Lion Tacos Pulled After Public Outcry

    May 10, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Lion tacos, anyone?

If that sounds weird to you, you’re not alone. A Florida restaurant is dealing with some major backlash this week after word got out about their exotic dishes…one in particular.

“Our whole thought process of bringing the exotic meats to the Tampa Bay area was to give people the opportunity to try different things that they normally wouldn’t get to try,” said manager Brad Barnett.

Taco Fusion also serves up meals made with bison, shark, ostrich, gator, gazelle, rabbit, duck, camel and kangaroo. Future menu items will include iguana, bear and zebra. But the lion meat is what has gotten so many people upset, with many sending threatening emails to the restaurant’s owner demanding that he stop selling the dish.

“We have as much right for everybody to try it as you have as much right to say that you don’t like it,” Barnett said. “If you guys are mad now, just wait till you see what we do next.”

With just one lion taco going for arond 35 bucks, one would think the demand would be low enough for the restaurant to discontinue the menu item, but the owner, Ryan Gougeon, says customers are clamoring for the meat. The restaurateurs want everyone to know that it comes from a vendor that raises the cats just for consumption.

“It is not like someone is pulling up in the back with a truck with a carcass from the Serengetti and saying, “Hey I got this meat! Do you want to buy it?” No, it is all from approved sources,” said Barnett.

Still, those in favor of protecting the big animals say it’s just not right. Jeff Kremer with Big Cat Rescue says, “We are hoping they make the humane decision and take it off the menu permanently they are still going to exploit other creatures or sell them for a novelty but you have to draw the line somewhere and the time to speak up is right now.”

KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

  • BobbyShotz

    “We have as much right for everybody to try it as you have as much right to say that you don’t like it,” Barnett said. “If you guys are mad now, just wait till you see what we do next.”

    Good for him… It’s not illegal…He’s not going out and shooting the Lions for christ sake.. If you don’t like, DON’T eat there, and find something new to complain about you “Save the planet” jerkoffs.. I’m sure you all drive electric cars or bicycles too!! (Yeah right!)

    • missbehaven

      You are a moron and so is this owner! Despite how unique it is, half or more of these animals are damn near extinction! I hope this place goes out of business.

      • Kerri

        Sadly, the people who raise lions in order to exploit them are probably the only hope for survival that lions have. They’re simply not going to survive the encroachment of human beings in their natural habitat.

        • bernie

          i can only imagine (sadly) how these poor lions are treated….before they are killed. i hope you all choke on that meat!

          • city dude

            i love how all you veggie lovers are if you eat meat or think different than we do you are an idoit just remember my food uses your food as a bathroom

        • hsabin

          Exploit them? Hardly. Animals raised for food are not being exploited. Sorry!! It is no worse than horses, beef, chickens etc which are raised for food.

          • jmera

            Sorry but comparing chickens, cows, etc. to Lions is ridiculous. Hey why don’t you put humans in the menu why not? its all the same right as long as you don’t exploit them? get the hell out of here, this is obviously going too far. There are just animals you eat: chickens, cows, buffalo, fish, some more and animals you don’t eat: like Dogs, cats, whales, monkeys, apes etc. I like to believe that species with a good amount of intelligence should not be eaten, it is not natural. I believe it really selfish the animals we consume are good enough why take it too far?

      • hsabin

        An entrepreneur ought to raise lions for consumption.

        Using animals from the wild for food does contribute to the extinction of them and right now due to loss of habitat, killing by farmers, poachers, etc the African lion is in danger of extinction. this is one animal I would not like to see threatened as they are gorgeous critters.

        I wonder how the restaurant got the meat? Can lions be farmed raised? if Buffalo and cattle can be raised for consumption, why not alligators, lions, etc.??

        • JD

          okay clearly you didn’t read the whole article, Try reading paragraphs 4,5, and 6 and then try again.

        • C.T.

          You start off right then contradict yourself. Which side are you on?

      • hsabin

        Misbehaven – please don’t attack the messenger by calling them morons – just state your opinion without personal attack. Thanks

      • BobbyShotz

        If they were damn near extinction it would be illegal… moron (don’t call names unless your dumb a$$ comment makes sense please)

    • James Landis

      Your just as pathetic as the persons that owns this restaurant!And the only jerk off is you,and your non compassionate thinking for our planet and it’s beings. Poor pathetic souls like you are the ones that will be screaming and crying when you have know where left to live or air to breath,because you choose not to care. Sad for you and the likes of you. And if you have children,sad for them as well,with a parent that thinks like you.

      • BobbyShotz

        I guess you dont eat chicken, cows, pork, fish or anything else… again if there WERE a lion problem…It would be ILLEGAL!!

        • Javier

          No, if a senator or congressman sees a lion problem over all other problems worth taking care of, THEN there would be a law against it, dumbass. The government/ the law is far from perfect. In reality, it’s only there to keep general peace and social contracts in place, not for dictating morality. Again, you’re a retrograde, a puppet, a moral sloth.

      • BobbyShotz

        I care very much…lucky for me I’ll be dead long before the air to breathe problem (Which has NO BEARING whatsoever on what I was saying) happens… as to the issue at hand..LIONS… well I stated and replied so won’t bother repeating myself to a pathetic person like you with no valid argument..But thanks for trying

    • Frankie

      I couldn’t agree with Bobby Shotz more. We all have different tastes, likes and dislikes. GET OVER IT!!

      • C.T.

        I get it. Different tastes & all. The difference is that PREDATORS shouldn’t be PREY! Fatty animals are food for the lean. EX: Cattle for humans/ Buffalo for Lions.

