Lindsay Lohan Choked By Congressman’s Aide During Hotel Fight

    October 1, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Lindsay Lohan seems to be in the headlines almost every day lately, and rarely is the news good.

The actress suffered some injuries during a scuffle in a hotel with a man she met on Saturday night at a club, and though she didn’t seek medical attention, she did file a harassment claim against him.

Lohan was partying with some friends when she met 25-year old Christian LaBella, and later returned to a hotel room with him and her group. She says that when the battery on her phone died, she asked LaBella to use his, and ultimately discovered he had taken pictures of her in the club without her permission. LaBella says she then refused to give his phone back and a fight over the device ensued, wherein Lohan says LaBella choked her and pushed her down onto the bed.

LaBella has countered her harassment claim with one of his own; the latest reports say that assault charges against LaBella have been dropped, but an investigation is apparently ongoing. Adding to the ordeal is the fact that LaBella is an employee of Illinois Rep. John Shimkus and works in Shimkus’ Washington office.


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