Linda McMahon Opens Up About Huge Campaign Loss

By: Amanda Crum - November 9, 2012

The McMahon family are no strangers to controversy; patriarch Vince has been the CEO–among other things–for drama-riddled WWE for many years, building his fame along with a good-sized fortune. When word got around that his wife, Linda, wanted to run for Senate, people weren’t quite sure how to take it…until it was revealed that she spent around $97 million on two Connecticut campaigns. That got people talking.

McMahon opened up a bit recently about her latest bid for office, which she lost by a wide margin to Democrat Chris Murphy despite the overwhelmingly large Republican population in the state. She says she understands why everyone has fixated on the money she threw into her campaign, but wants people to understand that it wasn’t about trying to buy her way into the election.

“What would be my personal gain? I’m not looking for a new career,” she said. “I’ve had a wonderful career. I was hoping to bring a different voice and perspective and use my skills that have been honed as a CEO in bringing people together. I’ve had a little bit of fame and fortune. I’ve been in the public eye. I wasn’t looking for a hobby. If I were looking for a hobby, it wouldn’t be the United States Senate. That’s one of the toughest jobs I’d probably ever do.”

McMahon also says that one big thing she learned from her first loss was that women weren’t identifying with her because of her ties to WWE; she later made that a talking point while she was running against Murphy, saying she’s proud to have become a role model for girls and young women.

“So many people have said, “You’ve made me think that I can do something. You’ve made me look at things a new way.” I think people were more thoroughly convinced the second time around that I was passionate about these issues. I found that I had a special following among 12- to 14-year-old girls. I was incredibly flattered. When I asked a mother about it, she said, “You have become a role model for these girls.”

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  • Alice C. Jones

    Are we back to marketing the WWE to raise some much needed funds in lieu of the loss?

    • Terri


    • ray

      its pretty sad when when the wife of a circus promoter is the best the gop can come up with.she should have run in texas.people in conn are too smart to fall for her.

      • a

        No, people in Connecticut must really not be that smart, at least the majority that vote in the Democratic supermajority in state legislature and in Congress: Connecticut has the #1 or #2 highest debt per person in the country. California rivals our debt per capita. Our taxes are going through the roof and we still have a terrible deficit. We have few if any services. Union influence of our legislature has brought the state to its knees.

  • Don

    What freaking large Republican population are you referring to? She lost far and square,but Connecticut is among the bluest of blue states around!

  • Steve Baker

    Amanda -“Overwhelmingly large Republican Population?” Connecticut Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1. Where did you get that info? There are no Republican Congresspersons, no Republican Senators, No Republican Governor, and very few Republicans in the State Legislature. We are as Blue as we can be, and proud of it. Linda just didn’t have what it takes – honesty.

    • John Marzano


  • robert britton

    There is a factual error in this story. There is not an “overwhelmingly large Republican population” in Connecticut. 37% of registered voters are Democrat, 21% are Republican, and 42% are Independent.

  • Scott Rheault

    I live in Connecticut and voted for McMahon. When I read “McMahon opened up a bit recently about her latest bid for office, which she lost by a wide margin to Democrat Chris Murphy despite the overwhelmingly large Republican population in the state” it got my attention.

    Can you share where you got your facts? Here are the figuresI found from the Secretary of State

    In October, more than 134,000 new voters have registered for the November general election. The total number of registered voters in Connecticut is 2,097,635. The largest group of registered voters in Connecticut is unaffiliated, accounting for 883,274 voters. There are 779,784 registered Democrats and 427,020 registered Republicans.

    I do not want to assume I am right and you are incorrect but the thought of more Republicans in Connecticut seems very far fetched based on my observations and conversations with people throughout the state. Also, it appears Democrats actually outnumber Republicans by a margin of nearly two to one according to the data.

  • Lloyd Sexton

    Yeah, here in ct there is a HUGE Democrat advantage.You really should update this article to reflect that.