    • C.T.

      Are you REALLY this much of a d*ck? Guessing you like these foods, right? Or maybe you’re just used to eating “Cockroach” burgers & “Rat-tail” Fries. HMM! Thinking you’ll be (1st) in line when they start making “DEAD-BABY” tacos. Course, with YOUR exotic pallet, you’d probably prefer them to be ALIVE before going all HANNABAL style you sick-ass f*ck!
      Hope you get “Necrotizing Fasciitis” as YOU deserve it.

    • Javier

      Every idiot that says it’s ok to eat animals that are in danger of extinction is an entitled retrograde that has the American mentality of “Oh, you can pay for it? It’s not illegal? Then it’s fine!” This is not OK, you’re an idiot if you build your morality around the laws of other, self-benefiting people… What would you say if I started eating red-squirrels in the 90’s? Or manatees now? Whoever says it’s OK to do something because the law allows it is a sad human being with no mind worth noting. Lion’s have long been a cultural symbol of pride, nobility and strength. You lack all three.

    • Javier

      I bet you’d eat lion just because your mommy said you could.

  • Vicky

    shut the place down, there is no need for zebra tacos either. Just because an animal exists doesn’t mean some jack wagons need to eat it, picket the joint!

  • JD

    So why should he stop selling the meat if it isn’t illegal? Why stop at Lion meat, what was it about lions that made people say “okay we are drawing a line in the sand on this!” but no outrage over ostrich or any of the other animals being served?

    Sounds like a shrewd businessman taking advantage of the fact that he has the ability to provide a product and service that is not readily available, and clearly their is a market for it. So why not go find another fight, something more legitimate and let this man make his tacos. Feel free not to eat them you judgmental idiots

    • BobbyShotz

      at least I have 1 person who sees things my way here, lol

    • jmera

      really a market?! are u serious man… you don’t have an ounce of respect for nature? we have enough animals to consume why eat Lions? Just because of a market… this is truly sad. Have some respect for nature man. Lions are beautiful, magnificent creatures and you want to treat them like cattle? be serious actually think about what you are saying. I completely disagree with your “market” opinion sorry. You HAVE to draw the line somewhere, you just have to.. trying to come up with a valid reason as to why Lions aren’t consumed is ridiculous! You just don’t! just like dogs and monkeys or apes YOU JUST DON’T. Yes people do it but they are wrong as well.

      • Che Orner

        why is this an argument? if you’re against eating a certain type of animal, then don’t. Muslims in my neighborhood abhor pork, and get angry if it is even brought near them. In some countries, the same foods we eat here would cause the same otrage..ie: cows…sacred elsewhere, but consumed, and turned into whatever leather fetish we have today. Some countries eat a variety of insect…which btw, are helping our environment too. Should I start a riot because a flower didn’t get pollenated? Who the heck made social standards to which everyone seems to glue themselves to? For goodness sake, it’s real simple. If you are religious, the higher power your looking to gave you guidlelines, if you are a naturist, then nature did, and where you grew up and the customs that one has/follows, are all in a right to opinion, and everyones opinion is valid. If one persons opinion is they think lion tacos are ok..and I don’t, I’ll not be eating them, and the other person will.

  • Eaton Poosi

    The lions begin eaten are not being poached. A private individual raised the lion for food. This is no ethically or morally different from somebody who raises a chicken, a goat, or a pig for slaughter and consumption. goats, water buffalo, cows, swine, and a dozen other “meat” animals are mammals and end up on our tables as high-quality protein. Yum. Don’t like the program? Then be a vegan. Nobody will care. Just don’t show up in any emergency care facility funded by MY taxes with your B1 deficiency-induced disease.

  • Someguy

    I can’t believe there are people commenting on this article about how ‘unnatural’ it is for humans to eat a lion. Or to say some animals are ‘okay’ to eat (cow, chicken, etc being offered as examples) and some are not okay (examples including whale, monkey, cats, and dogs). Just because -your- culture doesn’t tend to eat these creatures and so it seems odd to you, does -not- make it unnatural.

    There are people right now whose protein consumption comes primarily from these types of animals. If you were to tell them it was unnatural, they would laugh at you. Or worse, if they knew the truly unnatural shit you were eating (McDonalds is about as unnatural as it gets) they would be appauled.

    Drop the human arrogance. Wanna respect nature? Respect that -we-, as mammals, are a part of nature. As omniverous mammals, we eat meat. If it’s made of meat and not poisonous, it’s natural for us to eat it if we find a method. You think a dingo would pass up a meal of lion if he happened up on a corpse? No? I don’t see me passing up a meal of a lion taco either. Get over it.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/lion-tacos-pulled-after-public-outcry-2013-05#respond Bonnie

    What kind of person would Eat A Lion ?????? You have to be one SICK SOB . I would not put it past you to Eat a Human Next on your List. You Should Be Fined and Put In
    Prison . You Should be caged just like the Animal you are. Let your friends make
    tacos out of you. Lions are almost in extinction because of People like you. I hope
    the Law does something to you for this. Number one You should go to JAIL and Stay their for the Next 20 Years. I can’t stand you.

  • http://Yahoo Lynn

    I think this is disgusting. Who in the hell in their right mind is going to eat a large wild cat?? Stick to the meat that is FDA approved and stop making it hard for the beasts of this planet to exhist.

  • Paetra

    Lawful or not I wouldn’t eat them at a penny a taco it is wrong. But I don’t eat cow meat either or deer and a lot of people eat that. can’t stand the thought of something with those sad eyes looking back at me. If I wouldn’t be able to kill it I wont eat it.