pig with no heart, not that anyone would share here heart. nasty pig is what she is..

  • Fed Up

    The way Lisa mocks Dayana is shameful. She should be embarrased about her behavior. She sets off so easily and is filled with so much rage. What’s her problem? Anyone who can go from zero to sixty and fly off the cuff for the slightest things needs anger management. Not good. Dayana controlled herself with grace and class. Lisa, on the other hand, sheesh! It’s scary to watch that kind of behavior from a “lady”. It’s Celebrity Apprentice not the Bad Girls Club!

  • Lorna M.

    Instead of queen of mean she should be the witch of bitch. Dayana has class, beauty, and brains. Lisa has none. If having brains means being a foul mouthed bully and a coward, I’d prefer Dayana any day.

  • Thin and smart

    Hey Lisa! Dayana’s thin and beautiful. You’re fat and ugly. Get over it!!! This isn’t grade school. Act like a friggin adult, instead of the childish moron you were on national tv. Dayana outclasses you a thousand times over and you don’t have the brains to notice it. You are the one without brains, not her.

  • Kate

    Lampanelli is a real hot head. While I realize that Dayana isn’t a genius, I think the constant explosions from Lampanelli were unnecessary. I understand that comediennes often use foul language on stage, but I don’t think it’s necessary in the boardroom. I would like to see Lampanelli voted off Celebrity Apprentice…along with her dear friend, Aubrey (know it all – does it all) O’Day.

    • dianafan

      is lisa lampanelli a genius? my have standards declined.

  • Daryl Brown

    Lisa Lampanelli is an ASSHOLE-Like Howard Stern! Tey’d make Good Fuckbuddies.. Dayana Mendoza was Decent Person, though Naive’I’ll
    admit. Nobody Deserves that treatment, and Lisa will never Win the Celebrity Apprentice, Because She can’t keep Her Mouth Under Control.
    Donald Trump WILL Fire Lisa, It’s Only a matter of Time, (& that Will
    Be Good T.V.!) Hope those Elevators are SoundProof, It’ll Be NonStop
    Cussing All the Way Down Trump Tower.

  • redkid

    Hypocrites ALL of YOU! You morons have the ignorance to “support” a stupid, lying, incompetent beauty queen who spells her name phonetically (it’s spelled DIANA not DAY-ana, you illiterate peasant!) She was FIRED by the BOSS for a very good reason: she’s a liar and not a Project Manager!

    Yet you skank claim “unfairness” and lack of equality and, of course, play the race card like you always do when you are losing fair and square, but use size-ist, personal attacks against the “fat girl”who stood up to a lying sleaze whose next job will be porn (if she can handle that much, though I doubt it!)

    • Bownow

      Hey Lisa,

      You really shouldn’t read the message boards. Too much truth could put you where you REALLY need to be….THERAPY! Stay off the msg boards Lampaloser!

      • dianafan


  • Anthony

    Dayana is as gracious as she is beautiful. I shudder to think how I would have responded to this heathenist, godless shrew that they call Lisa Lamponelli, if under the same circumstance. She is vomit.