    • Terri



      • Tony Manero

        Switzerland is less popular now that UBS and others agreed to turn over some client names. Cayman Islands is the fashion place, vacation and private banking. I was expecting to be one of the 12 million to be hired by Mitt, but that won’t happen, so I’m going to try community organizing, don’t lack the Ivy degrees.

  • Terri

    Screw Linda….Stop running for office…gal you dont have it in ya!


    • Joe Digiammo

      great response? Why do you criticize those that in generalhave money? So you’re way, the moonbat Rachael Maddow and/or Chris Matthews is the only way Terri? well, let me tell something sobering …weather u like it or not, the rich are at the apex of creating jobs…so instead of trying to create a divide, like OUR President has the 4 years…why not work together…how would the stamford CT area react if the WWE and/or UBS, RBS just packed up shop?? There’s states that have elected 30 Republican Governors, and a House of Rep…so wake up ande try to be a solution instead of an idealist…

    • mark

      Typical hater. All you guys say is i want i want. give me some of your money. The McMahon family and the Romney s will give more in charity and time to their communities than all the Democrats combined. The problem with taking everyone else money is eventually it runs out.

  • John Marzano

    To Steve:

    That is the

  • Sherie

    Instead of wasting 97million dollars on elections give back to the people who allowded you to become so weathly off there hard earned money.
    People scrimp and save to attend a live WWE show or just to get nosebleed seats to a Wrestlemania.

  • Bill

    “despite the overwhelmingly large Republican population in the state.”
    Amanda – you are so far off base on this statement it makes my head spin. CT is an overwhelming BLUE state with all key posts held by Democrats — Governor, both senators, all House representatives and strong Democrat control in the state house and senate. And that it why it is the most heavily taxed state in the country.

  • Cindy Valentino

    Why do you people care how someone spends their hard earned money? I don’t go around EVER asking my friends or family what they spend and how much they spend. Get over it, who cares. She fought hard for her campaign. I am so sick of people complaining…. and I am sure they will continue to complain for the next four years, just remember who YOU voted for.

    • ray

      cindy,i care , and you should care ,when anyone tries to buy an election.thats not democracy,its plutocracy,govt by the super rich.

      • Cindy Valentino

        I don’t see it as trying to buy an election. Some people raise funds some people spend their own. Its unfortunate for her that she lost all that money, but it is her decision.

      • Rob

        @ Ray – yeah, you should be concerned. Both parties have money to buy their way into office. But again, if they are rich, what is it to you? Seems like the Democrats talk a game, but when looking at tax info, they seem to give 1% of their earnings to charity. I remember when Al Gore gave approx. $270 in money to charity when he had to give his tax documents. Again, his money. However, those that do care about the poor, etc. provides a lot in money and volunteer hours – or the people that invest to provide jobs are good people.

    • Cliff Little

      Hey, you’re right about that. Who cares and rightly so, it’s none of our business how she spend her $97M. It’s her loss. Now maybe she could have been smarter, like Romney, as a potential electable candidate and should have invested that money with Bain Capital. In that way, she could have soldout on some US jobs and got a better return on her capital investment. Just a little wise advice and ‘food for thought’ for Lady McMahon, who was to be Congresswoman McMahon.

  • Bill

    Also — a one-party state
    (CT) is a recipe for disaster.

  • Cindy Valentino

    Maybe all of us CT republicans should move to Ohio within the next 4 years…

    • Cliff Little

      Good idea. Take your 14 year old daughter to Ohio,too; if you have one. Maybe both of you can become a WWE wrestlers there for Ms. McMahon or an assembly line workers for GM or Chrysler. Between the two jobs maybe one of you then will vote the democratic ticket in 4 years.

      • Cindy Valentino

        Maybe I should sit on my ass and collect like the majority of you democrats. Then I can use my food stamps to get my liquor and my cigs…and I will be able to afford my new iPhone 5 and my fake nails…Oh wait, I have morals and I am not a Communist.

        BTW… Obama barely won Ohio and Florida, so I was saying that if all the Republicans from CT moved to Ohio… republicans would take the electoral votes next time. Your statement makes no sense, and I have no daughter.

