Lindsay Lohan Found Unconscious In Hotel Room

    June 15, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious this morning in her Marina Del Rey hotel room and prompted a friend to call 911; officials haven’t said yet if her condition is drug or alcohol related, although speculation is flying this afternoon since Lohan is well-known for her partying ways.

Lohan has been staying in the penthouse suite of the Ritz-Carlton while filming the Lifetime movie “Liz And Dick”, in which she plays iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor. She’s been in the headlines quite a bit lately, between news from the set of a wardrobe malfunction, a new role which would have her playing opposite a porn star, and a recent car accident which left her Porsche totaled.

The 25-year old actress has claimed she’s cleaning up her life and has appeared to be heading down the right path until very recently, although early reports said her car accident didn’t involve intoxication.

This story is breaking and will have more details as they emerge.


Lindsay is reportedly fine and did not need to be taken to the hospital as previously reported. Her rep told E! News that she is simply exhausted from long hours of filming and was apparently in a deep sleep this morning when her friend tried to wake her. She is expected back on set later today.

  • Brad

    Is she dead yet?

  • michele wood

    She must have a death wish…

    • ellie

      Just cause they are on drugs and or alcohol does not mean they do not care about other people, they are lost in their own little world and they are not thinking about their actions. As for lindsay she is human, and every human deserves to make mistakes. As long as it doesnt include hurting others.

      • ellie

        sorry first time using this website, that was ment for same jones.

  • http://ghosthunters20 sam jones

    i am so sick & tired of lindsey lohan & her constant mishaps. why doesn’t she care about her life, her family or her friends? every time you turn around she’s in the news. I do not even know WHY they do keep giving her a break!!! When are you people going to ever wake up? As long as she thinks she can get away with the stuff she’s been getting away with, like breaking the law, doing drugs, she will continue to do so!!! if you guys would just drop her like a patatoe, then perhaps she’d wake up!!! people who do drugs & alchohol just do not care.
    They do not care about their family, their friends, their careers.
    Nothing. so, whatever happens to her, she gets NO SYYMPATHY from me!!!
    Lindsey Lohan-bite me!!1 stop doing drugs!!!!! & alchohol!!!!

  • http://ghosthunters20 sam jones

    this is to nick jonas of JONAS. please grow your hair back w/ the curls!!! you are still the cutes guy on earth, don’t mess it up w/ this new haircut!!! please grow your hair back. i will always love THE JONAS BROTHERS. hope to see you guys AGAIN. I saw you guys in chicago, illinois at tinely park. AWESOME!!! i still can’t believe it’s been 2 yrs now. I’m upset because they canceled ‘JONAS L.A.’
    Guys, if you see this, please post a comment! Anyone of you three!
    take care & good luck….
    sam jones

  • http://ghosthunters20 sam jones

    does anyone know why grant wilson is leaving ‘ghost hunters’ & if it’s true they are replacing him w/ siendfield? please say it isn’t so , about the sienfield part!!!
    peace & love,
    sam jones

  • http://ghosthunters20 sam jones

    hello….anyone commenting?

  • rhonda

    LINDSEY-do the world a favor….give up! you are not SOBER-you NEVER have been….yet you get away w/MURDER. if only the media spent as much $$$ researching CANCER as they do YOU….they might have a cure soon-

  • racquel simmons

    omg will she ever get the hint

  • http://ghosthunters20 sam jones

    i do believe people do make mistakes. my heart goes out to her family. mistakes are ONE thing. Doing drugs & alchol is NOT a mistake. I lost my mom do to alcholism. It eventually took over her body! my mom passed away january 7, 2010 & the doctor’s said it was mostly because of smoking & alcohol. it took a toll. i have lived through it. My mom has been an alcholic for all her life & yes, she did regret it. But this Lindsey Lohan person does not seem to regret anything she ever does! if she really did care about her life, she WOULD straighten herself out, or at least TRY. I do understand about having difficulties in life. But turning to alchohol or drugs isn’t the answer. Instead of turning to drugs or alchohol, why can’t people (even non celebs) turn to consoling? i’ve experienced this first- hand. Believe me, I know! alchohol & drugs are an addiction! No laughing matter.
    peace & luv,
    Sam Jones
    PS: Remember whitney houston? michael jackson?

