Lindsay Lohan to Sue GTA V Makers for Using Her Likeness in Game

    December 2, 2013
    Erika Watts
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According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan is suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto V for using her likeness in the game. TMZ says that their sources tell them Lohan is expecting “serious money” from Rockstar for using her likeness in the game. Neither Lohan nor Rockstar have commented on the situation so far.

Fans of GTA V have been scrambling to figure out exactly which character Lohan believes Rockstar modeled after her. So far, two characters with a similar likeness or background have been mentioned. The first character is featured on the cover of the game (see below) and the other character is a celebrity that has problems with her parents and the paparazzi. Considering the latter character is minor, it’s probably safe to assume Lohan’s lawsuit is referring to the cover character based on her compensation expectations.

Check out the photos below of the character in GTA V that looks most like Lohan and then an image of Lohan. Do you think the character is clearly based on Lohan? Respond below.



One thing that may very well kill Lohan’s chances for any compensation from Rockstar–assuming TMZ’s sources pan out–is the fact that another woman says that she was inspiration for the character in the photo above. According to NowGamer, model Shelby Welinder said that she was hired to model for the game.

“I worked for R* and signed a release that said I’d be listed in the game credits,” Welinder said. Welinder also shared an image of an invoice that proves Rockstar Games paid her. See a video Welinder posted to her Vine account to see which woman you think most resembles the GTA V character in question.

Welinder has mentioned Lohan’s alleged lawsuit on Twitter and seems amused that Lohan could possibly think her likeness was used.

After looking at some other Twitter comments regarding the Lindsay Lohan/GTA V issue, it appears that other people are quite amused (and confused) by the lawsuit as well.

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  • John

    The artwork looks better than she does.

  • Yep

    Please. The woman on the cover looks like your typical California girl or what is supposed to be the typical California girl.

    Women are the most vain, self-aborbed, and crazy creature on this planet.

    • @Yep

      Women in America are out of control really. So self-centered and they do nothing but complain. Even when everything is working out perfectly for them — they complain. I am sorry but I am done feeling sorry or sympathizing with American women.

      Want to look at the start of the downfall of the U.S. Start with feminism. It is all about the woman.

      • sharona

        seriously? Don’t stereo type people Should I presume that you are single and will remain that way? Not all woman are vain and self centered. I bet I do more for my community and other people than you think about all year.

  • http://Google Jennifer

    Lindsay is broke and it doesn’t look anything like her, get real!

  • Sue Rosenorn

    She wishes the girl was her. Looks like a million girls in Hollywood. Seems like the only way she makes money these days is to sue someone. She aint gonna win this one. She must be high.

  • Raul

    i thought it was kate upton! even kate upton posted a picture if it was her but had a good sense if humor about it. lindsey needs money for drugs. lets have trevor take her out.

  • Mike

    Poor Lindsay is out of money and has no job offers coming in…

  • gallens

    Kim Kardashian says that the image belongs to her. Time for a cat fight!!

  • http://www.anywaywholistics.com Gary Prout

    GTA 5 will not be listed as a personal legacy for anybody that plays. Lindsay can present her case in court and not try to convince a skewed view perped by a profit motivated publication, online like this, tickling the egos of the ignorant by dispensing poison to a wonderful woman like Lindsay…and so it is as as long as it sells. it is OK? We will see.

  • hollywoodnc

    That’s what they’re saying at the Court House.
    “Go ahead Lindsey…it’s your right. It’s our right to collect any and all fees for imbeciles like you who will file a frivolous complaint.

    One argument: Do you see ‘Freckles’ on her chest in the animation?
    No! As we have been shown, this twit is loaded with them!
    This will also be an embarrassing fact for her to contend with.

    Another, as odd is this may be, the plaintiff cannot establish sufficient enough PROOF, that the animation is her, without disclosing her length of hair in HER picture. In HER pic, it’s up, so true length can’t be determined.

  • Jake

    This is a girl who had it all at one point. A great actress, and the looks of a sex goddess. If you look at the photos of a few years ago compared to the time she began to implode, it’s like night and day.