    • a

      you probably don’t even have to establish residency in Ohio to vote – that seemed to be the attraction for Obama volunteers in 2008 and probably this year too.

    • ConservaDave

      If I were her, I’d move the business into a business friendly state and stick it to the thieving governor, who stole both the election in 2010 (thanks to the SEIU and Bridgeport Dems)and our money through the largest tax increase in our history (and still the budget isn’t balanced…) Connecticut, the most business unfriendly state in America.

  • Bob

    Why would you spend 97 million of your own money to make 200k per years?
    Because she wants to get in and rape and piliage.. They are all thieves people its time you wake up.

  • Sherie

    Instead of spending such obscene amounts of money that are not guarantted to get you anything in a election..Why not give back to the fans and stop raising ticket prices, or selling a tee-shirt for over $20.
    My question is how many chair shots does it take to the head to toss 97 million dollars in the trash and not think twice about it?

    Is that really someone we want in a elected seat to represent us? What kind of parents allow the McManons to be there role models. I can understand becasue of there business sence. Not sure what is senceable about blowing 97 million dollars but..

    If they need to spend money for a tax write off..I would be happy to have 1/8 of 97 millions dollars..And i would even thank Linda with a Thank you Senator McMahon..

    How many chairshots to the head does it take to blow 97 million dollars?

  • Sally

    A following among 12- to 14-year-old girls? Now that is scary!

    • Mike

      First off, it is not her money. It was money loaned more than likely to her by WWE in the hopes that she could get into office and affect the FCC regulations on Television. She had an agenda. It was simply to put people back to work in any way shape or form. Sadly, with her loss it begs the question, does the WWE really have the star power that Jesse Ventura made everyone believe it had or was that a state that was proud of its roots with a former Navy Seal and Pro Wrestler. I think that Former Navy Seal part is more likely the real deal.

      • James Derk

        This was Linda McMahon’s money, she has large stock holdings in WWE, and has been paid very well over all these years as CEO of WWE. The McMahon family’s wealth now is in the multi-billions (Forbes magazine). As for buying an election? Even the average voter knows that in a national Senate race it can’t be done. Had this been a twitter vote by WWE fans nationwide, Linda would have won by a landslide.

  • Mr. Clean

    My gosh, it’s her money, she should be able to spend it however she wants….it’s ashamed that is $97 million that she can’t get back but oh well! Win or lose, her daughter Stephanie is still smokin’ hot!!!

  • Master blaster

    If it was written by Amanda you only get a “Crum” of information.

  • Jon

    Linda, if you are reading this I appreciate your answer regarding your motive for running. I never got that message during the campaign and many of us were wondering why exactly you were running.

  • Roy

    If Jesse Ventura (a Wrestler) can run successfully as a two time Governor and Ronald Reagon (an Actor) as one of the greatest Presidents in the 20th century, then being involved in wrestling may not make her less qualified.

    • cmacg

      It was not the wrestling career. She was simply seen as a rich egotistical person trying to buy her way into the country’s most important political body. She could have probably won a congressional seat, but that was too ordinary, not prestigious enough. The voters saw through her.

      • a

        No, CT is a bastion of voter abuse and Democratic craziness, including the now defunct ACORN. Our Dem governor ‘won’ in 2010 by fewer than 50 votes per town (@6700 votes) and only after (1) polls had to be held open for hours after regular voting hours in Bridgeport , home of ACORN, because the Registrars did not have enough ballots and (2) registrars in other towns would not permit poll checkers which are permitted by law. That is the oldest trick in the book of ‘Stealing Elections’ according to John Fund, its author.

        • a

          Bags of Bridgeport ballots just happened to appear
          to be counted in an election that was truly corrupted and should have been recounted, but funny how these elections just narrowly miss the recount number.

      • ConservaDave

        Opinions are like….noses….everyone’s got one.

  • Janice

    With all the money these politicians spend on campaigns just think how many people that money could feed! What a waste!

