LinkedIn Can Be One of Your Most Valuable Traffic Sources

The Often-Overlooked Traffic Power of LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is often discussed as a powerful social networking tool, particularly for business professionals, employers, and jobseekers. What is not discussed as frequently is the site’s ability to simply drive traffic to your site. We talked to entrepreneur Lewis Howes (who claims that LinkedIn is one of the top traffic sources to his blogs) about how powerful LinkedIn can be for driving traffic.

Is LinkedIn part of your strategy? Comment here.

We asked Howes why he thinks people don’t generally associate LinkedIn with driving traffic like they would with other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. "Their perception of LinkedIn is of a resume, or a way to get a job, but they don’t see all of the powerful tools within LinkedIn that allow you to drive traffic back to your site," he tells WebProNews.

LinkedIn has announced that it is now being integrated into Microsoft Outlook, in one of the numerous convergences of social media and email that are increasingly taking place.

Lewis Howes "Anytime you can increase the size of your network on LinkedIn, it will give you the opportunity to distribute your content to more people, therefore driving more traffic back to your site," says Howes. "The Outlook integration is a way to connect more with your current LinkedIn contacts, and also help you grow you network as well."

In some ways, LinkedIn traffic may even be more valuable than traffic from other social networks and sites. This is simply due to the generally professional nature of LinkedIn itself.

"You need to take into consideration that LinkedIn has the highest average household income per user over any other social networking site (even NYTimes.com and BusinessWeek.com readers)," Howes tells us. "That being said, these are business decision makers you are targeting with your traffic from LinkedIn. The network is for real, and it will only continue to grow in time as there are currently 60 million professionals."

Now consider that LinkedIn could be one of your top traffic sources if you put enough effort into cultivating it as such. On a scale of 1-10, Howes says he’d rank it as a 7 or 8 on importance level for using it. "For me it is always one of the top 5 referring sites that drives traffic to my blogs," he says.

Howes went through ten steps in a post at ProBlogger.net. While the post is geared at driving traffic to your blog, you may find the advice helpful for other types of sites. In summary (he goes into much more detail about each of these in the post), the ten steps are:

1. Complete your profile.
2. Increase you connections.
3. Customize your website links.
4. Answer questions.
5. Update your status.
6. Join niche groups.
7. Post comments in groups.
8. Add RSS feeds to groups.
9. Create a group.
10. Add the blog application to your profile.

Now that LinkedIn can be integrated into Microsoft Outlook, I would suggest looking at getting that set up as well (steps here), if you want to get serious about including LinkedIn in your traffic strategy.

Of course there are plenty of other ways to use LinkedIn as a tool to increase the success of your business. As Howes lists, you can sell products, find new clients/employees, generate leads, receive funding, obtain sponsorships, sell tickets to events, as get press coverage to name a few.

Have you considered LinkedIn’s potential as a significant traffic source? Do you already get significant traffic from LinkedIn? Let us know.

LinkedIn Can Be One of Your Most Valuable Traffic Sources
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  • http://www.printgreenga.com Guest

    Linkedin has not ranked anywhere near as highly as Facebook or Twitter when it comes to driving traffic to any of my ecommerce, blogs, or nonprofit sites. My webstats prove it. I am involved extensively in many forms of social media and have not seen much action out of linkedin. Twitter consistently ranks #1 as a traffic source…

    -James Chronicle
    Print Green USA, Inc.

  • http://ramartijr.com Richard A Marti Jr

    Yes, Linked in is a great place to meet others through groups and have them connect to you through your site. Anytime you can grow real relationships whether online or off, you have the opportunity to grow your business. Whether you meet potential clients or people who will advocate for you, establishing and nurturing relationships is a critical component in the power of emerging media. LinkedIn is a great place to meet others through groups, answering questions and posting good advice.

  • http://www.glenwoodfin.com/ Glen Woodfin

    First it was MySpace, then Facebook, now LinkedIn is being taken seriously. I don’t think it will ever pass Facebook, but it has professional roots that lead to commerce.

    LinkedIn will continue to thrive.

  • Mark

    I agree

    As one of the active member in greatlance team. We people found Linked In is a great source for trafiic which are more valuable compared with others.
    Even though other networks drive a lot. Linked in wl always drive more valuable traffic which will increase your sale.

    Mark Warne

  • http://marketing-expert.blogspot.com Marketing Blog

    Linked in is really great for targeted recruiting, setting up groups, and touching hard to reach prospects. The only way that I’ve used linkedIn to generate traffic is through the use of groups. Using a groups feature you can email everyone in the group about an upcoming event or promotion. Building and maintaining a group takes quite a bit of work however.

    Where I’ve seen greater success is with targeted recruiting. You can really drill down and find a number of qualified individuals for your opening or need. Additionally, I’ve used the job posting feature within linked in and it’s pretty good.

