LinkedIn Makes Another Move That Irritates Business Users

    May 9, 2014
    Chris Crum
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About a month ago, LinkedIn angered some of its business users when it announced that it would get rid of the Products/Services tab in favor of Showcase Pages. Now it’s irritating users again by shutting down its business card scanning product CardMunch in favor of new integration with Evernote.

Do you like the direction LinkedIn is going with business cards? Let us know in the comments.

LinkedIn made the announcement on Wednesday. It said it is “deepening” its partnership with Evernote, and shutting down the CardMunch app. Going forward, LinkedIn members will be able to scan business cards using Evernote’s mobile app, and directly connect it with contacts on LinkedIn.

“In Evernote, our members will be able to view profile photos, job titles and company information from LinkedIn right in the notes created when they scan business cards,” said LinkedIn’s Bob Rosin. “LinkedIn members will now also be able to enter comments related to the scanned card and geo-tag the location where the card was scanned.”

“All LinkedIn members who use CardMunch and choose to transfer their existing scanned cards into Evernote will receive two free years of Evernote’s premium business card scanning service. Members will be able to quickly and easily migrate their CardMunch data to Evernote,” he said.

Data from CardMunch is available in the LinkedIn Contacts feature/app as well. It can also be downloaded for those who don’t want to transfer it to Evernote.

Even if you don’t use CardMuch, you can get a year of free Evernote business card scanning if you connect your LinkedIn account to the app.

Evernote put out this tutorial on business card scanning:

As mentioned, LinkedIn’s move from CardMunch to Evernote isn’t sitting too well with some users. Here are some things people have said in the comments sections on various tech blogs covering the news.

On TechCrunch:

I am sorry but this is just LAME on the part of LinkedIn. What kind of “Business network” does not care about adding new connections quickly and easily? They should have built this into the core LinkedIN app not dumped it.

I have tried the Evernote version and it is way slower harder to use. ( I am an evernote Pro user)

Such a bad call of LinkedIN. they prove again and again they really don t get mobile. Cardmunch was a killer service, blowing away any competition (including current evernote card scanning service). It should have been part of the main linkedin app, and would have been helpful to become the #1 killer app for business events…

I did the transfer, and they simply dumped all the cards as individual notes in my general Evernote folder. Would it have been hard to create a “CardMunch” notebook and put them in there?? I’ll use LinkedIn less as a result of this.

It is a shame that Cardmunch, the ‘holy grail’ of business card scanners, is being put under the bus. At least someone should save it and make it available cross-platform all users, not just iOS? LinkedIn is making a serious mistake here. What about Blackberry 10 users? Lot’s of potential there.

From TheNextWeb:

Unfortunate, and interesting all at once. CardMunch was great. Scanning business cards into Evernote? Not so great.

From The Verge:

This is disappointing. The great advantage of CardMunch was that with the human transcription you got near 100% accuracy with every scan. I tried Evernote’s business card OCR and it works but is not nearly as accurate.

CardMunch was awesome. I’m so pissed LinkedIn abandoned it. I thought they would take the opportunity to leverage CardMunch into a suite of professional contact management services that would sync with their apps and websites. What a blown opportunity to give LinkedIn members something that is actually useful instead of basing their whole model around spam and job hunters.

There are plenty more on various articles around the web.

CardMunch will be discontinued as of July 11th.

At least LinkedIn continues to add features to Company Pages and Showcase Pages.

What do you think of LinkedIn’s move to Evernote? Let us know in the comments.

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  • http://www.biready.com.au iannicholson2000

    I never used this service (I use Business Card Reader on my iPhone), but was HAS seriously irritated me recently with LinkedIn is their introduction of ‘auto-moderation’.

    This means that a few complaints on a Group post (usually by competitors) can render you unable to post on ANY groups for a week!

    I was recently ‘auto-moderated’, and upon contacting LinkedIn, I was told I was being moderated for being ‘spammy’. When I asked them to refer to which comment was ‘spammy’ and how ‘spammier’ it was than any other comments on that particular Group, they could not, but maintained “it’s only for a week or so…” – they couldn’t even tell me how long I would be off-air.

    Not a very well-thought out solution. They really need to go back to the drawing board on that one.

  • Timbrukah

    Call me a Luddite. It’s amazing how efficient I am using predominantly face-to-face interaction and personal referrals. The amount of time I’ve spent on LinkedIn vs. the amount of business it has generated makes it one of the least cost effective endeavors I formerly engaged in. It is, however, fantastic for looking up someone you have met at a business function and you can’t find their card or coordinates.

  • Dingman

    Just another case of fixing something that’s not broken. This happens all over the place.

  • traxxion

    ” What a blown opportunity to give LinkedIn members something that is actually useful instead of basing their whole model around spam and job hunters.”
    I would imagine this typifies those who use LinkedIn “for the sake of of it”. In this sentence there is all but an admission of how real world useless this ego-inflating platform is, yet a service that provides no tangible useful service is trading at 250+ per share? Just goes to show…..

  • Bob Teal

    We stopped using Linkedin at GBE Packaging as it is not easy to connect with people now. If I have their email already why do I need Linkedin. I dont. Linked in is just another distraction.