Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Happy With Amanda Bynes

    September 17, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Lindsay Lohan isn’t happy that a certain other child actress seems to be getting off easy during a spate of auto-related incidents, especially when Lindsay herself got hauled off to jail for similar behavior. She tweeted about the injustice yesterday, refraining from using any names (but we know who you’re talking about, Lilo).

Bynes hasn’t responded yet (her Twitter account appears to be suspended), but it will be interesting to see what happens when she gets word of Lindsay’s tweet.

  • http://yahoo.com Living in reality

    Hey Linds!! What dimmension of the twilight zone are you living in?? Yeah, Amanda got busted for 2 D.U.I’s, but you were busted for driving under the influence of both alcohol AND cocaine! Not to mention your thumbing your nose up at judge, and the whole judicial system, not being able to complete the requirements of your rehab and probation, AND, shall we refresh your be-fuddled mind to your many court appearances where you acted like the judge should just spank your hands because you were a celebrity??!! No, that wasnt a typo..you did do some good films and were an actress/celebrity…now, youre just a has/been trying to get back into acting with a nasty drug and alcohol problem! Oh, and btw..tell your wacked out parents theyre not helping you or your cases by doing talk shows and making statements everytime youre in the news! But, whatever…the family that drinks together…

    • jack

      They are both trainwrecks.

  • mongo

    Wait, LiLo, didn’t flee the country while on probation and fail to appear in court because she was in France?