Lindsay Lohan May Be Moving To London

    June 1, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Lindsay Lohan has had a rough few years. She battled drug and alcohol abuse and has been in and out of rehab and jail.

Over the past few months she has been trying to clean up her act and seems to be doing better.

Lindsay lived in LA for a while, but recently moved to New York where she could get support from close family members and friends after returning home from rehab.

Although Lohan seems to be doing well in New York, rumors suggest that she may be moving to London.

Lohan’s history of problems has made it hard for her to find work.

She hopes that a move to London would allow her to recreate herself as an actress and give her the opportunity to start a new life with a clean slate.

A move may be beneficial to Lohan, who recently revealed that she had a miscarriage that she is still struggling with mentally and emotionally. Lohan revealed her secret about the miscarriage while filming her self-titled OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) reality show Lindsay.

Cameras followed Lohan around as she struggled to deal with getting over her addictions and bad habits. During the show she talked about how badly she wanted to recover and how much she feared going back to her old ways.

After the show ended, Lohan admitted that she had had a miscarriage while filming and that she was still dealing with the physical and mental toll it had taken on her.

Lohan has not confirmed that she is moving but a source close to her said that she has been considering it for a while and that her experience at the Cannes Film Festival inspired her to consider looking for work and a home in London.

“Lindsay’s really enjoying being in the UK and has told her pals that she’s staying here for good,” a source close to Lindsay revealed.

“Lindsay has also started investigating getting acting work in London,” the source added.

If Lohan is still trying to cope with a miscarriage and moved to New York to be closer to her family so she would have moral support, she may want to think about putting off a move to London until she has fully recovered and is ready to move on with her life in a new part of the world.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will really move to London?

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  • Becky Y

    Maybe she’ll take Justin Bieber with her!

  • mike

    put lipstick on a pig and its still a PIG …….

    • foxwhat

      Sarah Palin is a perfect example of that…lol


      Ya know…pigs are very intelligent animals. Comparing Lindsay Lohan to a pig is very insulting to pigs.

      • elli

        funny but it is true , she looks stinky and dirty.

  • Professor Ed 1%er

    No matter where you go, there you are. Lohan had better paste that little proverb prominently on her bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, and computer screen.


      My aunt is in AA and other “programs” and Lindsay is doing what they call in AA…Pulling A Geographic. I’m afraid if she moves there she is going to die.

  • Cynic64

    Good riddance!

  • elel210

    Lohan is a train wreck. Go to London and stay please.

  • Pam Nabors

    so young and so ruined…

    • Gummibear

      It’s so sad. She doesn’t even realize how good she had it and she can’t seem to come back from her addiction.

  • The Rabid One

    England can keep her.

  • c k

    It’s not merely that “,,,history of problems has made it hard for her to find work.” but that she is incapable of acting in a professional manner. She’ll do well in London as the Brit’s confuse money and influence with moral rectitude; take the so-called Royals,,,please.

  • jko

    Who cares.

    • Beth

      Apparently you do. You read the article and commented.

  • Rudy Connor

    She’s nothing but a trash, addict, loser, whore, waste. Please go to London so maybe, just maybe, we won’t here about your trash life near as much. Good riddance,

    • qwetqwet

      Before calling someone you don’t know a lot of names, learn to spell the word, “hear”. You sound stupid and hateful. Must be a christian.

  • Mister Bill

    Can’t this C*NT just go to Pluto? Just aksin’?


      She is a (UNT an absolute (UNT!

  • Beth

    In this day and age, you would think people would be more informed and understanding when it comes to addiction. She is sick. It is disease that needs to be managed. One day at a time. She deserves a second chance and I hope she gets it. I wonder if people would be more understanding if she were a man. Especially in Hollyweird, they seem to forgive and forget when a drunk actor does the same things. But, when an actress does it, she is ostracized. Such a double standard.


      A SECOND CHANCE? LOL!!! Are you out of your fu**ing mind? This woman child has been given TEN CHANCES. One by Oprah Winfrey herself who paid this SLUG TWO MILLION DOLLARS TO GET HER SH** TOGETHER. And NO addiction is NOT a disease. It is a chemical imbalance that can easily be fixed by getting blood work done and seeing what nutrients the person is lacking. It is also selfishness and narcissism. You disease model addiction people make me sick. You are the kind of people, with your flawed thinking, who keep this kind of behavior going in society and keep people in this state.

  • MamaKat

    No matter where you move, Lindsay, you take your demons with you. Get rid of the demons first, then you can be anywhere and still be happy.