  • http://ghosthunters20 sam jones

    can we talk about someone else besides lindsey lohan?
    peace & luv, sam jones

  • http://ghosthunters20 sam jones

    how about patrick kane? any patrick kane fans out there?
    peace & luv,
    sam jones
    pS: he’s having some issues ,too!!!

  • Judith

    Regardless of all the negative comments here…I, for one, will continue to pray, and hope for the best for Lindsay Lohan. Everyone deserves a second chance. I also won’t be surprised if we hear some bad news about her one day…But I will still grieve…I don’t want to hear one sympathetic word from all of you haters at that point.

  • Debbie

    I feel sorry for Lindsay. There are vultures waiting outside her hotel room waiting for a great pic of her laying unconscious on the floor. No wonder she’s such a mess. Its too bad she couldn’t get out of the spotlight and be unknown for awhile. I hope she can straighten out her life. Maybe she should go to school and get a regular job!

    • janet

      Debbie, there are many actor’s/actress’s who are hounded, and don’t do drugs and alchol. You got one thing right get out of town. Move out of LA., and all the limelight.

      • janet

        One more thing. If she had any decent parents they could take hold of her like Brittany Spears dad did.

  • SomeoneElse

    I hate to say it but if she stays on the same path she’ll end up just like Amy Winehouse and so many others. It’s like she’s hell bent to destroy herself.

  • http://youtu.be/H3sv7-rXsV0 sean


  • http://ghosthunters20 sam jones

    why doesn’t anyone understand that feeling sorry for her isn’t going to help her? folks need to realize she is an adult & not a kid anymore. the last person was right. if lindsey lohan keeps going down the same path, she will end up like amy wienhouse, whitney houston michael jackson & countless others. there is NOTHING POSITVIE about alcochol or drugs adiction! folks wake up!
    peace & luv,
    sam jones

  • http://ghosthunters20 sam jones

    just because there’s negativity towards lindsey lohan doesn’t make us haters. she is heading down a dark path. she is going to end up like amy wienhouse! why do you not see this?!!! what does it take to get you to realize this? miss judith, you will not get any sympathy from me. i have lived through alcholism. my mother passed away from this 2 years ago, january 7, 2010. i am not a mean, insenstive person! i am simply frustrated that NOONE seems to be listening & getting it!!!
    don’t do drugs!!! or alchohol!!!! that is not the answer. just say
    ‘NO’! lindsey lohan is an adult & not a kid, miss judith. she knows the difference between RIGHT and WRONG as i should think most folks.
    c’mon, you know what is happening here w/ her. why can’t you see it & just admit it? lindsey lohan is an adict! of what, we don’t know, but she is. i don’t want to see her end up like amy wienhouse. i don’t!!!
    but letting her get away w/ things, giving her breaks all the time. that’s not going to cut it!! think long & hard about this!!!
    peace & luv,
    sam jones

  • http://ghosthunters20 sam jones

    ellie, how can you say that?!!! if you are on drugs or alchohol that means they do NOT care about their family or their lives or their fans, for that matter! how can you say that doesn’t mean they don’t care?!! if they DID care then they wouldn’t’ve done the drugs or the alachol in the FIRST place!!!! why do folks always think that it’s OKAY to do drugs & alchohol when it’s not?!!!
    peace & luv,
    sam jones
    ps: why do folks do it? Why to they turn to drugs & alchohol?!!! hasn’t anyone learned by now what it could lead to?!!! I guess not!!!

  • http://ghosthunters20 sam jones

    can we talk about someone else besides lindsey lohan now?
    sam jones

    • janet


    • MJ

      “WHY! Has the film industry given her so many chances”
      It’s an EEOC thing. They needed a female to play life opposites with other second chance kid, Robert Downey, Jr. They’re currently screening for one for Charlie Sheen as well.

  • janet

    WHY! Has the film industry given her so many chances. There are other actress’s that would love to work, and not create the drama that she brings to every project she does. Stop hiring her. It not fair to other hard working actor’s and actress’s that have to put up with her. Get HELP, and grow up.

  • TryThinking

    Not interested…let us know when she’s finally found dead. Now, THAT will be a story! Freaking drug-addled moron…

  • Concerned



  • Scott C

    L.L. is a Low-Life nobody. Drop dead.

  • dgr57

    to far gone!

  • http://yahoo kokoi39


  • http://yahoo tim

    Maybe a skank, but i would still drink her bathwater, and eat my lunch out of her ass!!

    • jerseydevil

      You have very low standards Tim.