    • Cliff Little

      I agree with you Janice and I’m finally out of here. Hey, they could have donated it or a part of the money to the American hurricane victims in the US NE like NJ & NY. The media mongrels, reporters, tv stations, radio, etc. got fed and paid!!! Unfortunately, jobs in those areas are limited in nature and only keep them happy with the BS, biased, trivial and over-the-top and glamorized news reporting that they feed the public as real news and can’t get politicians to answer directly and truthfully the answers to questions people want to and need to know on real issues that effect their lives.

    • ConservaDave

      Just think how the Solyndra money could have helped.

  • Cliff Little

    Well Folks, being a N. Carolinian, I’m getting out of the fray of CT politics. I guess there are right wing idealogs everywhere including my state that went blue in 2008. Well it goes to shoe that a historically red state can’t stay blue forever. They know deep down the country is progressing in the right direction. Bottomline? The hypocrits just can’t stand Obama for another 4 years. They only wanted him after they had drained the coiffers to cast the blame upon, to cover up their own past inadequacies, power-hunger control, greed and padding the of the pockets of their PAC millionaires to whom they are indebted. The Koch brothers and the Carl Roves of the world. They under-estimated and tested the intelligence of the Amercan people of all races in this diverse culture. Money just can’t buy you real love or respect. Money can only buy you red votes.

    • Cindy Valentino

      Whenever you complain the next four years just remember who YOU voted for. When I complain I won’t be able to say, “This is partly my fault”

      • Terry

        No Cindy my guess would be the unmitigated disaster that the years 2001-09 were partly your fault and that we haven’t gotten over yet because your party is too afraid of Grover Norquist to raise taxes on the rich. In the 50s and 60s we sent men to the moon and built the interstate highways…why? Because the upper tax rate was 50+ and they STILL got richer even then.

    • ConservaDave

      My cousin in NC says the New Yorkers are ruining the state. You’re a little incoherent here, please take your meds.

  • Parker S

    I’m glad you lost, now if the WWE would just go away like you.

    • Slumdog

      Amen. The Lord sayeth “You can’t buy an election!”

      • ConservaDave

        Maybe, but you can steal one…Minnesota 2008…Al Franken…people are now going to jail.

  • Cindy Valentino

    This is Obama’s 3rd day of his second term.

    So far:
    The stock Market has cumulatively lost over 400 points.
    We discovered that on Nov 1, Iran took 2 shots at a US observation drone.
    CIA Director David Patraeus, today has resigned.
    No words since election, from Obama on how the victims or storm Sandy are being helped-still huge numbers displaced out of their homes in CT, NY, NJ. BTW, FEMA Staten Island branch was closed due to bad weather the other day.
    We are still waiting to hear why the government failed to identify the murders of 4 US personnel in Libya, including the US Ambassador, as terrorist attacks instead of the pretense of a spontaneous reaction to an internet movie.

    Wonder what we can look forward to for the next 1450 days of Obama’s administration.


    • sam

      and yet Cindy, ur ignorance seems to be growing exponentially!

    • Jamesp

      Actually his 2nd term hasn’t started yet. President Obama’s 1st term doesn’t end until Jan. 20th. get your facts straight before going off on a rant. DUH!!

      • ConservaDave

        So she mis-spoke, and should have said three days “after his re-election.” Everything else she said is factual. Did you get on Obama’s case when he said there were 57 states in the union?

    • CTresident

      put the crack pipe down and get a life.

    • larry

      how has the stock market performed since obama took office? i believe it was at 8K in 2008 and now its around 14K. and cindy whines that its gone down since election day? get a grip chick

      • ConservaDave

        It’s been the only game in town for 4 years. The investors are too afraid of the sledge hammer Obama is about to bring down on the free enterprise system to put their money anywhere else. The average Joe cares more about the fact it costs double what it cost in January’09 to fill up the gas tank.

      • Rob

        Hey Larry, yes the stock market went down under Bush’s watch! Keep in mind who wrote policy and controlled the purse strings – the Democrats, who had both houses in Congress! In fact, when the Dems took the election in Nov. of 2006, the stock market started to plunge. Go look at the graphs pal!

