Lindsay Lohan Is “Sweet As Sin” In Canyons Trailer

    October 9, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The first trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s new film, “The Canyons”, is out and it’s a sweet slice of campy, sleazy, Hollywood nostalgia.

Lohan’s co-star is James Deen, a rather well-endowed porn star, and it’s expected that we’ll see a good amount of action in this flick. Judging by the trailer, there’s lots of steamy scenes shot in that old ’70s sleaze-Grindhouse/Technicolor way, lots of dramatic looks across the room, lots of drugs, and tons of weirdness. Pretty much everything you’d expect from a Bret Easton Ellis movie.

  • Jobb Gosamo

    Lindsay Lohan is sin, period.

  • http://yahoo Charles

    It looks like a good movie. I don’t watch many either but I like stuff that’s unusual. It looks like a great movie that captures a time and period very well. I graduated from HS in 1981 and by then things were getting more conservative, but in 1978, was a hey dey of drugs, sex and rock and roll. Which unfortunately is a horrible value system.