  • R. Hiebert

    Linkedin people are fussy. If don’t think you’re as smart and rich as they are, they won’t connect or care. Thankfully they won’t try to sell you anything like some other places we know. If the product offered meets the curiosity criteria and meets a need, a connection cold happen. In my opinion, Linkedon and FB meet different needs specific to different groups of people.
    I would guess that the majority are professionals of some sort and do not appreciate unwanted and non-mutual links.
    My FB is connecting with family & friends. My Linkedin connection is to show products that will potentially meet needs applicable to them as is seen in my profile; I am open to interact and reply to inquiries about the topics they see there in direct emails or whatever method works.

  • http://www.alchemykeys.com/ Lorna Micklefield

    Linkedin is a very powerful site for business , networking, sharing ideas, getting other professionals opinions, joint ventures, promoting your own business…the list is endless. And of course the more you enter into discussions etc then it certainly drives traffic to your website.

    James…you disagree but for me in the UK, Facebook and Twitter are still mainly social sites but the benefits are starting to grow for businesses especially on Facebook.

    It all depends on what sector your in, your target audience, they all will have pro’s and con’s but still I believe Linkedin delivers you to a niche audience of like minded professionals especially for me as a business development consultant.

    Lorna Micklefield

  • http://www.sfpincchicago.com Shadow Fire Promotions, Inc.

    Absolutely, LinkedIn is a vital part of our strategy. I think most people don’t look at LinkedIn the same way as other social networks because you have to know someone before making a connection, whereas Myspace and Facebook, you can go and make a friend request to someone in the same or similar industry, but not necessarily have to know them personally.

  • http://www.helpmy401k.us Dean Voelker

    I have been on Linked In for about 3 years now. It is a great source for networking and offers more for business professionals than other sites. I think of it as an on-line resume.

    I wrote an article about Linked In in my blog recently.

    As a financial advisor, I have looked for ways to keep my name in front of others, and this is a great way.

  • http://forexbetatesters.com/ Chuck Anthony

    Linkedin a traffic source? Without a doubt, yes!

  • http://www.dishnet-tvblog.synthasite.com Jay @ Dish TV Blog

    Thank you for the awesome article! This is one social site I overlooked.

  • http://www.betarades.gr betarades

    I agree that linked in is a great place to connect with people. Sure it can give you some traffic but not now. Linked in should grow more so as to have more users and more connections between them. The traffic we get from linked in is very little. I think facebook work better and will get more traffic than linked in in the future also.Although i think and i hope to be more useful soon.

  • http://ronaldredito.org/blog/ Ronald Redito

    There are several marketing products that discussed the power of this Social Media. If you combine Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn, you will definitely beat PPC Adwords advertising. You get FREE traffic. However, adding connections is manual. No automation yet as of the moment.

    Open Networkers in LinkedIn are sources of FREE traffic but as I’ve said, it takes hardwork in adding up connections.

    But if you are a marketer, you can outsource this part (to me) and other VAs. Filipinos are great hardworking individuals suited for this job.

  • http://beyondamall.com Beyond A Mall

    I think Linkedin can be helpful when combined with other resources. These days, it may be good to pick out as many ways as possible to market your site. (Whitehat of course). But put your most energy in what ones give you the most return.

  • http://inmytrends.com Jeff

    I think Linkedln it just Virtua CV for job seeker.

  • http://ecbcnz.com/hireprofessionals Sundaram Subramanian

    I wish to change my email address and I don’t find anywhere (may be I’m wrong) a “Contact Us”. The proposed change is to isolate personal contacts from professional ones and handle only the professionals contacts thru your network.

    Sam Sub

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/tmccandless Atlanta Tax Preparers

    There’s no doubt it’s a great source for traffic. LinkedIn is a professional site and the sites you list are the ones you feel strongest about.

  • http://technochase.com/ Bogcess

    I’ve registered on LinkedIn a few months back, but I still haven’t played with it yet. Mainly because I was too busy fixing my own website and my other social profiles. The ones that drive most traffic for me are facebook, reddit, and stumbleupon. I also get some traffic from twitter and digg. I guess I have yet to know the real potential of LinkedIn.

  • http://www.heavenpeturns.com Norma C

    Hi there:

    I have found that it has promise but again I have only started with finding out what it is all about and hope to get lots of traffic from it.

  • http://simplyatedbusiness.com GuestCathy Miller

    I love LinkedIn. I have received more business from LinkedIn than any other social media. I think the groups are key. Unfortunately, some have gotten to be nothing more than glorifed infomercials. It really depends on how tightly the host controls the posts.

    So you have to see which ones work best for you. And the #1 thing to remember is it’s about sharing and not shoving your business down someone’s throats. At least at this point, it seems the most professional of all the social media I use.

  • http://www.ncaabasketballhandicappers.com NCAA

    I have been using Linkedin for networking for over 4 years now. It is a great source for networking and allows me to keep up with my colleagues updated contact information. I think they have found their niche with business professionals and I hope they do not go main stream social media on us. I like Linkedin just the way it is and Yes it serves a viable purpose.

  • http://www.seonoobie.com Maciej @ SEO Noobie

    By interacting with your targeted groups on LinkedIn it is surprising how many targeted visitors you can generate over to your website. The key is to submit highly sticky and relevant news information pertaining to the industry of that specific group. I rarely ever speak with anybody that tells me they like to target LinkedIn. Personally I think all B2B should have presence on that site.