  • RaMontu

    Amsterdam may be a better choice for her


      LMAO! Sorry, but I don’t even think they want her.

  • coelhog

    Good riddance for us, but I don’t understand why the U.K. would have her, unless for the economic benefit.

  • RetiredR2D2

    Goodby tramp.


      Well it’s actually Goodbye, but valiant effort on your part.

  • Anja J

    buh buh bye! Let them put up with her drunken, drugged up antics

  • jamiee

    Everybody has problems and a majority of people have to deal with addiction on a daily basis god help it ever happen to any of you and if it ever does i hope people give you abuse for it!! Keep your head held high Lindsay your doing great!

    • notta_lackey

      “a majority of people have to deal with addiction on a daily basis”. Let me know your zip code so I can stay out of it.

  • Dean Clark

    She is just a plain useless asshole.and should just move far far away were nobody gives a rats ass what she does of who she is

  • notta_lackey

    Let’s help her pack!


      Uh…did you see that “reality show” of hers and how much sh** she has? She is a hoarder. So I really don’t think you want to help her pack. Really!

      • notta_lackey

        Oh. Mental illness on multiple levels. More mainstream Hollywood.

  • grahamyc

    fantastic, now if we could get her to take Bieber, and the whole Kardashian clan with her that would really be great!!!!


      Throw in Obama too and Lady GaGa!

  • Tracy Williams Jr

    I wish her the best of luck. Hopefully things will get better for her in the UK.


      Oh they won’t. I have a feeling she’s going to die there.

      • Tracy Williams Jr

        why are you “keyboard warriors” soo negative and mean? Everybody has their vices and their rough patches in their life. Everyday folk plus celebritiies too. You people are addicted to wanting and watching others fail.


    GOOD RIDDANCE! Oh…can you take that little lesbian Justine Bieber with you while you’re at it, bitch?

    • ry69nn

      you are a f****ing RETARD. you haven’t the SLIGHTEST CLUE what addiction is so stop running your suck and get your facts straight. You sound like a complete moron.


        Excuse me, mother fu(ker? I know what I’m speaking about you namby pamby piece of sh**. There is no proof WHATSOEVER that addiction is a disease. There is no “alcoholic gene” like they tout in those BULLSH** AA meetings. It is all fantasy made up by AAers to validate their DISGUSTING, selfish BEHAVIOR. You show me ANYWHERE from a REPUTABLE SOURCE ie an accredited medical or science journal that states that there is an alcoholic “gene”. Addiction is a behavior.

        • ry69nn

          Not all diseases are caused by a “gene” so your theory is shit. goodbye I don’t give a fuck about anything else you ever say.

  • Anton Arcain

    She’s already used to driving on the wrong side of the road, so that’s perfect!

  • Jen

    Her criminal record may result in her being turned down by Immigration officials.

  • Tom

    She figured she’d move somewhere without so many tabloids. LOL :)

  • Eliza Anne Jones

    Apparently Lindsay hasn’t hit bottom yet. Giving her extra chances only enables her dysfunctional behavior. There are many gifted young actresses out there who are either clean and sober or don’t suffer from an addiction at all. Why not give one of them a career opportunity? Why are even still talking about Lindsay?


      The next bottom she is going to hit is 6 feet under

  • juneaubigboy


  • Digital.Gods

    Should be great! She’s already driving on the left hand side of the street here in the States!

  • Liz

    heard it is the place for a high class hooker..

  • Aaron Saltzer

    I have a feeling none of the movie/television show producers in London will hire her, bc of her antics.

  • Roberto de la cruz

    hope she don’t move-going to missed her-good actress and model–xxxxooo

  • cuzkate

    they will not let this douche in their country. such a waste of our space

  • Stargazer

    How long before she blows it over there too? Good riddance to her!!!

  • Scarlett


  • Jeff

    Lindsay looks so much like a dirty skank but she is so hot….I like her style


    Actually they’re not so prim and proper. It’s basically a country with a queen and a royal family, and a bunch of angry, white trash citizens who get no sun and eat way too much sugar. Plus…their tabloids are BRUTAL over there. Far worse than American tabloids If you can imagine that.

  • Lucky Libra

    I wish Lindsay all the good fortune she can bank. and i am thrilled that she is on the succeeding side of the street. Our Love for her since “Parent Trap” has not wavered a bit. If She does travel to “Merry Ole’ England, I hope she will continue to let us know how she is doing. God Be With Her, Indeed,……<3.<3.<3