    • RVGrandpa

      I hope we can look forward to your beginning to understand how fortunate we are to have a brilliant President such as Barack Obama; especially in contrast to magic underpant Mitten.

      • ConservaDave

        Please substantiate this statement, Gramps.

  • Neil

    The writer of this article states that McMahon lost the race despite CT. having,”an overwhelmingly large Republican population”. Actually the opposite is true. Running as a Republican in Ct. is like having two strikes against you before you even start. The article has a false premis.

  • CTresident

    i hope she doesn’t run again. she has zero experience. i mean, unless you consider kicking her husbands testicles on a wrestling state as experience. personally, i don’t. and there was nothing fresh or new about her. she had trouble maintaining positions. she was all over the board. plus, she was a liar. this is republican strategy 101. i’m happy my fellow resident didn’t get bought out by this money machine. anyway, she’s getting old, it’s time to settle down and spend the last years of her life with her family.

    • Miles Monroe

      You get all the government you deserve with your attitude.

  • Richard

    She led early on in the polls and then proved to be a miserably poor debator – resulting in her getting trounced. She was a better candidate than the airhead professional poll she was running against, as was also true of Romney in the Presidential race.

    The moral of thes elections is – learn to be a polished debator and get a great ad writer!

  • ConservaDave

    “…despite the overwhelming Republican population…” You either haven’t done your research or you’re trying to twist the facts. I’ll assume you’re just lazy and don’t know that there are about twice as many Democrats in CT as Republicans. It was an uphill fight for Mrs. McMahon from the start. Chris Murphy, who lies to seniors about Medicare, pretends he is a moderate when he has voted for everything the progressive caucus wants (he won’t join the caucus for image reasons), pretends to “listen” to all sides, and says he is pro- business while destroying it, had the unions, the CT Democrat machine and all of the liberal press in his corner. How could McMahon try to counter these disadvantages except with her own money? To invest $97 mill of her own money in a valiant attempt to bring 2 party democracy back into this state should be commended.

  • Howard

    She got what she deserved…An real A** kicking….just like her presidential compadre Mitt. I think she probably could qualify as the WWE Commish….and that’s about it.

  • Rich Maher

    Bye-bye Willard, bye- bye Linda. Good riddance to both of you losers.

  • Mike Flint

    She ran her senate campaign like it was an episode of WWE or RAW. People say behind all the BS .

    She went after Murphy about his loans he never had to pay but when she and her husband never paid back one dime from loans they took out years ago

    Than when it was revealed She said I will pay back the money i owe.

    Plus the WWE had all their “Risque” and degrading Video’s removed from You Tube. Why because she didn’t want that coming back to on her

    I didn’t like Murphy either but it was either him or her. Lesser of two evils

    If she decides to run again maybe she will have learned a lesson But as Bob from Discount furniture tag line says I doubt it!”

  • Paul

    ”which she lost by a wide margin to Democrat Chris Murphy despite the overwhelmingly large Republican population in the state”- What state are they talking about?? Certainly not CT. #BLUEWALL#

  • jank brock

    Hey Linda first of all it’s pathetic enough that your money comes from a group of morons that can’t tell real life from fantasy but even more pathetic you thought you could buy yourself into politics. Only real women made it into the Senate, smart women not some piece of shit leech that has used others to gain fame and fortune. I hope those millions don’t come as easy to replace.

    • Mike

      Nobody believes wrestling is real except for children. No one. In fact, they announced it was fake on the wrestling programs many times. They have plot lines where people have died and come back from the dead. They have had vampires and boogie men. Of course it’s fake. People like it because it’s talented regardless. Like an actor playing a role or a dancer following a choreographed routine. Your judgement on wrestling fans is unfair and incorrect. With that being said – Linda McMahon is a terrible woman and an even worse politician. I couldn’t agree more on that.