  • Saurabh

    I think, as a SEO/SEM Point of view linkedin will play a crucial role for the Genuine Traffic Source. which leads a big role in online marketing industry.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/lizscottny Liz Scott

    As one of a million women with my name in the world, the “public” site provided by Linkedin has made it possible for me to reach many more possible customers with much more information about my experience, abilities and background.

    • http://www.great-seo.co.uk Sam Langdon

      I’ve found LinkedIn very useful as a method of gaining traffic, particularly through joining groups and posting relevant links to articles as discussions or news articles. If you have a particularly thought provoking piece, starting a discussion in a well placed group can be very effective.

      On a less targeted note, I’ve found it useful to post to a number of social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc) in one fell swoop by using an auto posting site like Posterous. I’ve written a step by step article on how to do this:


  • http://www.killerwebs.110mb.com Killerwebs

    I also have not seen much traffic come from LinkedIn, but lots from Facebook and Twitter.

    However I will run through the tips posted and see if this increases

    • http://www.topweddingsites.com Top Wedding Sites

      I think the value from Linked In isn’t as cut and dried as looking at your stats. Take off the blinders to see value in information and direct contact with real people and business owners. Also be sure to watch your conversion rate. After all, you can get thousands of unique visitors but if they don’t convert, where’s the value?

  • http://www.manhattanmarketingmaven.com Danny Flamberg

    While you make a good argument for “organic” type traffic, those of us who’ve done all ten things aren’t seeing traffic spikes. The real traffic and lead generation value of LinkedIn is in the paid advertising and polling options which allow you to target carefully and selectively at affordable prices. This enables quick and robust creative and targeting tests that can be rolled out by industry, geography, title, gender, age, etc. A LinkedIn campaign can perform as well or better than target e-mail to a house list.

  • http://pillpartner.com/ jacobandreas

    Linked is great way to help me taking money online and my business. If than no ranked but still useful why not? I like using Linked, like another social media as Facebook or Twitter.

    • ben10tengames.com

      what is the aim of linked in?

  • http://www.topweddingsites.com Top Wedding Sites

    I’ve found Linked In to be a streaming source of valuable information that can be easily shared with related business owners and interested parties. Unlike twitter, where people seem to post a ton of garbage (Really, who needs to know that I enjoyed a ham sandwich for lunch), there are meaningful discussions, groups and real relationships formed. I find on facebook that many people post their personal AND business info and you sometimes have to sift through all of that as well. Linked In seems to be the place where serious business owners gather. I’m very satisfied and proud to be a part of this group.

  • http://tomorriscat.ecrater.com/ ceebee

    never bothered with linkedin. Maybe I should give it a try.

  • http://www.happyendingonline.com Adult toys for less

    Linkedin is definitely a heavy hitter fo traffic. It help me drive 100’s of people to my Toy store everyday.


  • http://www.northwestclaims.co.uk/ Pravish

    True, Linkedin is the best professional network as it brings the best professionals and companies together. Linkedin has got great customization and it is very useful to users and leads can also be generated in the long run.

    A great site with a wide vision!

  • http://www.soulchildphotography.co.uk Natasha


    I personally have never used linkedIn but I will give it a try. I use facebook regularly and most of my business comes from there. I have never liked Twitter, it may only be for personal reason but ever body I looked at were just writing silly comments and I did not find it a useful source of information. Thank You though for this interesting piece, I hope linkedIn is successfull for me.


  • Natasha

    Also please take a look at my website and feel free to send me some feedback via email


    Thank You

  • http://www.traffic-is-king.com/subscribe.html Samuel

    LinkedIn traffic is probably the most targeted traffic of all the social networks. It originally became known as a resume site for professionals because of how it started awhile back. Since they have integrated a lot more features and ways to connect with people I’m surprised it is not one of the top 10 traffic sites on the internet next to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

  • http://www.afrowall.com AfroWall

    Linkedin is the first place i used to drive traffic to my website.
    I added my homepage Url to the website in 2008 and it has generated thousands of traffic to my site . I also see my website rss feeds on my Linkedin page. So i believe its a good source of traffic.

  • http://www.midinvest.net Carl Peterson

    We are looking for Account Executive outside the USA to bring us affluent clients.


  • http://www.wigsrika.com wigsrika

    i tried to use, maybe need time to watch how to work for the linkedin

  • Senthe Selva

    LinkedIn is a newly borne baby it will help to get traffic to every one

  • http://www.globalclassifiedscentral.com/ Guest

    I got many call from companies for jobs. It really helps to make a bridge between B2B, employer to employee and more.

  • http://www.cinedica.com.br/ filmes

    Keep updating good content, I

  • http://www.themlmsuccessstrategy.com/ mlm success tips

    Chris, like you i love linked in!
    all those great stats just prove how powerful it is. i will be putting more time into my linked in marketing from now on. keep the value coming.
    matty patterson

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_wLCTQia8I hcg diet

    I wanted to say thanks to you for this great read!! I

  • http://www.huskyaircompressorparts.net husky air compressor parts

    It’s Linkedin good for traffic or not?

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