  • Nikki Mikhak

    Lisa Lamepenelli is an old crazy bipolar psycho who is seething jealous of Dayana. I have only known one person in my life like this-she was an old lady proffesor at yale School of Nursing. Dr Dianne Veins who hated young petite cute girls w bright futures. This Lisa lady is a psycho- lesson to Lisa Dr Dianna Veins and her collegeu Kathleen Knafl got fired from Yale cuz she acted like such an innapropriate psycho w a few of the petite students who dealt w the old psychos by behaving completely classy. Dayana handled perfectly- she is an inspiration- she has overcome a language barrier and worked hard to earn her title. Lisa should apologize as well for the commentary she made about lou ferregmos intelligence level- he is partially deaf- not with low IQ as Lisa has implied publicly. Let the Dr Dianna Veins story be a lesson- Dr Veins was overwheight angry and desperate and it carried over to how she treated others- the proffesor lost her reputation and job- students left pissed off- Yale tried to get them to sign a gag clause and come back- one did- but the rest want to actually post the gag clause to expose Yale and veins more cuz she practices in a field as a clinician on fellow human beings. So let this Lampenelli lady learn- people do their best within their own skill sets- No one wants to listen to some old lady spit venom over her hardships at a woman who has done nothing to her as Lisa did to supermodel Dayana. Lisa looked imbalanced, crazy and needs anger management.-Dayana is the most gorgoues woman in the Universe,smart, organized, composed and elegant- totally classy- and appropriate- I think this Lisa lady also lunged at Dayana or took a step forward at her when she was yelling at her on camera. If I am not mistaken-or perhaps I am confusing Lisas outburst w my memory of the old angry non tenured yale proffesor Dr Dianne Veins when she lunged at another student in front of a few students? I am sure the producers could replay the film to find it. Either way there is nothing right about the way Lisa insulted other peoples disparities to make herself feel better about who she is. Clearly she hates who she is or why would she even feel so insecure around others who have had greater disparatiy and disadvantage than she? She needs to be fired without another chance and she needs to apologize about her commentary about Lou Feregmo and Dayanas intelligence levels. What an ugly person she is inside and out- just like the YSN proffesors ugly -unproffesional- outside and inside- these type of people r total nightmares and that level of anger is why crimes are committed. if Yale fired those angry ladies over teir anger twoard the students- without batting an eyelash Trump should do the same. This Lampenelli woman should not even have a chance to return to raise money for charities- She needs to apologize publicly to Lou- FYI Lisa you fat old bitch- my mother is deaf in one ear and partially deaf in another ear and people make the same comment to her that u did about Lou all the time- half of them are local yocal white trash such as uself- they dont know she speaks five languages even hough she cannot hear. People who overcome disparaties should be proud and acknowledged not disgraced. Lisa Lampenelli is a disgusting human being.

  • glenn

    What a total disgrace this woman is.

    She is rude, loud and aggressive.

    Dayana, by contrast is classy, respectful and proud. She is also way smarter than some people think she is so I wouldn’t underestimate that girl at all!

    She is also one of the most striking women I have ever seen and her personality matches her beauty.

    Actually now that I think about it Lisa Campanelli’s personality also matches the way she looks…….

    interesting comparison, don’t you think??

    Sydney Australia

  • Lianne

    I have never seen such an evil, jealous person as Lampenelli. Her career is over after this show, and Trump should have told her off and removed such a horrible person from his show. She is bipolar and needs medication. She must have had an awful life to be so disrespectful and envious. Clay is a prima donna as well. Dayana will succeed far beyond either one of them. Can you imagine being the husband of Lisa? A living hell.

  • dianafan

    OK, what idiocy did Diana spew? She seems like a totally normal reasonable person. There is no way Lisa Lampanelli has a higher I.Q. and guess what? She’s not creative, she’s a sucky comedian! And Clay Aiken cant sing. And Aubrey O Day has a nice voice but that’s it. What the hell is up with her fake hair? It’s worse than Donald Trump. I was so annoyed that Adam Corolla and Penn got booted? It’s talent-less now. It seemed everyone, including Trump’s daughter, was jealous of Diana. If you watched the whole show, why shouldn’t Diana diss Lisa? How dumb is Trump’s son? Why is Lisa in love with Aubrey? and how stupid is Arsenio Hall totally unaware how much Aubrey is dissing him? I almost have to root for the totally lame New Jersey housewife if it’s a normalcy contest. Clay Aiken sucks! He’s so full of himself and he sucks. Other than singing, which Aubrey does decently, why is she so confident? Bring back debbie gibson. What a yuckfest now. I’ll miss Diana. She was um…normal.

  • dianafan

    I was just wondering what furry red animal aubrey attacked to put on her head.

  • dianafan

    Do the trump kids have real jobs?