  • jen platt

    It is pathetic how out of touch with reality you are. I am a strong Democrat, but even amongst the most conservative of my friends, you were a joke. Someone who spent the kind of money you did, just to fulfill some power trip, and we are supposed to believe you want to help the low to middle class? Maybe you could have donated some of that money, instead of the non-stop robo-calls and hate ads. I am happy to hope that I never have to hear your voice again. If you want to help, doante some of your ridiculous amount of money for good… not for your own ego trip.

  • John Lanteri

    Obviously Amanda Crumb didn’t do her homework on the state of CT. ‘Overwhelmingly large Republican population in the state’???

    CT is California East- as blue a state as there can be. Chris Murphy is nothing more than a puppet for the left. He shamelessly admits to not reading costly bills like Cap & Trade and the hugely unpopular healthcare mandate, both business back-breakers, before voting for them.

    That’s business as usual in CT – ultra-libs taking care of their party’s needs over the well-being and wishes of their constituency. What worked for over 2 centuries was ‘Government of, by and for the people’. Now it’s government for the good of their political party.

  • Don

    Seems like the only thing we can all agree on here is the author’s huge mistake in characterizing the party registration numbers in Ct.

    Otherwise what we have here is lesson #101 on why we won’t be witnessing any real bipartianship on the part of our elected officials in the near term, if the venom spewed here by some posters is any indication. If I were Obama or Boehner I wouldn’t comprimise with each other either. It’s obvious that not enough of us really want that kind of leadrship!

  • Dan

    I think her heart was in the right place.

  • Jack C

    Everyone who is who — knows fully why Linda wanted to be the big time politico. Its all -all about money!!

    She and Vince own the WWF, the Womens WWF, Mideget wrestling and many corporations that are related to wrestling.

    The WWF can and does release movies ,, videos about wrestling Super Stars such and Hogan, Slaughter, The Rock, etc. to TV networds .
    Linda and Vince wanted the air rights to broadcast these promotions on their own. Needed a license. Blocked by Turner,ESPN,,CNNBC etc

    When Linda becones a senator , gets the rights passed its worth $$$Billions !! Don’t give us a souped up article about her being the nice “lady”.She is the total brains behind the WWF as Vince is a great promotor but a terrible business person,needs a business pro which Linda is!Linda is a cold,,smart ,calculating woman thats very very shrewd, she will be back with her shopping list !!

  • http://webpronews Lew

    Linda McMahon,

    Really to funny is it not filthy rich people like her and Romney standing like the “Fool on the Hill” pissing away their money and energies looking for the social approval of we the unwashed masses?…lol

    You can’t teach them, they refuse to learn, and by God we wont tell them……So lovely Linda when will you come again to the top of the hill.

    Your great entertainment, but still the empty headed pompous bubble head…….;-)

  • Chris

    The fact that she thinks she is a role model is probably the reason she lost. Lack of reality. I live in CT and we are not proud of the WWE or those “100 ggod jobs” she created. The jobs her and her husband created were undertaker jobs.

  • ron hymoff

    just another rich republican trying to buy their way into politics that has no clue about any of the issues. it sounds like another romney imitator, are you sure after tuesday night?

  • bally ali

    I hope she contest again.

  • Jeff

    I think it’s clear that we don’t want her representing us in the state. While I hope that she realizes this, I don’t think she will, and we’ll have to suffer through endless “Linda” commercials either in 2 years for Congress, or in 4 for Blumenthal’s seat. Channel 3 would sometimes have 2-3 Linda commercials during a break in the morning news!! It’s nauseating. Even if I was a Republican, I would have voted for Murphy based on her desperate monopolizing of commercial time.

  • John

    Linda McMahon and her campaign are like WWE wrestling…….ALL FAKE!! So Linda McMahon, go back to your make believe world of so called professional wrestling, where everyhing is scripted and the winners and losers are known before the match is held.

  • Bob

    The writer is wrong about one fact. Despite the wealth of some citizens, Connecticut does not have an overwhelmingly large number of Republicans in the state. The state has many more registered Democrats and almost always votes Democratic in elections.