Lindsay Lohan To Attempt Comeback With Thriller

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Lindsay Lohan announced on Monday at the Sundance Film Festival that she will be producing and starring in a thriller called "Inconceivable" and says she wants a fresh start.

The troubled actress has been trying for months to make a comeback in the world of movies after several tumultuous years of battling drug abuse and legal issues; her last film, "The Canyons", didn't do so well at the box office and was critically panned. But the actress seemed to be in good spirits on Monday and said she was happy to be at Sundance, and to have a chance to contribute something of her own.

“I’ve never had the honor of coming here before … to bring something to the table, which is starting fresh for me,” said Lohan. “It’s a nice change to be back among people that are in the industry that I’ve been in since I was a kid.”

Lohan is currently filming a reality series for Oprah's network OWN, but says she hopes to start filming "Inconceivable" in March. Describing the movie as a psychological thriller about a woman who loses something and works to get it back, Lohan says she can relate to the character. And though she reportedly had several issues with "The Canyons" director Paul Schrader during filming, having more responsibilities might work out well for her.

“It’s therapeutic for me to throw myself into something that really excites me and something that I love to do so much,” she said. “There’s nothing better than having seen all of your ideas and thoughts that you’ve been thinking about to come to fruition and to share that with people. I think that’s why I’ve always loved making movies so much. So it’s nice to be able to have another position in the film rather than just showing up and being on the set.”

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